Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Spy Who Wants Me - Excerpt and Giveaway

Answer the following question the best you can for a chance at winning an autographed copy of "The Spy Who Wants Me."

Where do you see the world in 120 years from now?

Good Luck! Enjoy the excerpt from "The Spy Who Wants Me"...

“You know you can trust me with your secrets, Elle.”

She nodded, feeling better. He and her other brothers had kept the truth of her job from their parents for several years now. He wasn’t going to go blurting out stuff to Mama that would end up hurting her in the long run.

Okay, time to get back to the matter at hand.

“I need to make a phone call.” She pointed to Chantal and then Mat. “You two stay here.” Then she looked at Beau. “I’ll see you at the meeting with Frank.”

“What, you’re kicking me out?”

“I’m not kicking you out. I just assumed you’d want to go home, get some clean clothes and call Frank.”

“I could call Frank from here, but some clean clothes wouldn’t hurt.”

“Right. So, see you later.”

He shook his head, smiled, and stood up. Then he bent down, getting right into her personal space until her head was leaning back on the sofa. “You will definitely be seeing me later.”

He planted a kiss smack on her lips. And it wasn’t a friendly little peck either. If her brother had had any doubts about what they had been doing last night, he didn’t now. Elle was breathing in short pants when the kiss ended and Beau looked altogether too pleased with himself.

It was pure claim staking behavior, but he had no claim on her to stake. What in the world was going on?

She didn’t have any better of answer a couple of minutes later when Beau came out of the bedroom wearing his shoes and tucking his wallet into his back pocket.

He put his hand out. “I’ll need the keys to the Spider. You picked me up last night, remember?”

She grabbed the keys from her purse and handed them over. “Bring it to the meeting. We’ll work out your transport home from there.”

“Will do.”

Then he was gone and Mat was giving her a look of utter disbelief.

“What?” she asked.

“You’re letting him drive your car?”

“He drove it last night. He knows how to handle the powerful engine.”

“You let him drive it…twice?” Mat whistled. “It must be love.”

“Not. Listen, brother mine, Beau and I enjoy each other. I’m sorry if that offends you, but it’s the way it is. Since he’s the first man I’ve wanted to be with in the last four years without an ulterior motive, I’m not about to dismiss this thing between us. But trust me, it’s not love.”

“Whatever you say, princess.”

“Matej, my dear brother, did you know that I have the skills to maim a man twice my weight more easily than fixing a run in my pantyhose?”

“Elle, my darling little sister, did you know that though you might do it for a living, you can’t lie for shit?”

“I am not lying. Beau and I are not in love!”

“Fine.” That word was getting a lot of use this morning.

And she didn’t think it had been said once with real sincerity. She turned to go.

“Just don’t forget to invite me to the wedding.”

She pivoted one on heel and faster than he could blink, she’d flipped her brother right onto the carpet. She was careful not to actually hurt him, which might be why instead of being properly impressed, he was laughing his grumpy grizzly ass off.

Yelling out instructions over her shoulder for them not to leave or open the door to anyone, she slammed into the bedroom to make her call.


Seneca said...

Wow, great question. Hmm, lets see... in 120 years from now I think the world will look much different. I don't believe that as a whole humans 'get it' when it comes to pollution, and for that, this earth will suffer.
I'm looking back at 120 ago, and really, things are pretty much the same, save for some technological advances. (and we are much lazier, lol)

I'd love to be able to be around in 120 years in order to see how it really is the future.

P.s I already have The Spy Who Wants Me. I'm half way through it, it's gooooood! :-)

Amy said...

The Spy Who Wants Me was a excellent read.

I would hope that in a 120 years the people of the world will have learned to live together in peace. And I would hope that researchers would find cures to all of the horrible diseases that we now face

sarabelle said...

Wow thats a question that just scares the living daylights out of me. I so cant imagine what kind of world that my great grand children will be living in. I do think that it will be a totally technological one. I beleive that the days of normal everyday duties will all be done by some sort of robotic computer.

Ladyhawk said...

We've made some amazing advances in the last 120 years, and it seems to be snowballing. If we don't blow ourselves up, it would be nice to think we're better at managing our resources and getting along with each other, maybe not a Utopian type of society but hopefully better.

This particular excerpt simply makes me laugh. The whole car thing is very telling and funny. The loving relationship between Elle and her family warms my heart.

Vicky said...

Wow. I don't even know. I think our world is going to be so screwed up by then. I think by that time, our economy will be out of the financial rift it's in but will already be in another one that's more troublesome. But I think vehicles and electronics will be in a pretty cool place. Awecome cell phones. Lol.

Stacy S said...

I'm not sure! I hope we are able to have come up with some amazing cures for cancers and other diseases.
I tried to get The Spy Who Wants Me at the bookstore yesterday and they didn't have it yet.

Amy said...

I'd like to say that we would have become more self-sufficient with less things having to be outsourced overseas to be made or worked on. Also, hopefully the people will look back on us and learn from where we are in the economy.

Amy from OH

limecello said...

Great post, Lucy - and what a question! 120 years from now... I'm going to say... not too much will have changed - hear me out. There will be a number of technological advances. Possibly those hovering/floating cars - much like the Jetsons. Different diseases, possibly cancer cured... but personalities and people issues may still have the same general trends. The world hegemon will likely be in the Eastern hemisphere (again- as it used to be there to, ages ago). And... the climate may be vastly different. [Or, not.]
Really, I have no idea. I thought about 50 years, but 120 - I think a lot of good things can be expected. :)

Kim said...

In 120 years, I pray that people have learned to live in harmony--to realize that there are better ways to solve disagreements. That there is true helping of our fellow man--that poverty and disease are a thing of the past.

I pray that today we decide to take care of the planet that we have, so that in 120 years it is still providing for our families.

(Well--that was very "Star Trekie" of me huh??)

Best wishes all--Would love a copy of the book!

Husker Kim