Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Lucy's 12 Days of Christmas - TOMORROW IS CHRSTMAS EVE???

Lucy's 12 Day's of Christmas is quickly "wrapping" up! I hope all of you had fun answering some holiday questions this year. I enjoyed preparing and reading the answers too!

A quick announcement if you hadn't already heard. Lucy's new release "Moon Craving" is coming very soon, February 2010 to be exact! This is probably the biggest anticipated release I have seen since I've been working for Lucy (almost 2 years WOW!). We've been working very hard to get the word out and I have put together a special contest just for Lucy's blog! If you promise to tell two or more friends about the release and post your promise today along with the answer to the holiday question, you will be eligible to win a copy of "Moon Awakening" and a copy of Lucy's books (your choice - if I have it in stock, I usually do!). If you have any questions about the upcoming release or contest you can email me at

As for today's winner - Lady_Graeye - you have won! Please send an email to with your address and please use the subject line "Lucy's 12 Days of Christmas - Winner"

Holiday question - What was the name of the Grinch's dog?

Good Luck!!!


lidia said...
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lidia said...


Two years with Lucy -- time sure flies quickly.

Congratulations to the winner!

Of course I promise to let friends know of Lucy's newest release!

As for Grinch's dog -- his name is MAX.

(Had to delete the previous post -- the dog's name "disappeared."

panda girl said...

I will certainly let all my reader friends know about Lucy's newest book. The Grinch's dogs name is Max. Merry Christmas to everyone and Andre thank you for the great contest. Merry Christmas to you.

flchen1 said...

Wow, I can't wait for Lucy's new release--I'll definitely be talking it up with reading friends!

And the Grinch's dog is definitely Max--what a longsuffering companion!

Thank you for everything, Andre and Lucy!

Judy said...


Congratulations to all the winners.

And I don't need to be in this drawing as I've already pre-ordered the book, months ago! When I saw your request Andre, all I could think was "You mean two more besides the half-dozen or more I've already told?" I've read the excerpt so many times I've almost memorized it. And I have Moon Awakening all ready to be re-read right before Moon Craving shows up.

Two years! So glad it's working out!

Jane said...

I promise to tell my friends about the release. Grinch's dog is named Max.

Amy said...

I will definitely let all my friends know about Moon Craving. The name of the Grinches dog is Max
Merry Christmas to all and thanks for doing such a wonderful job with the site Andre

Lady_Graeye said...

Hello Lucy!
Thank you so much for drawing my name! Yeah! An email is on the way to you. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and everyone else who follows your blog.

kim h said...

wtg winners
name is max

CrystalGB said...

The Grinch's dog's name is Max.

Michele L. said...

Hi Andre,

A while ago when I was at the bookstore, my friend, Laura, mentioned that Lucy writes another line of books. She told me about MOON AWAKENING. I hadn't heard about it so I bought one and I loved it! Lucy is an awesome writer and so multi-talented!

I just wanted to comment about her book to you all. Congrats to whoever wins! You will love her book!

Andre Martinez (Promo Guy) said...

I really appreciate the nice comments - It's been blast getting to know all of you and your wonderful posts.

Lucy is also very grateful for the continued support.

I wish all of you a great 2010 and I know that you are all empowered to be strong and compassionate people during these tough times! If you ever have a question, please feel free to write me a note or send a message!