Friday, September 25, 2009

Hi Ho Hi Ho...It's Off to RAW We Go

Our day started *early* as we left the house at 5:15 a.m. to get to the airport for the trip to RAW. We still managed to almost miss our plane and they had to open the doors to let us on. Sigh...that's traveling with us. Always something good going on. LOL

We stopped in Salt Lake City for a 3 hour layover and got a chance to have lunch with my good freind and a very talented author, Mac, and his husband Jae. There's always a risk meeting someone you've known only online that they won't turn out to be the same person. But Mac and Jae were! Dh and DQ both enjoyed the lunch at a fantastic Mexican food restaurant as much as I did.

Two more planes and many, many, MANY hours later and we arrived in Huntington. On the last plane, however...reader and friend, Terri got me sent to the back of the plane. Well, okay, maybe we were already in back, but the Flight Attendant had to "talk to us" because apparently our conversation was making it hard for others around us to hear the safety announcement. But really do you think quiet little ol me was doing the talking? I'm sure it was all Terri...right? Well, maybe not. LOL
The Pullman is every bit as wonderful as I remembered and I'm loving having both DQ & Dh with me.

Quote for the day: DQ on the plane, "This is really uncomfortable. I'm used to spreading my legs." Followed immediately by bright pink cheeks and a stuttered, "Strectch, I mean stretch!"


Amy said...

Your daughters comment is so funny. Wish I could be at the RAW with you all

Lucy Monroe said...

Amy, I truly wish you were here too!