Saturday, September 26, 2009

RAW - Official DAY 1

Yesterday was the official first day of RAW and it was amazing! I connected up with several readers that have become special people in my life. And met a few more that became new friends. :) It's always such a huge blessing to hear from readers who connect with my characters like I do. And I was on the verge of tears in gratitude more than once yesterday. Not least of which when presented with this beautiful throw/cloth by Dawn. She did all the needlework herself in my favorite colors. It's something I'll treasure for many years to come!

The ladies of Sugarbook Club also made goodie bags for all the authors in an unexpected and very welcome turn around, since it's usually us doing goodie bags for readers! LOL And the fabulously talented Kay Strum also made these really neat charms with our book covers on them. I'm planning to order several to give away with the release of MOON CRAVING...sound fun?

I talked so much, my throat hurt yesterday and today is bound to be more of the same. What me, a chatterbox????

Quotes of the day:

"Lucy, I get cleavage on your husband!" ... with the right corset. From dear friend and talented author, Mary Wine, a costume maker extraordinaire.

Spoken with a knowing grin and sparkling eyes by reader U, "I'm me something nice and I get sexual." I about spit my coffee out laughing so hard. This was said over breakfast. DQ thinks I have very interesting discussions with readers. LOL

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Amy said...

sounds like you guys are having a blast