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The Latin Lover - BRAND NEW EXCERPT!!!

I'll make this quick since I'm sure all of you are looking forward to the new excerpt. Lucy and Trish Morey will be hosting a chat on Writerspace on Wednesday, October 14th at 9 PM Eastern. I'll post a link in the next few days when it becomes available. The Latin Lover is in bookstores now and online so be sure to get yourself a copy.

Enjoy the excerpt!

She forgot that he hardly ever watched television and never the American programs. "A nerdy character on an old sitcom."

"And she wears her sweats above her belly button?"

"It's a him and yes, way above...but don't think for a minute I'm going to. This is the style."

"If you bend over, I will see the swell of your bottom."

"You think?" He was being circumspect, but he meant her butt crack and she could not let that statement go unchallenged. She spun and bent over. "Well? See anything?" She knew darn well he didn't. She wasn't a tramp and didn't dress like one.

But Spiros did not answer.

She looked back over her shoulder and her breath locked in her chest. He was staring at her in a way she had only ever dreamed of. With a dark hunger that called to something deep in her womb.

She straightened. "Spiros?"

He stared at her. "You should not have done that."

"Why?" she asked, her brain refusing the evidence of her own eyes as impossible.

He couldn't want her. She'd loved him for too long, getting nothing but friendship back in return, for things to have changed like this. It was wishful thinking on her part. It had to be.

Only he was still looking at her as if she was a feast and he the starving man.

"Because," he said in a tone she had never heard from him before.

"Because why?" She was nothing if not tenacious.

Anyone who knew her at all, knew that. And he knew her better than most.

He didn't smile at her childish prompting like he had always done in the past. His jaw was too rigid for even a facsimile of one. But he stepped forward.

She had the craziest urge to step back. Crazy because close to him was where she wanted to be. It always had been – even before she knew she was in love with him. Only right this second – he was almost a stranger. A dangerous stranger.

But he would never hurt her. She knew that. No matter how intense he was acting right now. And if by some miracle his attitude meant what it seemed to mean, she wanted it. She knew she did.

So why did those internal reminders fail to dispel the weird sense of fear trying to take hold? She was strong enough to stand against it though.

And she would.

He took another step forward, and another...and then he was so close she could feel his body heat in the scant bit of air between them. His scent was different up close, not merely the expensive aftershave he wore because she'd been buying it for him since she was ten, but another spicy fragrance that could only be him. It was warm like his could a smell be warm?

But it was. And it was good, oh so good. She wanted to lean forward and nuzzle her nose in his neck and just revel in it.

She'd smelled him before, but there was a quality to his personal scent that was different now...a musk that sent a sharp ache deep into her womb. Her legs felt weak and she swayed a little, her face doing that nuzzle thing of its own accord.

He took in a sharp breath even as she inhaled his scent.

She throbbed in that hidden place between her legs. She'd never felt like this, even when she'd lain in her bed at night and thought about him. It was so different. Scary, but totally delicious too.

Which was exactly how the odd fear felt – kind of yummy. And that was really odd. Fear wasn't yummy or fun. At least it never had been before. But this sensation wasn't one she wanted to end immediately. How weird was that?

Her disjointed ruminations ceased as she became acutely aware of how he filled her senses. His body heat surrounded her. Everything beyond him fuzzed in her vision as if her eyes wanted to focus wholly on him. And his scent reached out to her, drawing her closer with an undeniable pull.

He didn't say anything as she rubbed her nose very lightly in the hollow of his neck. This close she could smell the difference from where she nuzzled and his face where his aftershave left a stronger impression. She'd always loved that cologne, that's why she bought it for him. But right now she wanted his essence – she needed to imprint him on her sensory memories.

He didn't move. Not to get away, not to get closer. He remained utterly still.

She met his silence with one of her own, not wanting this magical moment to end. If she never had anything else from him, no one could ever take away this moment. The first – and maybe the only – sensual encounter between two friends closer than most family.

Taking a deep breath, she inhaled more of him and shuddered as her breasts came into contact with his chest. He made a sound like a growl, but still no words.

Her nipples ached behind the thin layers of her bra and top. She pressed more firmly into him, trying to relieve that ache. It didn't work. She only wanted more. She needed something...from him...but she didn't know what. She'd read about this kind of thing, talked it over with her friends. She'd even tried experimenting, but she didn't like kissing other men when all she could think about was the one she loved. Even if she couldn’t have him, her body had never allowed her to have anyone else either. No matter how hard she tried.

The fact that she was de facto engaged to his brother had prevented her from dating more than a few times anyway. She always felt so guilty, though she shouldn't have.

It wasn't as if Dimitri wanted her and she was positive he wasn't celibate. She'd seen pictures in the paper of him with a French model, though she'd never mentioned them to anyone else. He was good at keeping his name out of the media, so she saw no reason to stir trouble about the couple of times he hadn't been able to.

She doubted his family even knew.

But what was she doing thinking about Dmitri, when his brother – the man she loved – was standing right here? She would have groaned at herself if she could get enough air into her lungs. You'd think with the way she kept taking in his scent she'd have plenty of air, but she felt light headed anyway.

And that was her only excuse for what she did next. Lack of oxygen to the brain.


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