Sunday, November 22, 2009

Working On Revisions

I got an unpleasant jolt when my editor asked for some pretty extensive revisions on my latest Harlequin Presents, a book I felt really good about. Which just goes to show that an author's perception of a book does not always match that of those who read it. This sort of struck me as I read another book by another author that I enjoyed overall, but mostly because I was willing to fill in the blanks. The author clearly knew her characters, their stories and their backstories, but she often left blanks in her development of all three, alluding to, but not fleshing out key nuances. I found that really interesting. Still, I enjoyed the book. I just thought how lucky she would be if she had my editor instead of her own. LOL much as I hate revisions, especially unexpected ones, I want every book to be the best it can be. And an editor with a good eye will notice when an author doesn't flesh out important elements to a story. (Which, yes, I've been guilty of myself. LOL)

One of my favorite authors who is so VERY good at making sure all story lines are explored and questions are answered or left for the next book in a way that leaves me panting for her next release is Christine Feehan. Who are your favorite authors for writing what we shall term "a complete book"?



Judy said...

Eep! That would be unsettling. It's one thing to know the work needs editing and quite another to have it pointed out. It does help enormously to have a good relationship with your editor, knowing they truly "get" what you're endeavoring to convey and want to help you do it. I'm looking forward to the release. I like Christine Freehan's Drake Sisters series and Kathryne Kennedy's Relics of Merlin, both paranormal. Anne Gracie, historical romance, is fabulous at tying up all the little details, including many you'd never expect.

Amy said...

I know that as a fan we would have looked the book the way it was and I am looking forward to all your new releases. I too love Christine Feehan's books expecially the Dark and Drake Sister Series. Other authors who's books are also a must buy are Lori Foster, Sarah Morgan, Diana Palmer, Lora Leigh, Maya Banks, and Sharon Sala just to name a few.