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Watch Over Me - Excerpt and Prizes!

In Preparation for the Lucy's 45th release I have a brand new excerpt from "Watch Over Me!!!"

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Also, I will be giving away a small prize pack to get the release going!!! Make sure to leave your comments and I will randomly pick a winner to receive copies of both "Watch Over Me" and "Valentino's Love Child!"


On his way back to Elle’s office, Myk considered how best to present his plan to Elle. His phone calls had borne fruit. Now he just had to get his sister’s buy-in. He couldn’t even pretend to himself he looked forward to that conversation. He had a secret weapon though, and wasn’t afraid to use it.


Elle lived by the motto that paybacks were a bitch and she’d proven time and again growing up that little sister, or no, she held her own just fine with her three older brothers.

Reflecting on that less than palatable truth, Myk looked up to find Lana rapidly approaching him from the other end of the corridor.

His dick took immediate notice. A whole lot more disturbing however, was the way his lips curved into an involuntary smile at the sight of her.

The hard won control he had over his every emotion was about to go to hell in a hand basket too, but not because the sight of the gorgeous double-doctoral recipient elicited a renewal of his fury. She evoked a few strong feelings all right, but none of them had anything to do with being angry.

Every one of them could be linked to the salacious desire he felt toward her. A desire that had kicked him in the gut when he’d walked into her lab yesterday morning and had been wreaking havoc with his body and thoughts ever since. He’d needed focus the night before; to review files he hadn’t had a chance to look at before arriving in California, to get a feel for the major players, to do any of the myriad things related to the case. But his thoughts had been scattered. Memories of their kisses frequently intruded to shatter any semblance of linear thinking on his part.

He could remember every single nuance of her taste and the feel of her body against his. He’d found it a lot more challenging to remember particulars about her assistant or the lab for his notes. That had never happened to him before. He’d never wanted a woman so much she clouded his other impressions.

After struggling to organize thoughts that should have been easy to catalog, he’d accepted that the million dollar question was: would his focus be more compromised by leaving his desires for the sexy scientist unfulfilled, or indulging in their mutual lust?

Which course of action would make doing his job and protecting his younger sister the hardest?

He still did not have an answer.

Or maybe he did. The urge to press Lana against the nondescript gray wall and kiss her until they were both stupid with it grew stronger with each step nearer she took. He needed to drown his desire in her body so he could get back to his job with an unclouded brain.

With that realization, he looked more closely at the sexily intelligent scientist. He needed to drown his desire in her body so he could get back to his job with an unclouded brain. Lana did not look like she’d spent the night contemplating sexy games with him. In fact, she looked more likely to take after him with a fire hose. After setting his shirttail on fire – if he wore a shirt that had a tail.

She stopped mere inches from him, her entire body radiating affront. “You can wipe that predatory look right off your face, Agent Chernichenko. There will be no more kisses.”

“Really?” He so did not agree.

She glared. “Really.”

“May I ask why?” Was she afraid to give into the fantasies she’d voiced in her lab when she’d been looking at him like a year’s worth of chocolate desserts and talking out loud?

“As if you don’t already know.” She crossed her arms and gave him a look that would have shriveled his balls if they weren’t so full from sexual need. “Mr. Smith asked me to rationally consider your request. And I was willing to do that. I really was, but I will not be dictated to in regard to the time I leave for or from work.”

“What are you talking about?” He hadn’t put Lana on a schedule and wouldn’t dream of doing so. It would make her comings and goings too predictable. Even a rookie agent would know better than to do that.

He was no rookie.

“You and your Gestapo like security guard watch dogs.” She poked his chest for emphasis. “That’s what.”


robynl said...

Lucy, my friend; a big congrats on your 45th!!! *throwing confetti and helium filled balloons*.
the excerpts just keep getting better, oh la la.

Judy said...

Eep! The chemistry between Lana and Myk is pyrotechnic, and the story is impossible to put down until the last page. Congratulations on a breathtaking 45th, Lucy!! Brava!!

sarabelle said...

woooohooooo wtg on your 45th release. Congratulations, i cant wait to read it. Loved the excerpt thank you so much for posting it.

booklover1335 said...

45 releases is amazing!!! But what is even more amazing is that they were all REALLY good. Sadly, this is not case with all authors.

I didn't win the powerball ($230 million) but winning both Valentino's Love Child and Watch Over Me would come a close second (that is how much I love your books!)

Thanks for the addl excerpt, cruel and enticing at the same time.

Amy said...

Congratulations Lucy! Watch Over Me was Fantastic. I have read it 3times already,I could not put it down, the same with VLC

Amy S. said...

Sounds good! Congrats on the 45th!

limecello said...

Wow - great excerpt, and/but WOW! 45 books?! Congratulations, Lucy! That's so impressive!

Caffey said...

Yeah congrats on your 45th book Lucy! Thats beautiful! Are you celebrating this? You should with each release!

Thanks for the huge peek into Myk (I love that name!) It sound like Mike or Mick?

Michelle B said...

I am eagerly awaiting this one. Congrats on your 45th release, Lucy!

CrystalGB said...

Congratulations on your 45th release. Loved the excerpt. Sounds wonderful. said...

Super congrats on your 45th release!!!

Thank you from all of us readers for giving us such wonderful stories to get lost in!

Here's to your next 45 books!!

Enjoy the ride!

Kim said...


Love the excerpt! Tension is great--building to a explosion?? Yummy!

Congrats on your 45th! Yeah you!

Husker Kim

Maureen said...

I can't believe #45 is coming up. I remember reading the first book. Congratulations, it looks like another great story.

red said...

Congratulations on your 45th release!
I can't wait to read Watch Over Me and I hope I'll be able to read many more books by you in the future!

Jane said...

Wow. Congrats on your 45th release, Lucy.

Stacy S said...

Congrats on 45 releases! That's amazing. Great excerpt.

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Hi Lucy!

Wow! That is awesome! Your 45th book! Holy Cow! A super big congrats to you!

The cover on WATCH OVER ME is drool worthy! Oh man, what a guy!

The excerpt left me wanting more! Please post another excerpt of WATCH OVER ME, pretty please!

Kammie said...

Yum! the best type of chocolate desserts, I'd say. I want to read more! Congratulations to you on all your success!!

tetewa said...

Congrats on the release, enjoyed the excerpt!

kim h said...

great exverpts. congrats on teh books
very hot

Mariee said...

Congrats on your 45th release :)
Great excerpt!

flchen1 said...

Hooray, Lucy! Congrats on 45--we've loved them, and here's to the next 45! ;) Write on! :D

ReadingIsSoMuchFun said...

Hi Lucy! That is amazing congratulations to you YaY! Throwing *confetti's* your way. Cheers.

I would love to be entered in the contest please, thank you.

Love the cover for Watch Over Me what an awesome excerpt love the sound of this one :)