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Special Monday Excerpt from "Watch Over Me"

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I quick reminder that Lucy has decided to give a very special prize pack in celebration of her 45th release. The prize pack will include all the books in the TGP series and a few sweet specialties! Keep posting your comments and I will pick a winner to receive this amazing giveaway at the end of the week!

Enjoy the new excerpt from Lucy's 45th - Watch Over Me!

“I know I am.” Lana bit her lip, looking adorably sleep tousled. “Why would you suspect ETRD’s benefactor?”

“I don’t.” Not that Myk didn’t wish he could think of one really solid reason to believe the mysterious Mr. Smith was involved.

However, Smith lacked discernable motive. And more to the point, Myk had a hard time believing that if Smith were involved in some way, anyone would have ever found out about the Vega Cartel’s interest in Lana’s enzyme. No matter how accidentally.

Her brow furrowed. “You told that person on the phone that Mr. Smith was a suspect.”

“He is.”

“That means you suspect him.”

“No, it means I’m not ruling him out.” A good agent was thorough. And Smith just pissed him off on principle.

She finger combed her strawberry blond hair, making an abortive move to contain it in another ponytail. She didn’t have a scrunchy. “What about me, are you ruling me out?”

He didn’t laugh, but the urge was there. “Yes.”


“For one thing, if you were feeding the Vega Cartel information on your project, they would know it didn’t really transform metals.”

“We don’t know for sure they’re interested in a literal interpretation of my note. Doubling their drug crops would be almost as good as turning lead into gold.”

“True, but even if that were the case, if you’d told them about the project, they would know you didn’t have enzymes developed for their crops either.”

“I could be working on their enzymes on the side. In secret.” She looked so sincere, he just wanted to kiss her.

He refrained. For the moment. “You aren’t.”

“I know. What I don’t understand is how you can be so sure.”

He scooted his chair back and then grabbed her wrist, tugging her toward him. She settled into his lap with a minimum of fuss, but her expression was wary.

He kissed the furrows on her forehead and they smoothed away. “If you were involved, the cartel would have no reason to target Elle, would they?”


“Listen. In the field, you can’t always get proof of what your gut is telling you, so you have to go with your instincts. Mine tell me that you are one of the world’s true idealists.”

“You trust me. Implicitly.” She looked horrified by that possibility.

“That bothers you. A lot.”

“I’m worried you’re going to believe in the wrong person.”

He stared at her and then shook his head. For a woman who had such an unjustified optimistic view of the world, she had major trust issues. “You’re worried I won’t do my job right.”

“You’re awfully trusting.”

He laughed, the sound harsh even to his own ears. “I’m not.”

“Well, no, you’re right. I mean you seem to have this really cynical view of people. Even Mr. Smith is a suspect, but you trust me.”

Why did she find that so hard to believe?

“Lana, you have been through hell and yet you maintain a view of the world that is staggeringly positive. You cried for the men who died when you broke out of the prison they put you in, even after they had tortured you.”

“You can’t know that.”

“Are you saying you didn’t?”

She frowned and looked down at her lap. “No.”

“You still love your family though they don’t accept you and didn’t stand by when you needed them the most. I saw the pictures you have of them on the mantel of your fireplace, the birthday cards they sent you still sitting upright on display on top of your neatly dusted dresser even though your birthday was months ago.” He listed his evidence before she had a chance to question his knowledge again. “You never turned your ex-boyfriend in for his collusion in your kidnapping. No way in hell would you ever willing work with a drug cartel.”

“You sound like you think all of those things are good.”

“I so do.”

“You don’t think I’m a wimp?”

“You are stronger than any other woman I’ve ever known.” How could she not see that? Lana had survived hell and not only lived to tell the tale, but lived – didn’t just exist.



“What about Elle?”

“My sister is fantastic, but, sweetheart, you? Are amazing.”


Judy said...

As I was reading another writer's suspense-adventure romance, today, I found myself comparing the hero to Lucy's heroes, and they just aren't as... they're strong, but not even close to Lucy's. Lucy's characters grab hold and dare you to take that leap into what you want most. Thanks for the great excerpt from WOM, Andre.

booklover1335 said...

I am drooling for this one. Thanks for the additional excerpt. I totally agree with Judy, I love Lucy's alpha heroes!

Who is the man on the cover?

Stacy S said...

Great excerpt! Looking forward to getting this one soon.

Mariee said...

Great prize!
Thanks for another great excerpt :)

lidia said...

The book is my TBR pile and I can't wait to read it. Will just have to fine the time.

Lucy's alpha heroes as some of the best. I end up re-reading her oldies instead of tackling my TBR pile.

My copy of "The Greek's Christmas Baby" is getting very worn. I can't keep track of the number of times that I read that!

Andre, thanks for posting great excerpts from Lucy's books. You do know how to pick them!

sarabelle said...

I am more then ready for more of this book. I love Lucy's books, her characters really come to life on the pages and drag me in with them. Cant wait for this one.

Michele L. said...

Amazing excerpt Andre'! Wow! This book sounds amazing! I definitely need to buy this book and add it to my ever growing Lucy Monroe keeper shelf!

I totally agree that your characters Lucy are top notch! A lot of other authors heroe's don't even come close to comparing to your strong hunky heroes! You pick really handsome ones too! How do you manage to write when you have such gorgeous men with drop dead looks? I would constantly be looking at the picture and not be getting much writing done!

flchen1 said...

Ahh... thank you for the terrific Monday pick-us-up! Looking forward to this one!

Michelle B said...

I bought this one already and it's waiting in my TBR pile! Can't wait til I have more time to read :-)

robynl said...

wahoo for #45 and kudos on the new excerpt.

I like the following: so profound-
...survived hell and not only lived to tell the tale, but lived – didn’t just exist. (one needs to do more than just exist after a tragedy, harrowing experience, etc. To live is to go one with one's life.

CrystalGB said...

Great excerpt. Congrats on #45!

Jane said...

Wow, awesome prize. Congrats again on the 45th release.

Mari said...

Hi Lucy, I just read a book you wrote, called The Prince's Virgin Wife, and I really liked it. I look forward to enjoying your other books.

Jenn said...

I just finished reading Watch Over Me and I loved it. Just like all of Lucy's heros and heroines you can't help but fall in love with them. Thanks for the great read Lucy!

Maureen said...

It's a great excerpt. I'm looking forward to it.

Kim said...


This book appears to be amazing. Love the excerpts, and how it ties in with the characters in the other books.

Would love a copy! ;)

Hugs from Nebraska!

Husker Kim

MaryC said...

Love the excerpt. Always know I'm in for a great story when I read Lucy!

red said...

I can't wait to get my copy of Watch Over Me!

lidia- The Greek's Christmas Baby is one of my favorite Presents books and I also read it many many times LOL

I just love Lucy's books!

limecello said...

Great excerpt! I've got a few books to catch up on - I can't wait to get my hands on this one!

Kytaira said...

Just wanted to thank you for a great chat the other night!

I loved Valentino's Love Child BTW! I get all of the HPs each month and you are one of my Fav authors!

Armenia said...

I enjoyed the excerpt. Can't wait.