Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Special Guest Blog w/ Erin Nicholas

“I knew Lucy Monroe when…”

You know what? That is fun to say! :)

I knew Lucy before she’d published 45 books, before she was award-winning, before she was a best-seller. Back when being a published author was just a mutual dream that drew us together. In truth, Lucy Monroe came into my life the way all blessings do… when I was least expecting it.

I met Lucy online on a writer’s listserve. I don’t remember what I posted or she posted that the other commented on (she probably does… she amazes me with the things she can pull out of the past while I struggle to remember what I had for lunch yesterday), but we started chatting off the listserve and discovered we had one of those unbelievable connections you just sometimes, inexplicably, find.

Over the years, Lucy has shared my contest wins, the contests where they hated my stuff, the rejection letters, the positive editor input, we even co-authored a book last year Miss Fix-It (under different pen names) and now… the publication of my first sexy contemporary romance!

She’s also been a key ingredient in some of my favorite girl’s weekends. One was my first romance writer’s conference when I traveled to Seattle (I’ll confess to being a little star-struck by meeting both Susan Andersen and Julia Quinn in person that weekend. I don’t think I made too much of a fool out of myself, but I admittedly gushed a little!). Another was a writer’s conference in the Midwest, just down the road from me. Probably the best was when her hubby flew me out to visit her shortly after we’d met.

Other than a favorite girlfriend, we had all the other ingredients for a great girl’s weekend too:

1. Chocolate. Check

2. Ability to talk fast enough to cover every topic under the sun in approximately forty-eight hours. Check.

3. Ability to survive on little to no sleep. Check

4. Side by side computers for marathon writing sessions. Check.

Wait. That’s just us? Maybe so, but I’ll tell you we had a great time plotting and talking through rough spots and redeeming our heroes!

Plus we shopped together for our mutual love of office supplies. I also remember a trip to the grocery store where Lucy insisted that we buy a few carrots and a decent source of protein, while I would have attempted to sustain myself with dark chocolate and chai tea lattes!

So, what would go on your “Must Haves for a Girls’ Weekend” list? Massages? Shoe shopping? Chic flick movie marathon? Reading an excerpt from a sexy contemporary romance by a new author?

Well, I can help with that last one! In celebration of the fact that a story born way back when Lucy and I first met is now going to be published and since Lucy’s been there through it all, I wanted to do something special on her blog! My release date is about 4 months away. So, once a month until November I’m going to do a contest right here on Lucy’s blog for her readers!

Just go to my website, go under Books and read the excerpt from No Matter What, then answer the question about the excerpt: What is one of the things Jaden swears she’s not going to do… no matter what?

The winner will be chosen from all the correct answers e-mailed to me (at before August. There’s a special prize, chocolate (I’m not new to Lucy’s blog!) plus a copy of something off my keeper shelf: your choice between my two favorite Lucy books (tough choice for me to make!!) or—for those of you who already have every one of Lucy’s books!— a copy of one of the other books I’ve re-read countless times from Susan Elizabeth Phillips, Lori Foster, or Susan Andersen.

Then next month we’ll do it all again with a new excerpt and a new prize!!

So, the contest is open! Enjoy!


No Matter What, a November release from Samhain Publishing


Michelle B said...

The book sounds great, Erin! Why does November have to be so far away?!

And thanks for doing the contest. I already entered :-)

Amy said...

The blurb was fantastic, I can hardly wait for Nov to get here to get my own copy. Thanks for doing the contest

Caffey said...

Hi Erin!! So beautiful to read how you met Lucy! I so hope to meet her some day. That indeed is a perfect checklist for your girls weekend!

I just came back from reading the excerpt! I already love Adam and Jaden. That scene was perfect. I wanted to read more! Congrats on the upcoming book!

Erin Nicholas said...

I'm so excited to be finally get on here and post... LONG day!! :)

Thanks for the comments! It's so hard to pick an excerpt but this is one of the scenes that really shows who these two are!

Each month the excerpt will be something different too so you can get to know them even better!

robynl said...

I, too, loved the excerpt. How nice to see him smile when pushed or landing in the pool with his suit on.
thanks for the contest also.

Judy said...

I enjoyed Ms. Fix-it. After reading robynl's comment I definitely had to read the excerpt for myself and laughed. It sounds like it's going to be quite the adventure.