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The Latin Lover - Excerpt and Special Prize Announcement!!!

Good afternoon everyone!

I have chosen a brand new excerpt from Lucy's latest release "The Latin Lover." I hope you enjoy it.

But first, I have randomly picked 5 winners to receive limited ARC copies of "The Spy Who Wants Me"

Congrats to... Michele L, Kim H, Stacy S, Flchen1, and Mitzi !!!
Please send me an email at with your blogger screen name, real name, and an address to send the prize...


Phoebe couldn't believe he was going to make love to her, but she could see from the serious expression in his golden brown eyes, that was exactly what he had planned. Coming tonight had not been a mistake.

Spiros understood even if he did not agree. And he'd told her he wanted to marry her irrespective of the money deal between their families. Even if it was only because he'd realized how important their friendship was to him, that was still good to know.

His eyes burned over her with the same flame of desire she'd seen that night in her apartment. They were going to make love. She was so keyed-up by the prospect, she could barely breathe.

Her body drawn by a relentless invisible cord, she moved toward him.

He reached out when she was close enough and pulled her the rest of the way, his mouth coming down toward hers even as their bodies came together.

"Never doubt that I want you." He spoke against her lips in a low but firm voice.

"Show me," she challenged.

"Oh, I will."

Then he kissed her. The caress against her lips did not last long, but it touched her to the very marrow of her being.

"Your mouth is perfect, so kissable," he murmured against the very lips he was praising.

"I couldn’t imagine doing this with Dimitri."

"You are not to try to imagine doing anything with him ever again."

She almost laughed at the possessive growl, but had a feeling he would not share her amusement. "You were the one who told me I had to marry him. That you wanted me to."

"I believed it was the only way."

"And now you think the only way for your family's pride to be salvaged is to marry me yourself." There was no bitterness in her voice, only awe at his unswerving sense of right.

She had known her whole life she could count on Spiros and he only bolstered that fact with his action. What she had not realized before was that her ability to trust his integrity implicitly superseded her ability to trust him emotionally. Perhaps, one day that would change.

After all, she had not believed he could ever want her, but that had changed.

"It is not something I regret."

"Are you sure?"

He didn't bother to answer, simply renewed the kiss, his lips staking a claim that she knew he would be intent on keeping this time. His honor demanded it.

His hands traveled down her body, as if memorizing the dips and valleys that made up her figure. Then he was swinging her high against his chest and carrying her down the hall toward his bedroom.

Only he did not stop at his bedroom door, but carried on to the oversized balcony at the back of his apartment. He had removed all of the wall except the support beams that separated the back bedroom from the balcony and created an extra-large outdoor living space right in downtown Athens. He'd even installed a small spa in one corner.

He didn't take her to the spa though, he took her to the double lounger that she'd shared with him many times, only in a very different capacity. It was designed to lift at opposite sides so they could face each other in a lounging position, which they'd done many times in the past while sharing a rousing game of cards.

But right now it was completely flat, making it the size of an oval shaped double bed. He laid her onto the cushions. They were covered in a polished cotton upholstery in such a fine weave that it felt like silk against her heated skin.

“You look so perfect there.” He stepped back and began to undress. “I cannot believe you doubt the chemistry between us. I have wanted you for a long time, pethi mou.”

“Chrysanthos said I made you hard.”

“Your brother is precocious.”

“He’s a sixteen year old male. Apparently, they notice these things.”

“And their older sisters do not.”

“You hid it from me.”

“Too well, apparently.”

“So, fix my misconceptions now.”

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Guest Blog - Erin Nicholas

I’m now one month away from the release of my first novel! Wow. I can’t wait to see what readers say! The whole thing swings from fun and exciting to nerve-wracking and overwhelming, then back again! But I’m bummed right now because I don’t have a cover to show you yet—glitches, don’t you love ‘em?

You can check out the other November 3rd releases from Samhain here.
Aren’t they great? Samhain actually, in my opinion, does a fantastic job with covers!

For me as a reader, covers are big. A great cover will make me pick up a book by someone I’ve never heard of. A great cover has led to me reading an excerpt that then leads me to buy even when my book budget is down to nothing!

Some of my favorite book covers are
Tease Me, Please Me by Kate Davies (I like Striptease too!)

What I Did For Love, Susan Elizabeth Phillips (but it’s hard to keep up because they keep re-releasing her books with new covers!)

Any of the Lucky Series by Carly Phillips (but wow, she’s got a lot of great covers!)

What about you? What are some of your favorites? Do covers play a part in what you buy? In looking at all of those fantastic covers at Samhain, what catches your eye? Some people like faces on the covers but others say readers get their own mental pictures of what the characters look like and are thrown off when the cover doesn’t match what they pictured. Has that happened to you? Are there things that always catch your attention, or something that would turn you off of a cover for sure?

Hopefully, the cover for No Matter What will be up on my site soon! Please check back!

In the meantime, here’s another excerpt and another chance to win some great stuff!

This month the prize is a coffee mug, a Starbucks gift card, chocolate and your choice of one of my favorite Lucy books or two books from some of my other great friends and fellow authors!

We’ve started a blog called Nine Naughty Novelists that will be up and going soon! We plan to have a lot of fun, a lot of great excerpts, a lot of contests and parties, etc.! So, also keep checking our websites for the blog launch!

The other eight of the Nine Naughty Novelists (whose books you get to choose from) are:
Skylar Kade
Sydney Somers
Meg Benjamin
Kelly Jamieson
PG Forte
Kate Davies
Kinsey Holly
Diane McEntire

All you have to do is post an answer to one or more of the questions above and I’ll choose a winner on Friday, October 9th!

No Matter What--excerpt
Coming November 3rd
Samhain Publishing
By Erin Nicholas

“Does that mean we’re friends now?” He barely resisted touching her cheek.
She raised an eyebrow. “You’re assuming a lot from one peanut butter sandwich, aren’t you?”
He noticed the slight tug at the corner of her mouth. “Yes. For instance…” He leaned in until he could smell her shampoo, and under that, the scent of her skin. “I assume that you want to know more about me, and that you think I’ve done a good job with Emily.” His eyes traced her face from her forehead to her chin. She was breathing a little faster and her cheeks were pink. “Even more, I assume that you are very attracted to me, that you think about me during the day at the strangest times, and that you think about me at night—which isn’t strange at all.”
Part of her wanted to pull back and deny the truth, he could see it in her eyes. But part of her, a bigger part, a stronger part, wanted to press closer and finally discover all of the things they’d both been imagining.
She finally spoke. “You should really be more careful with your assumptions.”
“I probably should. For instance, I shouldn’t assume that you like me just because you want to make love to me, right?”
Something flickered in her eyes. Maybe it was just surprise that he’d said out loud what they both knew was true. But he thought it was something more.
“And I probably shouldn’t assume that you enjoyed the kissing the other night as much as I did.”
She stared at him for several heartbeats. “I…well, it’s not…I…” She stopped and sighed, turning her eyes to the ceiling. “Actually, I do like you, Adam. You’re very frustrating, but I can’t help but like a father who cares so much about his daughter.” She failed to comment on the kissing.
Liking him because of his daughter wasn’t completely satisfying but it was a start. He reached up and cupped the back of her neck with one hand, gently tugging her closer. Her eyes widened, but she stepped toward him. A very good sign. That he fully intended to take advantage of.
“So, you like me,” he said, stroking his thumb along the side of her neck. He was gratified to see her shiver under his touch. “And you like my peanut butter and honey sandwiches.”
Her lips parted and her breathing sped up as she looked up at him, unblinking.
“I’m very interested in what else you like.” He lowered his head and brushed his lips over the spot on her neck where his thumb had been resting. “For instance, do you like this?” he said near her ear.
She didn’t reply, but her eyes closed and she tipped her head to give him better access. He smiled. He put his other hand on her hip and pulled her close, until they were belly to
belly. She certainly didn’t protest.
“Do you like soft kisses?” He pressed his lips to hers gently.
Her hands went to his shoulders and she kissed him back, making his heart thump in his chest.
He lifted his head, breathing hard already. “Or do you like hot, wet kisses?” He tilted her head and demonstrated that as well, stroking his tongue over her bottom lip and then taking advantage of the sigh that parted her lips and granted him access to the sweet, hot mouth he’d been dreaming about.
She tangled her fingers in his hair and rose on tiptoe, striving to be closer. A deep half sigh, half groan purred from the back of her throat. Her tongue met his with abandon and Adam felt the heat stroking his entire body.
He pulled back several delicious moments later, not even close to being done with her.
“And do you like this?” He cupped her butt in his hands and pulled her up firmly against his erection. He rubbed his hard length against her.
Her moan and her eyes sliding closed gave him some indication of her answer. But he wanted to hear her beg him to please, please keep doing it. Or to do more. In specific detail.
“And this?” His hand cupped her breast, his thumb rubbing over her nipple, firm even through the thickness of the sweatshirt she wore.
Jaden arched into to his touch, her hands running down his back to his waist, where she hooked her thumbs through the belt loops on his pants and pulled him closer yet.
“Do you like satin or cotton sheets?” He lifted her hair and put his lips to the soft skin behind her ear, flicking his tongue over the spot.
“Yes,” she whispered.

If you want more of this scene, it will continue at my website…!

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Guest Blogging at Writerspace

I've got a guest blogging gig at Writerspace on "Reader Driven Stories". Check it out here:

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The Latin Lover - BRAND NEW EXCERPT!!!

I'll make this quick since I'm sure all of you are looking forward to the new excerpt. Lucy and Trish Morey will be hosting a chat on Writerspace on Wednesday, October 14th at 9 PM Eastern. I'll post a link in the next few days when it becomes available. The Latin Lover is in bookstores now and online so be sure to get yourself a copy.

Enjoy the excerpt!

She forgot that he hardly ever watched television and never the American programs. "A nerdy character on an old sitcom."

"And she wears her sweats above her belly button?"

"It's a him and yes, way above...but don't think for a minute I'm going to. This is the style."

"If you bend over, I will see the swell of your bottom."

"You think?" He was being circumspect, but he meant her butt crack and she could not let that statement go unchallenged. She spun and bent over. "Well? See anything?" She knew darn well he didn't. She wasn't a tramp and didn't dress like one.

But Spiros did not answer.

She looked back over her shoulder and her breath locked in her chest. He was staring at her in a way she had only ever dreamed of. With a dark hunger that called to something deep in her womb.

She straightened. "Spiros?"

He stared at her. "You should not have done that."

"Why?" she asked, her brain refusing the evidence of her own eyes as impossible.

He couldn't want her. She'd loved him for too long, getting nothing but friendship back in return, for things to have changed like this. It was wishful thinking on her part. It had to be.

Only he was still looking at her as if she was a feast and he the starving man.

"Because," he said in a tone she had never heard from him before.

"Because why?" She was nothing if not tenacious.

Anyone who knew her at all, knew that. And he knew her better than most.

He didn't smile at her childish prompting like he had always done in the past. His jaw was too rigid for even a facsimile of one. But he stepped forward.

She had the craziest urge to step back. Crazy because close to him was where she wanted to be. It always had been – even before she knew she was in love with him. Only right this second – he was almost a stranger. A dangerous stranger.

But he would never hurt her. She knew that. No matter how intense he was acting right now. And if by some miracle his attitude meant what it seemed to mean, she wanted it. She knew she did.

So why did those internal reminders fail to dispel the weird sense of fear trying to take hold? She was strong enough to stand against it though.

And she would.

He took another step forward, and another...and then he was so close she could feel his body heat in the scant bit of air between them. His scent was different up close, not merely the expensive aftershave he wore because she'd been buying it for him since she was ten, but another spicy fragrance that could only be him. It was warm like his could a smell be warm?

But it was. And it was good, oh so good. She wanted to lean forward and nuzzle her nose in his neck and just revel in it.

She'd smelled him before, but there was a quality to his personal scent that was different now...a musk that sent a sharp ache deep into her womb. Her legs felt weak and she swayed a little, her face doing that nuzzle thing of its own accord.

He took in a sharp breath even as she inhaled his scent.

She throbbed in that hidden place between her legs. She'd never felt like this, even when she'd lain in her bed at night and thought about him. It was so different. Scary, but totally delicious too.

Which was exactly how the odd fear felt – kind of yummy. And that was really odd. Fear wasn't yummy or fun. At least it never had been before. But this sensation wasn't one she wanted to end immediately. How weird was that?

Her disjointed ruminations ceased as she became acutely aware of how he filled her senses. His body heat surrounded her. Everything beyond him fuzzed in her vision as if her eyes wanted to focus wholly on him. And his scent reached out to her, drawing her closer with an undeniable pull.

He didn't say anything as she rubbed her nose very lightly in the hollow of his neck. This close she could smell the difference from where she nuzzled and his face where his aftershave left a stronger impression. She'd always loved that cologne, that's why she bought it for him. But right now she wanted his essence – she needed to imprint him on her sensory memories.

He didn't move. Not to get away, not to get closer. He remained utterly still.

She met his silence with one of her own, not wanting this magical moment to end. If she never had anything else from him, no one could ever take away this moment. The first – and maybe the only – sensual encounter between two friends closer than most family.

Taking a deep breath, she inhaled more of him and shuddered as her breasts came into contact with his chest. He made a sound like a growl, but still no words.

Her nipples ached behind the thin layers of her bra and top. She pressed more firmly into him, trying to relieve that ache. It didn't work. She only wanted more. She needed something...from him...but she didn't know what. She'd read about this kind of thing, talked it over with her friends. She'd even tried experimenting, but she didn't like kissing other men when all she could think about was the one she loved. Even if she couldn’t have him, her body had never allowed her to have anyone else either. No matter how hard she tried.

The fact that she was de facto engaged to his brother had prevented her from dating more than a few times anyway. She always felt so guilty, though she shouldn't have.

It wasn't as if Dimitri wanted her and she was positive he wasn't celibate. She'd seen pictures in the paper of him with a French model, though she'd never mentioned them to anyone else. He was good at keeping his name out of the media, so she saw no reason to stir trouble about the couple of times he hadn't been able to.

She doubted his family even knew.

But what was she doing thinking about Dmitri, when his brother – the man she loved – was standing right here? She would have groaned at herself if she could get enough air into her lungs. You'd think with the way she kept taking in his scent she'd have plenty of air, but she felt light headed anyway.

And that was her only excuse for what she did next. Lack of oxygen to the brain.