Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Satisfaction Guaranteed Excerpt!

Enjoy the excerpt from Satisfaction Guaranteed!

They hit pay dirt with the bug in Preston's office two days later.

"He's planning an auction at the end of the month for controlled technology classified as un-exportable," Ethan told Beth. "He's bringing the potential buyers back for a video demonstration of a UGCV along with specs. The auction will happen two days later, but so far we don't have a line on how he intends to pass the plans on."

"You know, I think the man is arrogant enough to store the plans at his house. The security there is tight." She kitty-combed Beethoven's fur while the growing kitten lounged in her lap on the sofa.

"I agree, but I've been over the house plans until I can see them with my eyes shut and there are just too many places he could have a hidey-hole. Going in with a warrant wouldn't necessarily net the goods."

"My guess is that he's got the plans stored on a media device, maybe even his computer. He thinks its full proof."

"His security is better than most. I've been trying to hack his system and there are so many layers of ICE that my fingers are getting frostbite from the keyboard."


"You're telling me. The intrusion countermeasure engineering Preston's invested in is the best. There are several signatures, as if he's got graduating as well as same-level layers of security from different sources."

"You'll get through."

"Maybe we should call Bennett in on this. This is really his thing."

"But you're no slouch at it, Ethan. Besides, he's on assignment in the Middle East. He left three days ago." The cat jumped off her lap and Beth dropped the special brush down on the coffee table.

"You been checking up on the other agents, Beth?"

"I can't help myself. Maude and I talk daily."

"She handling things okay?"

"Of course. The woman is a miracle worker."

"We all feel that way about you."

Beth smiled, clearly pleased. "I'll remind you of that the next time you give me a hard time about turning in your expense reports."

"I never forget it, baby, but I still don't like doing expense reports. I think miracle workers should be able to generate them without any help."

She launched herself toward him as the phone rang.

Ethan grabbed it and her at the same time. He pressed the button to talk while pulling Beth into his lap. "Ethan here."

She gave him a friendly elbow to the ribs before settling against his chest.

"Ethan, it's Hotwire."

"Any word for me?"

"Officially? No. But ten months ago, a young woman in Oregon killed herself. She was attending a community college not far from Preston's home when they met. They started dating and she stopped attending classes. She'd lost her job for not showing up and had a miscarriage due to drug usage and possible sexual trauma the week before she killed herself."

Ethan couldn't believe what he was hearing. "I didn't find anything about this during my investigation into him."

"Your perp did a good job of hushing his connection to the girl up."

"But you found it." It irked Ethan that he hadn't.

"Her parents died when she was fifteen. Her older sister finished raising her and was helping her through college. The sister is a DEA agent by the name of Rachel Gannon. She confided her fears for her sister and then about the suicide to a friend of mine."

"And let me guess, the DEA agent has taken a leave of absence, her whereabouts unknown."

"Yes. My friend's worried about her, but he hasn't said a thing to their superiors. She's a hell of a sniper and she's more lethal with a knife than Wolf."

"This doesn't feel good."

"I concur."

"Damn. You think Rachel Gannon is planning personal revenge."

"If you can stop her, you'll be saving a life worth preserving." They both knew Hotwire didn't mean Preston.

"She could have killed him at the party the other night."

"If she was the one that was there. Yes. I'll send you a picture for verification of her identity. But personal revenge plans aside...she's still her country's servant."

"You think she wants to stop the plans for the UGCV getting into enemy hands before she offs Preston."

"That's my guess."

"Whit is going to lose his mind if I pull her into our investigation."

"You don't have to pull her in to stop her, but if you don't, you'll be robbing her of the closure she needs."

"I'll talk to Beth about it."

He got a kiss on his cheek for that and couldn't help taking her lips.

Hotwire was laughing and calling his name when Ethan remembered he was still on the phone. "Save it for when I'm not on the other end of the line. You're making me miss Claire."

"Where is she?"

"She went shopping for the baby with Josie. She and Nitro are staying for a few days before she goes back to classes."

"Where's Nitro?"

"Outside scaring the wildlife."

"I heard that," came from the other side of the room. "I'm going to tell Claire that our Medicine Men believe a woman should stop having sex the last three months of her pregnancy for the safety of the baby."

"The man is getting serious," Hotwire said, sounding far from worried. "I think I need to go kill him."


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I love all these books. Thanks for the excerpt

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Amazing excerpt! That is one hot, dreamy man! Love it!

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It's so fun seeing friends from Ready, Willing, And Able! Fun excerpt! And Valentino's Love-Child is another great treat.

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