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Guest Blog w/ ERIN NICHOLAS!!!

Hi, all! I’m back again! I’m two months from the release of my book No Matter What and I want to continue the fun here, with Lucy’s wonderful readers! This month I have some “Confessions of a Romance Writer”.

I do not want to give the impression that these confessions, in any way, apply to all romance writers! In fact, they probably don’t apply to anyone else at all! But here’s the thing: the chances of me bumping into you at Target are minuscule at best. So, here are some things that might be therapeutic for me to confess:

  • I love Twinkies. Yes, I know that Twinkies and cockroaches would be the only things to survive a nuclear attack, yes, I know that sugar is the only natural ingredient in them, yes, I know that they don’t have any chocolate in them. But I LOVE them.
  • I do believe that women are just as good as men and deserve equal votes, equal pay and equal say as to what goes on top of the Friday night pizza, however, I think men should change flat tires, men should have to go into the basement to the fuse box when the lights go off and men should shovel the driveway (okay, he can use a snow-blower) when it snows any amount requiring shoveling.
  • I am pretty persnickety (plus I love that word!) about weather and temperatures. Anything between 65 and 80 degrees is fine. Rain is fine about seven days a month… and not in a row… and the wind can blow, but not more than about 10 miles per hour.

Okay, writing confession time:

  • I usually know the hero first. That’s usually my starting point, honestly. I don’t know why, but he’s the thing that comes to me first about a story. I think about who he is, what he looks like, why he is the way he is and what he needs to learn or how he needs to change. Then I come up with a story that will make that change happen and the woman that needs to be in that story with him.
  • I often write dead end scenes. Meaning that I get to the end and there’s no where to go, nothing interesting happening. So, then I delete the scene, go for a walk or dust my house (desperate times call for desperate measures) and then come back to it and usually find a way out.
  • I listen to Frank Sinatra while I write. I don’t think that really needs any explanation.
  • I’ve read every single one of Julia Quinn and Susan Elizabeth Phillips’ books three times each. At least. Is that a writing confession, since it’s actually reading? Yes! I don’t think there’s a single romance writer, at least not one worth reading, who isn’t an avid romance reader! J

Okay, enough about me! Here’s an excerpt from my upcoming release No Matter What. In case you like it and want to know what happens next, there’s a longer version of the excerpt on my website! www.ErinNicholas.com

But I’m going to make the contest easy this month! Just post a confession of your own (junk food confessions are welcome… confessions of illegal activities not so much! J Let’s keep in PG-13 if we can, k?) and you’ll be entered to win the prize pack for September: a great CD, two candles (in my favorite scents), chocolate and your pick of books from my keeper shelf!




No Matter What

November e-release, Samhain Publishing

Erin Nicholas

“I didn’t realize I was under house arrest. I have things I have to do. And I did not ‘slip out’.”

“A million dollars is a lot to pay for an eight hour work day.” He lifted the coffee cup that she had not noticed until that moment.

She felt a wave of indignation wash over her but she held her expression stoically. “This is not exactly a typical business arrangement.”

A long silence followed her statement.

“You’re right.” His words took Jaden by surprise. “For instance, any other time I hire someone, I ask a lot of questions about them personally as well as professionally. I like to know about their families, their interests and hobbies. Their habits. I should have asked more questions about you. My primary concern at the time was that I hire the best therapist there was for Emily.”

“You did.”

“Yes, but I didn’t think beyond the therapy sessions. I didn’t fully consider all of the things you would mean to Emily besides being her therapist.”

Jaden frowned, wishing she could see his face more clearly. “What do you mean? And what did you mean by ‘their habits’?” She wasn’t sure why but she felt offended by the comment now that she replayed it in her head.

“I expect Emily will get very attached to you. You are a young, intelligent, successful woman and Emily will likely look up to you.”

“And that concerns you.”

“Frankly, yes.”


He came to his feet in one quick, fluid movement. “Because it’s one in the morning and you’re just getting home.”

Let him guess and assume about what you were doing. Make him a little crazy for a change.

“I don’t like that you’re assuming the worst about me. I have given you no reason not to trust me.”

He took a deep breath. “Okay, then, I have only one question for you. Where were you?”

She swallowed hard and tried to get a grip on the thoughts and responses that were stumbling over one another in their haste to make it to her mouth first.

“I was out, Adam. That’s all you need to know.” She added a flip of her hair to emphasize how casual she was about the whole thing.

“Jaden…” He took a deep breath and she saw him consciously work to unclench his fists. It struck her how personal her name sounded from his lips even when he was frustrated. That only increased her aggravation.

His voice slightly calmer, he spoke again. “It is important to me. At least tell me that you weren’t…”

“What? That I wasn’t… doing drugs? Drinking all night at the bars? That I’m not a call girl in the evenings when I’m not at the hospital? Smell my breath, Adam, if you don’t believe me. Diet cola was the strongest thing I had tonight.”

He came toward her quickly and she tipped her chin up to meet his gaze. He leaned in, braced his hands on the counter behind her on either side of her hips, and took a deep breath.

She held hers. Having him suddenly this close was overwhelming and she fought to remember what they had been talking about.

He reminded her quickly. “How about all of the above?” His voice was lower now, huskier, and his eyes studied hers closely. “How about reassuring me that you wouldn’t dream of doing any of those things?”

She didn’t like that he doubted her. She wanted to stomp and yell and demand that he believe in her. But, at the same time, this might just be perfect. She’d been off balance since meeting him. He shook her up, as much as she hated it. Clearly her conduct during off-duty hours interested him, and worried him. So, this might be her chance to turn the tables a bit. Not that getting a man like Adam off balance would be easy. But it would, very likely, be fun.

“I’ll tell you this much. Drugs and prostitution aren’t my thing.”

He pressed closer and she felt the edge of the counter against her low back. Perhaps it was her decision to try to overwhelm him for a change, but for the first time, when he got close to her, dropped his voice low and looked at her like he wanted to make all of her fantasies come true, she reveled in it.

She found the scent of his cologne and the warmth of the arm braced on the counter beside her appealing rather than aggressive. In fact, this close, she found that his blue eyes, swirling with emotion, were impossible to resist. He was a passionate man. He cared about his daughter, his household and stood firm in his convictions. It was his unflinching devotion that made her want to know more about him. For instance, what else stirred Adam Steele’s passions?

“So tell me, what is your kind of thing?”

The huskiness in his voice made her nerve endings dance.

She studied his full lips for a long moment before her eyes traced his strong jaw shadowed with dark stubble. Eventually, she moved up slowly to again meet the midnight blue eyes that seemed to pierce straight through to her soul.

“Arrogant millionaires evidently.”

As his lips met hers, she momentarily stopped disliking anything about him.


Nichole said...

I have a confession and since none of my coworkers are romance readers my secret will still be safe. I'm the assistant manager of a restaraunt. Sometimes (ok alot) i'll hide out in the office to do "paperwork" my paperwork is often reading a few pages of a book.

Michele L. said...

My secret confession is my husband absolutely loves chocolate and I like it too. He likes it so much that he eats it up so fast so there is usually nothing left for me. So, after being married for 26 years I have learned to hide some in my jewelry drawer where he never goes.

When I get those little chocolate urges which only happen a couple times a month, I have something to nibble on and satisfy that sweet tooth!

There are sometimes when I can't eat all of my secret little stashes so I end up giving it to my hubby as a surprise. He is always surprised and say's, "Where did you get that?" I love giving him presents!

Jane said...

My confession is that I have snooped in my roommate's room and drawers.

ddurance said...

I confess to being an extreme packrat who refused to get rid of hardly anything at all.


Erin Nicholas said...

Doesn't it feel good to come clean?!!
I have to say that reading romance and chocolate are worth sneaking around for! I've snooped in drawers too, Jane. But never found *anything* intersting. I figure it's because I either 1. know boring people or 2. know people who hide things in better places than their drawers! :)
As for the packrat thing... I'm sorry, Deidre, but in my mind that only makes you someone I can share my love of home storage containers!

I have another confession... I'm REALLY nervous about my mom reading the sex scenes in my books!

Somehow that hasn't stopped me from writing them though ;)


Erin Nicholas said...

You have one more day to confess! :) I'll pick a CONTEST WINNER on Friday from the confession posts!


ReadingIsSoMuchFun said...

Hi Lucy & Erin!

No matter What sound very good. I can not wait this one to be released. Great teaser love it.

Awesome contest please enter me, thank you.

My confession is I love chocolate. I can eat chocolate for breakfast, lunch and dinner and even a late snack.

I also must shop. No matter if I don't need the item I have bought I just have to buy it because I love shopping LoL.


CrystalGB said...

My confessions are:
I will buy a high calorie snack and eat it and then hide the wrapper in the garbage can under other garbage so others don't see it.
When I make a big book purchase, I tell my husband that I won them in contests.

Erin Nicholas said...

Oh, good... more confessions! :) I think it makes me feel better to hear you all have little secrets too!

Linda, thanks for the comments on the excerpt! I'm so excited for this release... it just feels like *forever* until November 3rd!

Crystal, the snack wrapper is a good confession... and a good idea! :) I guess I just let everyone know that I have no will power sometimes (a lot of the time)-- hee, hee!

Another confession from me... I love Disney movies. I've seen "Enchanted" more times than my kids and I love "Finding Nemo" and "Hercules" in particular!

Okay, everyone... only a little more time to confess to us and get entered to WIN! :)

Did I tell you what the prize is? A choice of a book from my "all time favorites" collection, chocolate, a fun CD and a couple of candles in my favorite scents-- the perfect "evening-to-curl-up-and-read-kit"!


Amy said...

Erin, I Love the excerpt for No Matter What.
My confession is I never get rid of any of my books. Right now I have over 6000 books and counting. I use to just keep my favorites but I found that as soon as I got rid of a book a scene from that book would pop into my head and I would want to re-read it. Off, I would have to go trying to track down a new copy. Now I just keep all my books. My only problem now is that I have so many books that when a scene pops into my head I have a hard time trying to remember which book it was in. Unless, it was a scene from a book by one of my favorite authors. Then I can usually remember because I have read and re-read their books so many times

Michele L. said...

Ooo...I like FINDING NEMO also Erin! Never thought of confessing of my obsession with animated movies. I absolutely love TOY STORY, ICE AGE, ANTS, A BUGS LIFE, CARS, MONSTERS INC., MADGASCAR, among many others. Have you seen UP? I want to see that movie so bad! Oh, and the movie MONSTERS VS ALIENS? I haven't seen that yet either.

ReadingIsSoMuchFun said...

You are welcome Erin. I know it always seem like forever when you want a book now LoL.

Awesome prize definitely would love to be entered, thank you.


Erin Nicholas said...

Oh, Monsters Inc is one of my faves too! And Cars... Owen Wilson was great for that part! And I'm a small town girl. In fact, several of my books (including my WIP) are set in small towns, so that aspect of the movie really appealed!

I didn't see UP. Funny story... my husband is not a huge fan of the animated movies and so usually it's just the kids and me. Well, I really wanted to see it and had planned to take the kids as a surprise. I was gone at a conference for work and he took a couple of days off. I get home and find out he took them! Without me! What?! He still hasn't been fully forgiven for that one! :)

Okay, it's 11:45 p.m. my time, meaning Friday is pretty much over-- so I need to pick a winner!
Here's how I do it: everybody who posted gets written on a peice of paper and my lovely daughter chooses one out of a hat! :) Very scientific!

And... the WINNER is:
(this is so fun!!)

Your prize is a CD, candles, chocolate and your choice of some of my favorite books:
Baby, I'm Yours-- Susan Andersen
Out of Sight-- Cherry Adair
Date With the Other Side-- Erin McCarthy
3 Brides for 3 Bad Boys-- Lucy Monroe
Ready-- Lucy Monroe

Just e-mail me with your book choice and mailing address at erin@erinnicholas.com!

And the rest of you, don't worry, I'll have one more contest in October and then THE BIG ONE-- everyone who has been entered in my other contests (July- Oct.) will be entered into a drawing for the big release day prize pack!! AND, if you've participated in multiple months, you'll be entered in the drawing that many times!

Thanks for having fun with me the last few days!

You can also sign up for my newsletter on my website if you want to keep track of events leading up to release day, more excerpts, another contest, etc!

Thanks, everyone!!

ReadingIsSoMuchFun said...

Thank you so much Erin & your daughter. Email has been sent :-) WooHoo!.


Confessions of an Overworked Mom said...

My confession is I am hugely addicted to scented candles and salt water taffy.