Sunday, September 27, 2009

RAW - Day 2 & 3

Yesterday was the booksigning for RAW attendees. Lots of chatting, laughter and lots and lots and lots of books signed. I love signing books for readers, but I'm always trying to come up with new stuff to say that doesn't take very long to write. It's kind of hard...'cuz there's always a line, so I don't want to get too eloquent, but when I personalize the autograph, I don't want it to be too cheezy either. It's a quandary.

What's your favorite thing that you've had written in a book you've gotten autographed by an author?

Last night was the Saints & Sinners party. We were supposed to go dressed as our favorite saint or sinner. I went as my mom. My favorite saint...or sinner...depending on who you ask. :) What do you think of the mumu and beehive?

Today was the public book signing and tons of chat time with readers over breakfast and during the downtime in the afternoon and evening. I loved connecting with everyone and am so glad I came.

Favorite quotes: {Setup} Hubcap and I both wear breathing machines at night for sleep apnea. So we put them on and DQ bursts out laughing at us as we do look a bit odd. Hubcap's has a distinctly Darth Vaderish look to it. Without missing a beat, he sits up looks at DQ and says, "DQ, I *am* your father." Thanks, Lord Vader. LOL

Terri, a reader and reviewer who spent some time visiting with me in my room this afternoon. "I don't mind sitting there, I've already been on the bed once with your husband." This evening when she and Sonya stopped by to say goodbye and I offered her the chair rather than the bed to sit on. angel? Really? LOL

You all know I wish you could have been at RAW as much as you might have wanted to be there. I think the most fun RAW would be one where my blogging chat buddies showed up. ;-) So, just to let you know I was thinking of you all while I was here, PromoGuy is going to be giving away some extra ARCs of "The Spy Who Wants Me" with two goody bags (signed) from RAW '08 and three goody bags from RAW '09 (not signed) and posting excerpts, back cover copy, etc. for "The Latin Lover" this week - so watch this space! Yes, that *is* 5 prize packages getting sent out this week. Remember, to be elligible, all you have to do is comment on a blog post from this week. (That would be starting with this one.)


Michele L. said...

I love your beehive Lucy! What a fun time you had! I love to dress in costume!

Ha,ha! I am laughing at your story about Hubcap's comments on your breathing apparatus. My brother has one too. Yes they tend to be rather large. Hey, I read about a dental mouthpiece that helps with sleep apnea. Have you heard about it?

Your book signing sounds like it went very well! No weird book requests? My favorite autograph I got from an author said, "May you always have happy days."

Another one I love was a book I won in a contest where I asked the author if I was number 5 or not since she was giving away 5 books. She replied in her autograph to me inside the book, "Yes, you are fiveish!" Very cute of the author!

Booklover1335 said...

I so wish I would have been able to go to RAW, but I can't thank you enough for remembering your fans that weren't able to attend. I would love to win any of the prize packs!

As far as the autograph, I just like them signed, doesn't matter what else it says :)

sarabelle said...

So glad you enjoyed your self so much. I so envy you for being there. Love the costumes. Thanks for the chance at a wonderful prize package.

Theresa said...

Looks like you are having great time! Wish I were there.

Stacy S said...

Sounds like you are having fun! Someday I'm going to go to one like that.

Jane said...

Looks like everyone had a fabulous time. Wish I were at the Saints and Sinners party, but I would have had a hard time picking out a costume.

Jenna Bayley-Burke said...

I try and sign something that has to do with the book - which can get complicated when you're doing mroe than one book! Believe in happily ever after is Her Cinderella Complex, It's not about golf is Par For The Course...that kind of thing.

I did make note of a particlarly spice scene, so when a reader asks where the lovin' is, I'll sign it Check out page 102!

It sounds like you laughed your way through the weekend :)

ddurance said...

Looks like you guys had a lot of fun! Hopefully one of these days in the not so near future, I'll actually get to go to a romance convention. Until then....*sigh*


sonya said...

Raw was a blast and I loved every saying you wrote in my books. That was a fabulous costume. You are one of the sweetest authors I know and Thank you for keeping the stories flowing and please thank DQ for doing my makeup.

Lucy Monroe said...

Nice quote, Michele. See, that's the kind of thing I need to think of when I'm signing. :) Jenna, that's an uber clever idea. I need to mull it over.

Sonya, love, Isabelle had a blast doing your makeup and you looked smashing! For anyone who wants to see, I'm going to try to get the pics up onto MySpace tomorrow...crossing fingers.

Thank you all, RAW really *was* fun!

Michele said...

Hi Lucy!! Love the costume :)

Sounds like RAW was a lot of fun. Wish I could have been there.

Amy said...

it sounds like you guys are having a great time. Wish I was there.

I just got my papperback copy of the latin lover. got the book last month. It was a fantastic read

my favorite signed book would be a book that was deticated to me by the author and she signed the book to my friend Amy, with love for all you do on my website.

Lucy Monroe said...

Neat personalization, Amy. Having a book dedicated to you is really special. I'll never forget when my friend Kate Davies dedicated one of her books to me. It made me tear up. :)

Michele...I had lots of fun running around looking like my mom. LOL

Mitzi said...

The beehive is great!!! My mom wore her hair like that too.

I was just looking at some of the pictures from RAW on Lora Leigh's newletter. Looks like everyone had a fun weekend.

I would love to attend someday...Who knows maybe Lora will bring it to the Left Coast???

Thank you for a chance to win your book. Love them all

flchen1 said...

What a fantastic time you all had! I so wish I could have joined you :) Maybe another year! Thanks so much for sharing the photos and the experience!

robynl said...

thanks for the update and pics. Sounds like a lot of fun and am glad you could attend.

I'd love any of the prizes, honestly.

I love author signed books and any thing else added is wonderful, such as 'bless you', etc.

kim h said...

congrts on the new book
hot cover

Autumncat said...

Great costume! RAW sounds like a lot of fun. ;-)