Monday, August 03, 2009

Guest Blog w/ Erin Nicholas

I love writing. I can’t not write. In fact, I’ve tried it and as crabby as my uncooperative characters sometimes make me, I actually get crabbier if I don’t spend time with them every day!

But, I actually spend the majority of my day on two things. My family (my two children, my husband and various assorted pets) and my “other” career. I’m a physical therapist. Have been, actually, for the past fourteen years (yikes! How did that happen?!).

Physical therapy is an interesting way to spend a day. Most of the time it’s fantastic. I get to help people every day. Now, when they are two days out from a major hip surgery and some woman shows up and tells them “we’re going to get up and walk today”, they don’t always consider me helpful. But a month down the road, when they’re walking the hallways by themselves and contemplating returning to golfing on Thursdays, well, then I’m their favorite person!

But there are the not-so-fantastic moments, too. I have to constantly remind myself that I’m not meeting these people at their best. They’re hurting, or sick, scared, feeling helpless, not to mention irritated (or downright pissed off) about all of the things they can’t do right now. For many of them, this is their first time in the hospital or the first time they have to face that they’ve taken a lot of things (putting on their shoes, for instance) for granted.

It’s an interesting thing to think about as a romance writer. We are giving readers a snapshot of our characters’ lives. A snapshot that is showing a major turning point… when they fall in love. But in that process, we have to show them at their best (so the other person has a reason to like them) and at their worst (so that they are real and so the readers sympathize with them and the other person realizes they’re worth liking anyway!). Often they feel helpless or confused about this person who is turning their world upside down. And then, at the dark moment, they have to face that the relationship or person they were banking on, might not be there after all!

In No Matter What, Jaden, our heroine, is a physical therapist. She is meeting Adam, our hero, and his daughter, Emily at their worst. Emily is depressed and rebellious. Adam is frustrated and feeling helpless. Jaden is going to make everything better. But before they get to that point, Jaden also gets to face her not-so-perfect side.

But in the end, they persevere!

That’s why these two very different careers in my life are really not that different after all! Human beings are amazing creatures and their spirit, love, and hope pull them through—hip surgeries and falling in love!

The release date for No Matter What is November 3rd! And leading up to it I’m doing a monthly contest especially for Lucy’s readers!

Last month’s contest was for a prize pack including a copy of something off my keeper shelf: your choice between my two favorite Lucy books or—for those of you who already have every one of Lucy’s books!— a copy of one of the other books I’ve re-read countless times from Susan Elizabeth Phillips, Lori Foster, or Susan Andersen. Along with that the winner gets a bath set and chocolate! And the winner is:!! As chosen from the correct answers to the question about the excerpt on my website! I’ll be contacting you with the list of books you get to pick from and to get your mailing address!

This month you’ll need to visit my newly designed website (! Under Fun Stuff you’ll find some fun information about the characters of the book and physical therapists. Answer the question: what’s one thing you learned about Jaden or physical therapists that you didn’t know before?

The prize this time is a fun stationary set, chocolate and another choice from some of my favorite books of all time!

Email your answers to me at The contest is open until September 1st! Then we’ll do it all again right here!



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