Monday, June 15, 2009

Lisa Hendrix!!! Special Guest Blog

When Lucy invited me to guest blog here, I started thinking about what I should write about. That's always the big question, typically answered by going back through the host blog to see what current topics are being discussed, so I can continue in a similar vein while tying in a bit of book promo. So I tiptoed through a few days ago, only to discover Lucy was celebrating the release of her 45th book, WATCH OVER ME.

Forty-five books! Ohmigosh. I knew her way back when she was just aspiring to publication. But how far back was that? I'm getting to that age where years blur together. Hmm...

So I dug back in my email archive, and there was the first contact I ever had with the then-unpublished president of a local RWA Chapter, dated January 4, 2000. She wrote to ask me if I'd speak to their chapter on October 1 of that year. January...for October! I was convinced there was a typo -- no one ever scheduled local speakers out that far. But no, Lucy assured me, she really did schedule that far out, because, as she explained, "...then I actually get to write as well as be President of our chapter."

Then, a couple of months later, I got this message with the subject "A Neat Development":

"I pitched an idea to B&N about having a 'Romance Author of the Month' and by the way, why not make that author our chapter speaker since she'll be in for a signing anyway that month?...They will have a prominent display of your books out all month along with a stand up with your picture, short bio and book cover(s). You will get the usual advertising for your signing, but billed as their 'Romance Author of the Month.'"

Those two snippets tell you a whole lot about who Lucy is, how she's managed to bring out 45 books out in six years, why she has the career she has, and why everybody loves her: Organization. Hard work. Good ideas.

And generosity.

Generosity is more common in the ranks of romance authors than in any other group of writers I've ever observed, but Lucy follows her mentor, Debbie Macomber, in exceeding even that high standard, both within the writing community and in the community at large. And like Debbie, she writes FAST, thus making me incredibly jealous--but not jealous enough to stop liking her.

So that's why I wanted to do this post about Lucy and not my book or hero or any of that nonsense. See, Lucy is a real-life heroine, who has accomplished an incredible amount in the nine and a half years since she sent me that first email. Forty-five books published, a passel of kids raised or fostered and graduated from high school, a foundation started to help yet other kids who don't have their own Lucy, other writers mentored and assisted, and about a million fans hugged virtually and in person.

That needs to be celebrated.

However, I do have books to sell, too (Lucy understands), so please excuse this brief plug for IMMORTAL OUTLAW, Book 2 of The Immortal Brotherhood, my paranormal historical romance series about a crew of Viking warriors cursed to live forever as were-beasts:

For centuries he’s hidden in the woods. Now a maid has come to lead him out…

It’s been four centuries since Steinarr the Proud was cursed by a wicked sorceress-along with the rest of his Viking crew-to live for eternity as half man, half beast. By day Steinarr is like any other man-by night he is a lion. He has taken refuge in the woods of Nottinghamshire, England, and there he encounters two young travelers, Robin and Marian.

Painfully aware of the danger he presents when the moon rises, Steinarr initially refuses to help them search for the key to Robin’s inheritance. Then a kiss from Marian awakens his desire. Driven to protect the maid he so desperately wants to possess, Steinarr joins their quest…while the sorceress Cwen gathers her dark magic to destroy them.

As a legend spreads of an outlaw in the woods, their band is joined by others. But it is Steinarr who has the most to gain and the most to lose-if he is ever to be free of the curse and free to love as a man…

Please visit my website for more information about the Immortal Brotherhood books, on-going contests, special programs for readers groups, and extras like printable bookmarks and an interactive map of Steinarr and Marian's quest.

And now, just because I have this perfect opportunity, I want to say...

I Love Lucy.

Best wishes to all,

Lisa Hendrix


Caffey said...

Hi Lisa, Hi Lucy!!
I remember meeting Lucy in a chat and it was around the time her Brava came out. Dearly enjoy reading hers since. I too remember times that we chatted when I was going through some surgeries and she's one beautiful listener. I love how her books have brought me so much joy but too helped me through these tough times still for me. So that generosity is one I thank her for always in all she does to get her stories out to us to read and too to be there as a great lady she is. I wished I could put into words more how much I thank her for all shes done.

Huge congrats on the new book Lisa! I'm so glad book 2 is here, YES!! Its going to be just as fab! Congrats

Lucy Monroe said...

Oh, wow, I so could never have expected this! Lisa, you have me in tears and that happens really rarely. But I'm so touched and blessed by you! THANK YOU!!! For remembering, for caring and for speaking so highly of a pretty normal gal.

Caffey, you are such a dear sweet woman too! THANK YOU!

I wrote for nine years before I published a little over five years ago and each one of those years has been made richer by romance, the other authors who write it and the fans who read it!

Lisa, I don't know about the other readers here, but I'm guessing they agree, we are ALL glad this new book is out and that your wonderful storytelling has found yet another irresistible expression!

Lisa Hendrix said...

Lucy, despite what you think, you're hardly a "pretty normal gal." You impressed me back when I first met you, and you impressed me even more this past April.

I'd say "you go, girl," but you already done gone.

flchen1 said...

Hi, Lisa! Great to meet you--seems like Lucy's in good company! Congrats on your new book, and may you both be celebrating many more in the years to come!

robynl said...

nice to meet a new to me author and hear about her writing. Thanks Lucy for having Lisa here and thanks Lisa for being here.

Amy said...

It isn't just Ricky who Love's Lucy. We all love Lucy!

Wonderful Blog Lisa, I look forward to reading your book

I Heart Book Gossip said...

Congrats on both authors releases. Count me in for the drawing.

cindyc725 at gmail dot com