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Watch Over Me - Excerpt and Prizes!

In Preparation for the Lucy's 45th release I have a brand new excerpt from "Watch Over Me!!!"

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Also, I will be giving away a small prize pack to get the release going!!! Make sure to leave your comments and I will randomly pick a winner to receive copies of both "Watch Over Me" and "Valentino's Love Child!"


On his way back to Elle’s office, Myk considered how best to present his plan to Elle. His phone calls had borne fruit. Now he just had to get his sister’s buy-in. He couldn’t even pretend to himself he looked forward to that conversation. He had a secret weapon though, and wasn’t afraid to use it.


Elle lived by the motto that paybacks were a bitch and she’d proven time and again growing up that little sister, or no, she held her own just fine with her three older brothers.

Reflecting on that less than palatable truth, Myk looked up to find Lana rapidly approaching him from the other end of the corridor.

His dick took immediate notice. A whole lot more disturbing however, was the way his lips curved into an involuntary smile at the sight of her.

The hard won control he had over his every emotion was about to go to hell in a hand basket too, but not because the sight of the gorgeous double-doctoral recipient elicited a renewal of his fury. She evoked a few strong feelings all right, but none of them had anything to do with being angry.

Every one of them could be linked to the salacious desire he felt toward her. A desire that had kicked him in the gut when he’d walked into her lab yesterday morning and had been wreaking havoc with his body and thoughts ever since. He’d needed focus the night before; to review files he hadn’t had a chance to look at before arriving in California, to get a feel for the major players, to do any of the myriad things related to the case. But his thoughts had been scattered. Memories of their kisses frequently intruded to shatter any semblance of linear thinking on his part.

He could remember every single nuance of her taste and the feel of her body against his. He’d found it a lot more challenging to remember particulars about her assistant or the lab for his notes. That had never happened to him before. He’d never wanted a woman so much she clouded his other impressions.

After struggling to organize thoughts that should have been easy to catalog, he’d accepted that the million dollar question was: would his focus be more compromised by leaving his desires for the sexy scientist unfulfilled, or indulging in their mutual lust?

Which course of action would make doing his job and protecting his younger sister the hardest?

He still did not have an answer.

Or maybe he did. The urge to press Lana against the nondescript gray wall and kiss her until they were both stupid with it grew stronger with each step nearer she took. He needed to drown his desire in her body so he could get back to his job with an unclouded brain.

With that realization, he looked more closely at the sexily intelligent scientist. He needed to drown his desire in her body so he could get back to his job with an unclouded brain. Lana did not look like she’d spent the night contemplating sexy games with him. In fact, she looked more likely to take after him with a fire hose. After setting his shirttail on fire – if he wore a shirt that had a tail.

She stopped mere inches from him, her entire body radiating affront. “You can wipe that predatory look right off your face, Agent Chernichenko. There will be no more kisses.”

“Really?” He so did not agree.

She glared. “Really.”

“May I ask why?” Was she afraid to give into the fantasies she’d voiced in her lab when she’d been looking at him like a year’s worth of chocolate desserts and talking out loud?

“As if you don’t already know.” She crossed her arms and gave him a look that would have shriveled his balls if they weren’t so full from sexual need. “Mr. Smith asked me to rationally consider your request. And I was willing to do that. I really was, but I will not be dictated to in regard to the time I leave for or from work.”

“What are you talking about?” He hadn’t put Lana on a schedule and wouldn’t dream of doing so. It would make her comings and goings too predictable. Even a rookie agent would know better than to do that.

He was no rookie.

“You and your Gestapo like security guard watch dogs.” She poked his chest for emphasis. “That’s what.”

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A guest blog by DQ

Lights, Camera, Runway!
Guests filled a local hotel room in honor of an admirable cause: Acceptance. They could feel the excitement in the air, all eager to celebrate a new attitude throughout the community. I was thrilled to see the turn-out from my hidden spot back stage. After all, I had organized this fashion show in less than three months and each filled seat offered encouragement. It was the first Lucy Monroe Fashion Show as well as the launch of her new non-profit Hearts Unbound - a fund dedicated to promoting love without limits and acceptance without stinginess.
Almost too much excitement for one day, but knowing my mom, there’s never too much excitement.

I glanced at the clock, five minutes till starting time. Tick tock, tick tock. It felt as though each minute got slower and slower until finally I could barely even focus on the clock at all. This was the moment everyone had been waiting for. The show was about to begin! I called people to attention and everyone sat still in there seats as though someone had programmed them to a remote and simply pressed “pause.”
The focus: the runway. The subject: Lucy Monroe. She delivered a beautiful speech about acceptance, love and more than tolerance - a celebration of our differences, touching the hearts of those eagerly listening to her words. My mom welcomed them, explained the purpose of the fund and its importance to her. Lucy Monroe said, “Let the show begin!”

The music filled the room as the first model graced the runway. It was just as I had imagined, an array of colors welcoming spring! Styles included bright bathing suits, feminine skirts, frilly hems, and neon accessories. Each model was sharing the same message: It’s okay to be different! The music continued to play, setting the mood for each new set. Model after model strutted across the runway adding more and more glitter and glam to the room. The guests laughed and smiled as they watched, sitting forward in their seats in anticipation of what clothes were coming next. Soon the last set had passed and it was time for the finale! Everyone was clapping in appreciation, for the effort put in and the cause that they all contributed to.

It was truly a success from both views, in the seats and behind-the-scenes. Thank you to everyone who attended and participated - so very much for your support! Who knows, we might even host another one next year. ;)

Now, It’s time for the fun part...Prizes!

In honor of Lucy Monroe’s first fashion show, we thought we would send out a really fashionable prize: a zebra print handbag filled with high end makeup. Now, that's my kind of prize, but Mom says I can't win!

Comment about the craziest fashion(s) you’ve seen and we will enter you into the drawing!

Don’t be afraid to spill the worst and HAVE FUN!!


P.S. If you want to see more pics of the fashion show, check out Mom's MySpace page!

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Apology from Lucy

As you've probably noticed, I deleted the previous post by Andre. He's a fabulous guy and a wonderful personal assistant and promotions coordinator, but clearly didn't think through the appropriateness of his post for this forum. He's done a great job of keeping you all posted about my upcoming books, posting excerpts and relaying your comments and questions to me. It was a simple mistake and I hope it won't be blown out of proportion by anyone.

Take care and have a great day!

Lucy :)

P.S. I'm writing like mad on Talorc and Abigail's story while preparing for multiple graduations in June. (Two of our children, our long term exchange student, a friend of my son's who lives with us and two our nieces, five of whom we are hosting a grad party for at the end of May!)

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Guest Blog with Wild Rose Press author Hanna Rhys Barnes

Thanks to Lucy for inviting me to guest blog.

It has been one heck of a year. Having been in Portland for just a short while at my last birthday, I was just beginning to get adjusted to the change from hot, sunny Arizona to cool, rainy Oregon. It took a bit of time, but now, I love it.

Much of my year was spent putting together a novel and getting it published, while holding down a full-time job. Whew! Widow’s Peak is due to be released in September from The Wild Rose Press. Kudos to those of you who have families on top of everything else and still manage to get manuscripts published every year.

In January, the full-time job went the way of the economy, down the drain. However, the open space in my life presented me with a fabulous opportunity. In March, I managed to find a way to take a trip to Wales! To catch up on my adventures being lost in the Welsh countryside, check out my blog, Never Too Late For Love.

Last Friday, my birthday rolled around again and I was looking forward to the routine months of promotion for Widow’s Peak. When I opened the e-mail from the Coordinator of the Great Beginnings Contest, I fully anticipated hearing that unfortunately my entry had not been quite good enough. I got a total surprise. After two years and dozens of entries, I finaled in a contest for the first time! The year is starting-off big. I can only hope this is a harbinger of things to come.

In celebration of all the good things that happened over the past year, and all the good things to come this year, I am running a very special contest. I have made a small amount of Widow’s Peak Visa Gift Cards, valued at $15.00. If you purchase one of these limited edition gift cards, you will be entered to win either a Bronze resin statue of the Welsh goddess Arianhod or a framed art print of the triple goddess. Both pieces were created by artist Maxine Miller.

Only fifty people will be eligible to enter. You’ll also be helping teach an adult to read$5.00 of your gift card purchase will be donated to the Portland Literacy Council, our local adult literacy organization.

Hanna Rhys Barnes is one of those people with an evenly balanced right and left brain. She has a BA in English, but recently finished her final year as a high school math teacher. She loves to cook and was a pastry chef in a former life. Hanna adores everything Japanese and each year, along with the Fourth of July, she celebrates the Japanese summer festival. She is also an avid Renaissance Faire player and started writing fiction because of adventures that occurred at Renn Faire.

Hanna’s Debut Novel, Widow’s Peak, will be released September 23, 2009 from The Wild Rose Press. You can read an excerpt at her website, She is currently working on Book 2 in the series, Kissed By A Rose. A member of RWA’s national organization and of several local chapters, she currently lives and works in Portland, OR, but occasionally visits her retirement ranchette outside of Kingman, AZ (about two hours south of Las Vegas). You can contact Hanna at or at her blog, Never Too Late For Love at

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Watch Over Me - Brand New Excerpt!!!

I thought today I'd give a special sneak peek into Lucy's upcoming release of "Watch Over Me!"

Remember to post those comments for a chance to win some autographed copies of Valentino's Love Child... Enjoy the excerpt!

“What the hell just happened?” Myk asked as he, Elle, Beau and Frank walked down the nondescript gray hallway toward Elle’s office.

For a company on the leading edge of environmental technology, the building’s d├ęcor was less than inspiring. Who knew? Maybe gray walls and white labs were supposed to promote creative thinking to compensate?

Frank checked his watch and pulled the cell phone from the holster on his belt, clearly needing to make a call. “That’s just Lana. Don’t take it personally.”

“It’s hard to take her desire to have sex with me any other way.”

Beau choked on a laugh. “She said that?”

“Myk! Stop it.” Elle sounded serious. “Lana’s social skills are a little unpolished. She spends too much time on her own. The only other person she talks to regularly is her lab assistant.”

Frank chuckled. “I swear those two talk in some kind of code. Half the time I can’t follow their conversation.”

“So?” Myk shrugged.

“So…just don’t make fun of her. You either,” Elle said to Beau and then stopped at her door and passed her hand over the biometric lock. “She’s a brilliant scientist and a caring person.”

“Yeah, she cares so much, she dismissed us after I told her you were the primary target for bastards that would make slitting your throat seem like a favor.”

Elle spun to face him, her glare familiar and yet more intense than it used to be. “First target. Not primary. Ultimately, to make whatever scheme they’ve got going work, these people are going to need Lana, not just her formulas. That makes her the primary target and don’t think she’s so lost in scientific theory she hasn’t already figured that out.”

Right. “Then why didn’t she ask what we are going to do to protect her?”

“I’m sure she doesn’t think you are interested in protecting her at all.” Elle pushed the door to her office open and stepped inside.

Beau followed her. “Sounds like I missed some fun showing up late for your talk with our little alchemist.”

“That’s bullshit,” Myk said to his sister, more annoyed than he should be by the accusation. “I’m lead agent on this case. Her safety is my responsibility.”

“You didn’t tell her that though, did you?” Elle shook her head and sat down behind her desk, giving him a look that reminded him of their mother in full disapproval mode. “No, you made sure you told her that if anything happens to me that it’s her fault.”

Myk wasn’t taking that back. He was furious that his sister was at risk from a drug cartel that made the slavery ring he took down look like school yard bullies in comparison.

Elle sighed, her expression going somber. “Besides, I doubt she believes that she’s safe, regardless of what measures are taken.”

“Why?” Beau asked from his perch on the edge of Elle’s desk.

“Do you know something we don’t?” Frank asked thoughtfully, his phone open but inactive in his hand as he took one of the chairs facing Elle’s desk.

Myk opted to stand.

“I’m sure Mr. Smith is aware of it,” Elle said with some derision. “But he’s already shown he shares information on a need to know basis and he decides who needs to know what.”

What does Mr. Smith know?” Myk asked, on the downhill slide to psychotically frustrated, a condition only the women in his family seemed to be able to elicit in him.

“Lana was a child prodigy.”

“It figures,” Myk muttered. The woman was even smarter than his sister, but he didn’t see what that had to do with her perception of personal safety.

“Honey, that’s not exactly a state secret,” Beau said.

Elle hushed him with a look. Huh. So it worked on non-Chernichenko males as well. Must be the connection between them.

“She had a double PhD in Applied Physics and Chemistry by the time she was twenty-one.” Elle’s admiration was clear in her tone. “Her doctoral thesis for her PhD in chemistry had applications for chemical warfare, though she was interested in improving water supplies without hugely expensive water treatment facilities.”

“And?” Frank prompted when Beau and Myk refused to do so.

Chernichenko women were notorious for dragging out a story. The men in the family had a policy of not encouraging them. Myk was glad to see Beau taking the same tack.

“And she was kidnapped by a radical faction of the Kurdish rebels a week after she defended her thesis to the doctoral committee. The rebels wanted her to create chemical weapons for them.”

Several beats of stunned silence followed Elle’s revelation.

That was one need to know fact Myk would never have guessed resided in the sexy scientist’s history.

“Someone found out and got her released?” Beau asked.

Elle’s gray eyes flashed. “She blew a hole in the wall of the cell equipped as a lab that they kept her in. The door was steel, set in a steel frame, but the walls were more vulnerable.”

“Day-am,” Beau’s drawled.

Myk’s reaction was less printable.

“Two soldiers died in the explosion and several others would have suffered permanent nerve damage from the gas she released to incapacitate them for her escape.”

Myk shook his head in amazement. “She’d make a hell of a soldier.”

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Valentino's Love Child - NEW Excerpt

Hey Eveyone,
Lucy's latest release; Valentino's Love Child just came out. To mark the release of this title, I've compiled a very special excerpt for you!

Enjoy the BRAND NEW excerpt from Valentino's Love Child. Please rememer to leave your comments on the blog as I will be choosing winners weekly for Lucy's new books!

It was time to take her clothes off.  He did, using the opportunity to tease and tantalize her further.  But revealing her peaches and cream body was a double-edged sword.  The light smattering of freckles over her shoulders and upper breasts were his downfall.  She had none on her face, so the cinnamon dots felt secret – private – for him alone.    A special knowledge shared just between them.  He was tempted to count them – with kisses – every time he got her disrobed.

This time was no different.

The allure of her body for him never diminished.

He traced the light dots on her skin.  “You are so beautiful.”

“You’ve got an unnatural affection for my freckles.”  It might be a full sentence, but the way she said it, breathless and pauses between words told him that she was no more in possession of her faculties than she had been a moment before.

“You think?” he asked against her silken skin, tasting the brown sugar dots that his mind told him could not be sweet but his tongue told him they were.  But then everything about her was sweet.

Dangerously so.

Her only answer was a moan as his lips trailed the natural path to one pebbled nipple.  She shuddered beneath him, her body translating her every feeling with sexy clarity.  She loved nipple play and he loved tasting and touching the turgid buds.

Win-win.  His favorite.

He delicately licked the very tip, then circled the peak with his tongue, moving slowly to lave her aureole despite the need riding him hard enough to make him ache.  He refused to rush this.  He had something to prove to her.

He kept at it until even the act of huffing a warm breath over her sensitized skin made her tremble and whimper.  Then he moved to minister in the same way to its twin.

“What are you doing?  Tormenting me?” she cried out as he sucked her nipple gently into his mouth.

He lifted his head and met peacock blue eyes glazed with pleasure.  “I am giving you more.”

“I don’t want more.”  Then she bit her lip as if realizing what she’d said.  “I want you in me.”

“Trust me, this…”  He carefully slid two fingers into her superbly lubricated, swollen channel.  “This is where I wish to be also, but only when I have given you more.”  He thrust with his fingers, hitting that interior bundle of nerves some women referred to as their G-spot.

She cried out, the sound adding to his own arousal, making it harder to wait, but he would.

Tonight would be spectacular.

He continued to massage her inner channel as he leaned down and once again claimed her mouth as his.  Her return kisses were desperate and filled with the feminine fire he found so irresistible.

Her vaginal walls clenched around his fingers as he moved them in and out, stimulating her g-spot with each slow stroke.  She undulated, her body straining toward him and moving with those tiny, involuntary jerks that enhanced her pleasure.

He could feel her need to climax rolling off her in palpable waves of sexual energy.  Her little whimpers against his lips were an inarticulate form of begging he’d become addicted to their first time together.

His Faith did not play mind games or try to hid her physical needs or desires.  She expressed them in a dozen different ways, all of which turned him on.  Sex with this woman was volcanically hot,  but it was also honest.  She amazed and delighted him.

Now it was his turn.

He brushed her clitoris with his thumb, just a light ,movement back and forth…back and forth, but that was all she needed.  Lunching upward with her pelvis, she convulsed around his fingers.  Her sharp little teeth bit into his lower lip as she made a keening sound in her throat, telling him without words that this was exactly what he wanted it to be.


He kissed her through the orgasm, helping her to come down, but not too far.  He was not done with her yet.  Not nearly.

When her breathing was less ragged, he gently lifted her legs so they draped over his forearms and he used the position to spread her thighs until she was completely open to his gaze.  Her entire body was still flushed from her climax, her labia a beautiful rose red he could not wait to spear with his own throbbing and as yet unsatisfied flesh.  Diamond hard, her nipples poked straight up, pleading for his touch.  A soft sheen of perspiration coated her upper chest attesting to the level of pleasure she had already received.

He started to speak and had to clear his throat.

She smiled at him and the words came out in a masculine growl he wasn’t anyway ashamed of.  “You are so incredibly beautiful like this.”

“Sated from your lovemaking?”

“You are not sated.”  He tipped is pelvis, brushing her entrance with the tip of his penis, eliciting a second keening sound from her.  He smiled.  “You still need me.”

Something flashed in her eyes, something he could not quite read but that looked a lot like vulnerability.  “Yes.”

“I need you as well.”

“I know.”  But the words came out sounding bleak.

He did not like it.  There was no place for melancholy in their bed.

“You are not my mistress.”  He didn’t know why he said it, but he felt compelled.

Her eyes widened.  “What?”

“You are not my mistress.  You are amore mio and my friend.”

“Yes.”  The smile she gave him was still tinged with sadness, but a glimmer of hope shone in her gaze.

Why it should matter to him that it was there, that he would even desire such a thing, considering what it implied from her earlier words, he did not know.  But illogical as it might be, he was glad.

“I am going to give you more now, carina.  Are you ready for me?”

She nodded, her breath coming out in little pants, but her body did not tense in his hold.  She trusted him completely.  Amazing.  Although she had climaxed, her body was ready for more.  Ready for him.

He pressed forward, allowing the head of his granite hard penis to brush her opening again, but did not go in, teasing them both.  Her lips curved in a familiar smile as she seemed to simply melt against the bed, waiting on him with a sexy expectation he adored.  It said she knew he would take care of her wants.

He thrust his hips, allowing his length to slide along her slick folds.  It felt so good – so perfect – he groaned, the sound reverberating deep in his chest.  With her, he was primal man.  “You are so wet.”

“You are so earthy, Tino.  No one would expect it.”  Using her lower back muscles, she lifted herself and increased the stimulation, showing the uninhibited aspect of her own nature.

“Only you get to see this side of me.”  That had to count for something.

“I better be the only one, mister.”

He laughed softly as he allowed his thickened member to finally breach her slick opening.  “You are like hot silk.  I feel like I am going to lose my mind every time I enter you.”

“I lost mine a long time ago.”  She pressed her head back inot the pillow, her eyelids going half-mast.

He smiled and shook his head as he moved forward with rocking motions that made it possible for her to take his entire length.  Maura never had.  He was long and thick and that had overwhelmed more than one lover, including his dead wife on occasion.   He and Maura’s intimacy had been loving and passionate, but nothing like what it was like with Faith.

Maura had never been as comfortable exposing her desire, which was to be expected as she had been raised in the very sheltered environment of a traditional Sicilian household.  But he adored that element of Faith’s lovemaking.  The way his current lover not only could take his full length, but craved it was something a man like him could and would never take for granted.

He could not help rejoicing in the amount of belief in him that Faith expressed every time they came together.

“You never flinch from me.”  The wonder that laced his voice embarrassed him a little, but like so many things with this woman – was an uncontrollable response.

In so many ways, she was dangerous to him, but he continued to play Russian Roulette with his emotions – risking the promises he had made to his dead wife.  His brain told him he should get out before he got in too deep, but everything inside him rebelled at the idea.

“Why would I?”  Her brows wrinkled in genuine confusion.  “We are a perfect fit.”

Perfect only because she relaxed so well for him – for she was tight.  Oh, so damn tight.  So, perfect.”

“Mmmm…”  She licked her lips.  “You’re big, but it’s good, Tino.”

“It is better than good.”

“Yessss…” she hissed as he finally sheathed himself to the hilt in her fantastic heat.

He tucked her legs around his hips.  “I need to kiss you.”

“Please, Tino.”  She was straining toward him even as he brought their mouths together.

Nothing had ever felt so good.

The part of his brain where guilt resided rejected that thought even as he set a steady, slow rhythm.  Kissing, their bodies moved together in a motion filled with tenderness he did not want to examine.

He could feel her desire building as was his.  He refused to go over, no matter how much his sex clamored for the ultimate release.  He was determined to bring her to another shattering peak.  Her second climax would be more intense than the first.

It would be more.

Friday, May 01, 2009

Excerpt for Lorie O'Clare's

Strong, Sleek and Sinful

(c) 2010 Lorie O'Clare

ISBN-13: 978-0312943448


“He’s back,” she whispered, standing and closing the blinds while butterflies fluttered in her stomach. She glanced back at the computer screen and at the instant message box now sitting in the middle of her screen. “Oh shit,” she hissed, sliding back into her chair.
The screen name at the top of the box was PeteTakesU. She stared at the message in the box. Do your parents know you like sex? Returning her attention to the instant message box, she typed, duh. PeteTakesU typed LOL.
There was a firm knock on her door. The instant message box chimed again. You sound hot. Where are pictures of you?
On my MySpace profile. My profile is Kayla2010, same as my name here. G2G parents are near. She finished typing and minimized the chat box. Her heart thumped in her chest when she turned off the light, locked the door to the middle room, and headed down the hall to the front door. It just figured she got her first real bite and possibly from her on line predator and he’d come back.
“Yes?” she said, placing her hand on the door handle and leaning against the front door.
“Open the door, Kylie.” Perry’s deep voice sounded all business—or pissed.
She slid the chain into place on the door and unlocked the deadbolt. Opening it as far as the chain would allow, she flipped on her porch light and watched him squint as she blinded him.
“What did you want?”
“Open the damn door and let me in,” he growled.
It was tempting to spar with him, but she closed the door, slipped the chain free and stepped out of the way when he pushed the door hard enough that it swung open. She grabbed it before it hit the wall, staying clear when he stalked into her home.
“What were you doing?”
“When?” She watched him when he stopped in the middle of her living room and turned to face her.
“Just now. When I knocked on the door.”
“What do you think I was doing?” she asked, turning from him and closing the door. “I was studying.”
“Where are your books?” he asked, his demanding tone pushing as he continued watching her, slowly crossing his arms. Apparently he had the night off as he was still dressed in his t-shirt and jeans. God, he made simple clothing look deadly.
Kylie took her time answering, unwilling to spar with him full force. Already she felt the charge in the air, the sexual energy radiating off him. It was best to keep her head clear, stay focused on the fact that she quite possibly just communicated with their killer. Although that would mean Perry was innocent, it also meant if her man was on line right now, she needed to take this opportunity to get to know him.
“Why are you so interested in my studies?” she challenged, crossing her arms over her chest and watching his expression harden.
Perry walked toward her. If she didn’t move, he would have her cornered.
“I think you’re avoiding the answer to a simple question.” He grabbed her arm when she tried walking past him. “Where are your books?”
“I do most of my work on my computer,” she said honestly and looked down at her arm. “Is there a reason you’re restraining me?”
His hand was large and his fingers long. His skin was tanner than hers. She watched his fingers wrap around her forearm and then his grip loosened and slid down to her wrist.
“This isn’t restraint, darling,” he drawled. “When I restrain you, you won’t be able to move.”
“That is what restraining means.” Kylie laughed, walking away from him as she headed toward her kitchen. Perry let go of her but followed when she walked through the open living room that turned into her small kitchen. “You never told me why you’re here,” she said, keeping her back to him.
She grabbed a plastic cup from her cabinet and filled it with ice from the icemaker in her refrigerator. She hadn’t tried to grocery shop yet so other than the leftovers from the pizza, of which all fit in one box and took up a shelf in her refrigerator, there wasn’t any food in her kitchen.
“Because I know what you’re doing.”
Kylie put her cup under the faucet and let it fill with tap water. Then taking her time turning around, she brought the cup to her lips and watched him while sipping.
“Then why did you ask?” An ice cube brushed against her lip and she savored how cold it was. Anything to help keep her grounded.
“Ask what?”
“You asked me what I was doing when you walked in the door, yet now you say you know what I’m doing.” She smiled, sipped again, focused on the cold water soothing the fire burning inside her. “Did you learn this by my actions after entering my home?”
“No.” The hungry look in his eyes made them brighter. “Who is your professor?”
If and when she nailed her guy, it would come out that she was FBI. She wouldn’t insult Perry too much for questioning her.
“You don’t believe I’m a student.” She put her cup down on the counter and sighed, sounding frustrated as she started around him. Tingles shot through her hand when she touched muscle that was solid as steel.
“Where are you going?” he growled, searching her face.
“I don’t have my professor’s information memorized.” She gestured with her free hand. “I was going to get you his phone number so you can call him and prove to yourself who I am.”
“And will this professor also confirm what it is you’re writing your thesis about?” he asked.
“You can ask him, or believe me,” she said, softening her tone and looking up at him through her lashes.
“Here’s what I think. You might be the student you claim you are, and you might be working on a paper or thesis.” He let go of her arm but then gripped her neck, his long finger pressing under her jaw until she tilted her head back further. “I also think you’ve stumbled on to something, crimes that intrigue you, and now you think you’re Agatha Christie.”
“You see me as an old woman with a British accent?” she retorted, pulling free from him and hurrying out of her kitchen. She needed him to leave and the longer he kept his hands on her, the harder it would be to get him out of her house.
He was behind her faster than she imagined he would be. “Hardly,” he growled, flipping her around to face him once again and this time pulling her into his arms. When he kissed her, the savage hunger he displayed had her insides boiling feverishly within seconds.
Kylie tried moving her hands to his chest. Maybe he thought she meant to push away from him, and in some part of her brain, she knew that she should. Get him to leave. Return to work. Her thoughts grew more muddled the longer he devoured her mouth. Not to mention the way he tightened his hold on her, pinning her with his arms against his rock hard body, turned her on a hell of a lot more than she should let it.
There was something about a man who got a bit rough. Something about how a demanding nature, taking and controlling and leaving no room for any reaction other than submission, got her so hot she swore she’d be a puddle at his feet in moments.
“Perry,” she gasped, managing to turn her head and break the kiss. Her lips tingled and a pang of regret hit her when she sucked in a deep breath. If she moved her face, looked into his intense eyes, she would initiate the next kiss. And she couldn’t do that. “Why are you doing this?” Her voice was no more than a raspy whisper.
His voice was rough. “It’s what we both want.”