Thursday, February 05, 2009

I'm back!


It's good to be back in the Lucy office taking care of business. I got yesterday off because It was my birthday. Hooray - I'm 20 years old now! It is somewhat weird though because I'm no longer a teenager. Even when I turned 18 and became an adult it still feels younger than it is? Does that make sense?

I have a question that everyone has been asking me. 20 is the in between year in the United States when the only real change is losing your teenager status. 21 seems to be much more of a turning point because of the ability to buy alcohol. Do you think alcohol should be legal before or after the age of 21? Tell me why you feel the way you do and I will randomly pick a winner for the "Andre just turned 20 prize!" Check out the comments to see what I think!

Enjoy the excerpt from "The Spy Who Wants Me"

Beau didn’t say anything after Elle left. He just waited in silence while Frank called Mr. Smith. Their conversation was not a long one, but Frank looked very upset when it was over.

“What’s the matter?” Beau asked immediately.

“Mr. Smith said that TGP policy is to take an agent whose cover has been blown to a potentially hostile source off of active field duty.”

“Elle’s going to get fired because that little creep was bugging your office?”

“Not fired. Reassigned.”

Same damn thing. “That’s bullshit.”

“I agree.”

“Why the hell did Mr. Smith tell us about her if that could happen?”

“He trusts us. We aren’t potentially hostile witnesses.”

“It was still a huge risk he had no right taking on her behalf.”

“Mr. Smith doesn’t see it that way.”


“He’s still your boss, Beau.”

“But for how long is in question.”

“You won’t leave ETRD over this?” Frank asked, alarmed.

“I don’t know, Frank. Elle loves her job, but she’s going to lose it because of Mr. Smith’s little games.”

“He has his reasons for doing things.”

“They’re not good enough when they impact other people’s lives like this.”

“He didn’t expect this outcome.”

“He’s smarter than the average man, he should have known it was a possibility.”

“I think we all made the mistake of trusting everyone who works for ETRD too deeply.”

“Damn right, including trusting Mr. Smith.”

“He suggested I wait to fire Archer until after the issue with Chantal has been dealt with to minimize the risk to both Elle’s investigation and our employee.”

“That’s not going to save Elle’s job though.”

“No, it isn’t. Keeping Archer on won’t either though. Even if I could stand to do so. Working for us or not, Mr. Smith informs me that he would be considered a potentially hostile party.”

Beau nodded. A man who would bug his own boss’ office isn’t someone that could be trusted to keep his knowledge of Elle and TGP to himself. “We don’t know for a fact Archer overheard those particular conversations.”

“His behavior implies he makes it a habit to listen in on our morning meetings. We discussed Elle Gray and The Goddard Project during at least two different meetings.”


Andre Martinez (Promo Guy) said...

Alcohol or no alcohol? This is a tough one for me becasue I DO NOT drink. I have plenty of friends my age who party every week and would love it if the age was lowered.

My thoughts are pretty straight-forward. I think the majority of 18 year old Americans don't have the maturity or mindset to drink alcohol in moderation. Even at 21, they don't seem to act very responsible. I've been oversees and the drinking age is much lower. However, drinking in general does not seem to be about getting drunk like it is in America and I'm sure that has no direct correlation with the age. When you go to Europe or Canada the ones who are being the most ridiculous are guess who? Americans! I'm so proud to be an American (more than ever now!) but drinking to get drunk in our society has become the main purpose and I'm not for it at all!

Let me give an example. If someone gives you 100 dollars what do you do? Do you spend it right away? Save it? Give it away? Chances are we blow the cash within a day or two. We might be better off saving it or taking some time to really think about what it could go towards.

I think the age should stay the same but more action should be taken through media and most importantly through today's parents to demonstrate what a moderate drinking level is. Knowledge is power to make good decisions!

Marilyn Shoemaker said...

Oh to be 20 again! Happy Birthday, who have so much ahead of you!

Andre Martinez (Promo Guy) said...

Don't be afraid to tell what you really think about the question. If you totally disagree with me - Let me know and why! If tact is used and everyone is aware that a discussion is taking place. No Worries, right!

sarabelle said...

Happy Birthday Andre. I think the age should stay the same and I totally agree with you on the fact that of marturity to handle alcohol at the younger age. I think if it was legal at 18 you have more accidents and deaths due to that. College frat parties would be way more out of hand. Dont get me wrong I partied it up back in the days before I was 21 but thinking back I know that I wasnt mature enough to handle it.

Seneca said...

Happy Birthday!

I'm in Ontario, Canada, where the legal drinking age is 19. (It's 18 in Alberta)

Honestly, I think that it's a bit ridiculous that you have to be 21 in the States before you can drink.
You can drive, vote, work, live on your own, be arrested and tried as adults, join the army... but you can't buy a beer to drink in front of the game, or a glass of wine at dinner? It doesn't make any sense to me.

I don't know what the best drinking age should be, but it weird to think that, at 18, you are considered a legal adult, but you don't have the same rights as the rest of them.

If you look at the statistics in Canada, incidents involving alcohol related crimes are mostly committed by men who are over the age of 35. That says something, I think.

(no need to enter me in the contest :)

Jane said...

Happy Birthday, Andre. I think the legal drinking age should remain 21. I'm not sure many teenagers will be able to drink responsibly. I don't agree with the view that lowering the legal drinking age will curb alcohol abuse.

Amy said...

Happy Birthday Andre!
I am a little torn on my answer as to what age Alcohol should be legal. You can buy cigarettes legally at age 19 and everyone knows that cigarette smoke can lead to cancer. I have 7 nieces one is 21 and one is 19. The oldest found way's to get alcohol before she was 21 which would require her sneaking around to drink it. The 19 year old drinks as well. Her hubby is of legal age so he buys it.

In a way I think that if young people could buy alcohol legally at 19 the same age they can buy cigarettes then maybe they would not sneak around as much and not be on the road way's as much while drinking.

On the other hand I wonder if some 19 year old would be mature enough to handle it. On the other hand I know 40 and 50 year old's who are not mature enough to handle alcohol. So as you can see, I am really torn on this subject.

Vicky said...

Hmmm. To be honest, I think that maybe if alcohol were legal for people under 21 (who are going to find a way to get it if they really want it), there might be less accidents, less deaths from alcohol poisoning, because they would be able to do it in a public place instead of doing it in excess anytime they can get their hands on it. Maybe if it were less forbidden, they wouldn't want it so much, you know what I mean? I don't think people who can't handle it should drink, but those who are irresponsible are going to drink anyway, even if they are underage. This is a really tricky topic.

Cindy said...

I'm not really sure what I think.

I agree with the fact that here in the states you can vote, live on your own, buy cigarettes...etc. legally, so why not drink?

But there are times that I think that the age limit on those other things need to be raised instead of the alcohol age being lowered. LOL

And then I think about all the "adults" that can't even drink responsibly...

So you see? I just don't know how I feel about this. LOL

CrystalGB said...

Happy Birthday Andre!
Tough question. Teenagers find ways to get around the age limit to get alcohol. But, it does make it harder for them to get the alcohol with age limit being set at 21.

traveler said...

Happy Birthday Andre!
I agree with you. I don't drink and never have. I don't see the point nor the purpose in drinking. It is destructive and dangerous. The age should remain the same although it won't change anything since many men older act like children anyway.

limecello said...

Happy birthday, Andre!

Hopefully I'm not too late to the party ;)
Hm as for the drinking age... I don't know. I feel like 21 is a good age. Then again, so many people start college at 18 and... get pretty stupid about drinking. Then again, I know the older age does discourage some people... I'd say we're good where we are for now. After all, we've got to break up those milestone!

Stacy S said...

Happy Birthday Andre!

I think 21 is a better age for the alcohol than 18. Hopefully your a little more mature at that age than 18.

Virginia said...

Oh to be 20 again. I would sure do things different. I think the age should stay a 21 no younger at least. I am not a big drinker myself, but I can remember in my younger years thinking it was a great thing to do. I don't agree now that I am older. I also think if your going to drink do it at home.

lidia said...


When I was growing up in NYC the drinking age was 18. Personally I think that is what is should be. If at 18 people are considered adults, are able to vote, go to war, get married without a parent's permission, become a parent and be responsible for a child then why shouldn't they be allowed to drink?

As for DUI/DWI -- it should be a law regardless of your age.

Either someone is an adult and is responsible for their own actions or they are not. There should not be different standards of what constitutes an adult based on what they are doing.

kim h said...

21 is a good age, the maturty level of eveyrone i s not the same and 21 is reasonable , my opionon

robynl said...

Happy birthday to you!!
I agree wholeheartedly with your comments. Just because someone is 21 or whatever age they deem responsible/adult doesn't mean they are. Some people never are. But the higher the age the more chances there are for them to be responsible. I myself don't drink either. I say leave it at 21.

flchen1 said...

Just wanted to say happy birthday, Andre! And many many happy returns! As for drinking age, I think that leaving it where it is best--as you mentioned, there is too much pressure to drink oneself into oblivion here, and it would be senseless to make that even easier for younger people to do that. I don't think that drinking is necessarily a bad thing, but people can't seem to do it responsibly.

catslady said...

Happy Birthday!

I agree with 18. In Europe they can drink at 18 but not drive until they are 21. Sometimes the fact that kids can't do something, they want to do it more. And I agree, if you can go to war you sure should be able to drink. I always let my kids have some wine when at home for special occasions or occasional dinners when they were underage. My one daughter is now 25 and rarely drinks. My 22 may drink a bit more but when turning 21 it seemed a bigger deal with her friends lol. No one drinks and drives!!!

Andre Martinez (Promo Guy) said...

Great responses & thanks again for the warm congrats...

booklover said...

I live in Sweden. At the age of 18 you can vote, learn to drive, buy beer in shops... but you cannot buy stronger alcohol from Systembolaget until you are 20( or was it 21?. It have always baffled me, that's the way it is. Of course, earlier it was 21 for everything....