Monday, July 27, 2009

Guest Blog w/ Jimmy Thomas!

MEET Jimmy Thomas: International Romance Novel Cover Model,

and so much more….

Born and raised in Plymouth, Massachusetts, Jimmy began his active lifestyle at a very young age; from neighborhood sports of football, street & roller-blade hockey, to 2 years on a local soccer team as their team goalie. Jimmy then joined his school's cross-country track team, and also ventured on to the wrestling mat. With all the sports and activities he participated in, he found his biggest liking in weight-training. Jimmy vigorously worked out almost every day during his final years of high school... which led the beginning of who Jimmy Thomas is today.

From a home-gym above a friend's garage, to down in his own basement of barbells & dumbbells, Jimmy stuck with his workouts even throughout his college time in Boston where he followed his high school studies of Architecture. Once moving to Tampa, Florida, he continued his weight-training from his backyard and moved it to a local gym while pushing his limits to the max. Although he had his love for weight-training, Jimmy sought out another active & disciplined interest he also had... martial arts. Jimmy joined a Kenpo Karate school where he lived every waking, non-­working moment at; his love for the arts began to overtake him.

Among his many titles and talents are:

Architectural Designer / CAD Operator

Fitness, Print & Romance Novel Model

NASM Certified Personal Trainer

Self Defense & Kickboxing Instructor

What Jimmy has to say about himself:

I'm very ambitious, determined, passionate and goal oriented. Extremely down to earth, easy going, but can be very blunt, although with good intent. I'll correct your English if it's spoken improperly (habit from my mother ;)). I can be sarcastic, but also very focused and serious. I'm confident, young at heart, spontaneous, and a total go-getter! I analyze a lot, but always to figure out, learn and put into a positive light. I can be stubborn at times and tend to learn things by trial and error, even if it's the hard way, which is a great learning experience.

I'm always staying busy, always thinking of new things and ideas. I'm adventurous, and love to travel. I've lived in Boston, Tampa, The Netherlands, and Los Angeles. I've been to Amsterdam, Rotterdam, London, Brussels, Paris, Venice, Rome, Pisa, Nice, The French Riviera, Barcelona, Gran Canary, all over Egypt [Luxor - Cruised down The Nile, Esna, Edfu, Komombo, Aswan, Cairo, Hurghada - scuba diving in The Red Sea] Jamaica, Cabo San Lucas, hiking and camping in Yosemite Park and Palm Springs, vacationed in San Francisco, Kentucky, Michigan, Arizona, North Carolina, Florida, West Virginia, Las Vegas, Kansas City... and traveled and vacationed to many other cities throughout the U.S.); it's great to see and experience cultures and places that you usually only see and read about in books.

I enjoy being active. I workout regularly, but not a fanatic even though most people assume I am. One thing I am a fanatic on though, is being SO turned off by smokers. I eat whatever I want and can't stay away from chocolate. I enjoy listening to energy/dance-type music as it motivates me. I'm always wanting to help anyone and everyone I can, sometimes to a fault as it takes up my own needed time. I LOVE to cuddle and kiss!!! I'm not one for going out to clubs; I wore that out in my 20's, I prefer a movie, whether a rental or the theatre (as I LOVE movies), dinner, conversation, road trips, camping, or a weekend getaway.”

A few questions for the charming Mr. Thomas now:

1. Where do you see yourself in about ten years? With so many things currently underway, it’s clear you will always be busy, but if you choose, ideally, what you would be doing, what would it be?

I’ve had a big interest in sci-fi, action adventure, thriller type movies for some time, to where I have written a screenplay for one and would love for it to be on the big screen some day soon. I’d also love to assistant direct it as well, as I can envision it as if I’ve already seen it. I feel I have a gift/talent to see what is wrong with something and how to make it right. When I walk into a gym it’s like I see everything in black and white and everyone working out wrong/improperly is red… and there is red everywhere! ;) This ability I have also includes perfecting photos, videos, and movies. So I’d love to get involved with learning directing/producing as soon as I can get many of my other projects finished ;)

2. What has been your most memorable experience as a model, so far?

Many actually! I’ve shot with 75 different female models so far, with many of them being ‘sensual to erotic’ style shoots… in others words, posing naked with each other, caressing, starring, wooing, kissing, etc. So all my sensual to erotic shoots have been my most memorable ;)

3. Is there anything special that you haven’t done yet that you really want to do?

Shoot with Jon Paul!

4. If you had it within your power to change one thing about humanity, or people in general, what would it be? In an ideal world kind of thing….

To get everyone to see that everything happens for a good reason, which in turn leads to positive outlooks on everything; no negativity, no depression, no panics, fears or worries... just happiness J


Denysé said...

Hi, Lucy! Andre!

The really wonderful thing about this guy is that he's as beautiful on the inside as he is on the outside, a very special person. I wish him all the success in the world, with this and everything else he does. Jimmy is an incredible and talented man, he deserves it all!!


Colleen Love said...

Hi Lucy, Denyse, Andre, Jimmy and everyone else!

What an awesome attitude towards life. It's there to be taken and lived to the fullest and I love to see it when it is!! When you realize your talents and use them, great things happen!

Hugs all around!

Isis™ said...

Hi Jimmy and everyone,

This is a wonderful attitude to have. You, Jimmy, are an extremely accomplished individual. I wish you much success on all you hope to accomplish.


robynl said...

Hi Jimmy,
I love your attitude on everything happening for a reason. So true, isn't it. You are one amazing person and one busy one also.

Amy said...

Hello everyone, Great blog, I agree that everything that happens does happen for a reason. What a great attitude to have

Debbie Tsikuris said...

Great blog, wonderful photos and awesome insight on life. I hope only the best for you & your future.

Ellen Ashe said...

Being an author words are the tools of my trade. So, here goes:

I work at a bookstore and tell whoever will listen, "You know those sexy men on the covers? I know one who is REAL!"

Laurie D. said...

Good evening!

Great photos and interview - thank you all for taking the time to take us "behind the scenes" so to speak. It's nice to know that there is a genuine, intelligent gentleman behind those gorgeous photos.

I hope everyone has a great week!

Jimmy said...

Wow! Thank you all for your wonderful comments! Yes I'm real, very real :) It's funny, I think I'm the only one who emphasizes that everything happens for a 'GOOD' reason, not just 'a reason'. Thinking that everything happens for reason allows you to think things are good AND bad. Everything that society sees as 'bad' is actually good. Because of that bad thing, something good always happens because of it, which in turn makes that bad thing a 'good' thing :)

I'm writing a self-help book and this is a big chapter in it. I have endless scenarios that clearly show everything bad happens for a good reason, and since I've allowed myself to see that and 'know' that, I never get mad or upset or bothered by anything. Instead, I smile, and say to myself "Ok, bring on the good news :)"

Thanks again ladies :)
Jimmy Thomas

Lisa J said...

HI there!

You're right. Things do happen for a reason - the good or bad is the perception of the individual.

I'm sure you will get all that you deserve.
Thanks for sharing!
LJ x