Friday, January 02, 2009

To Go Boldly...

To Go Boldly...

Maybe not "where no one has gone before", but perhaps someplace new for you?

As anyone who has seen me at a coference or book signing knows, I like to change my hair styles. Often. Or at least more often than most people. You can count on me having a different cut, style, or color from one event to the next.

What can I say? I like to play. And I like bold statements with both my cut and color.

The best way to try something new colorwise without a lot of risk is to use a color that washes out. If you end up liking the new color, switch to a semi or fully permanent color. Be aware though, that not all "wash out" colors really do.

Testing new styles isn't as easy, or at least it didn't use to be. But now you can go to and using a photo of yourself, try out tons of different styles and color combinations. It's a blast!

Audacious color is fun, but grow-out is not our friend. So, I've learned a few things along the way to try to mitigate that.

If you have dark hair, but want to try blonde or the brighter reds...give multi-colored highlights a try rather than an all over single color change. The grow-out won't be as obvious and you won't be getting touch-ups three weeks later. You can even frame your face with blond or red sections, but try having an inch out from the roots and the back of your hair died a color similar to your natural color so that the grow-out won't look distressingly out of place.

Saucy color is fab, but can fade. Here are a couple of tricks I've used successfully.

Blondes who attempt to go black with their hair have a problem with fading. I found that when dying blond to black at home, adding a little heat made for shinier, more long lasting color. (Just cover with a shower cap and heat with blow-dryer set on medium for ten minutes of the processing time.) And remember, gloss can always be added with the right hair products. :) A dark brunette will hold its color longer, but probably won't satisfy the goth-wannabe in you.

Red shades tend to fade as well, no matter what the natural hair color. Using a red color boosting shampoo once or twice a week can really help. I use color care shampoo and color protective products all the time. Salon products cost more, but I find the extra $$ more than worth it.

I've like Biolage's line for color care products and have used it a lot. While not strictly for olor care, I currently use the Fekkai gloss line and get sleek, shiny hair with half the effort I used to put into it.


Marilyn Shoemaker said...

Luc, just saw a photo of you on Fresh look?

Love your January release cover, very hot! Happy New Year!

Michelle B said...

I'll have to check out; it sounds like a lot of fun!

I've wanted to experiment with wild hair colors, but I don't think any of the places I've worked would care much for it (and wearing a wig would be too itchy!) Oh well. One day maybe I'll get the chance!

Amy said...

I have dark brown hair but I have started buying the medium brown colors to cover my grey. I love the last I bought because I have a blend of different medium and dark shades of brown in my hair. It was garnier nutrisse chocolate carmel.

My mom had very dark hair as well but now she is mostly grey so she goes with a brownish blond color and it looks great on her.

I just picked up a copy of The Spy who wants me at BAM today. I plan on starting on it tonight.

Andre, the board is showing up weird on my end again. The message is all stretched out and I have to do alot of arrowing over to read each sentence.

Seneca said...

I need a good crystal ball to show me what my hair will look like in various styles. The shape of my face is funny so it's hard to find the right style.

(by the way, the formatting with your blog is off. It's all stretched.)

robynl said...

in my late 50's my blonde hair has turned somewhat darker blonde and I'd love to do something with it but am scared. Also, having to keep up the color would be costly for me.