Friday, January 09, 2009

Something Fishy

Something Fishy

I don't know how many people I've heard complain about how a woman tastes and/or smells kind of fishy. You know...down there. And if you read my books, you know exactly where "down there" is.

So, how do we make ourselves more appealing for oral stimulation from our partners?

One quick and easy way is to increase the amount of real fruit juice and water we drink. Pineapple juice is a well-known homey remedy to bitter flavored intimate humidity (see how decorously I'm treating this Beaty Tip subject?) for both men and women.

The more fresh fruits and vegetables we eat, the better we smell all over. Nice, huh? While a diet high in red meat is going to result in stronger body odors...everywhere.

If you're hoping to engage in any kind of oral play, you might want to stay away from asparagus and broccoli too. Garlic can be a killer as well, especially fresh garlic - it gets into the pores (even in places we never thought about) and can overwhelm our natural fragrance.

Some things simply can't be helped. Certain times of our cycle, our body chemistry changes and we just aren't as sweet. There are also some medications that cause a change in our scent and/or taste. While, these things can't be fixed, they can be helped out a little.

Flavored lubes can be fun, but so can a little surprise here and there. Like inserting a fruit-flavored Lifesaver just inside 10 to 15 minutes before you're expecting some oral pleasure. More frequent bathing can also help. A gentle cleansing 15 to 30 minutes before play can make a huge difference for someone with a particular strong scent or taste.

Note: most of the above tips are equally applicable to men and the taste of *their* intimate humidity. :)

I know I usually give a personal recommendation for my Beauty Tips, but this time I'll simply say that the Lifesaver trick was a piece of advice my mom gave me years ago.


Seneca said...

Hehe, what a post.

I don't know of any tips for gals, but I can say that eating fresh pineapple really does change a man's taste from salty to sweet.
Eating it in the morning will have him sweetened by the time you go to bed that night.:)

lidia said...

You have a "cool" mom. Mine would never discuss things like that with me.


Amy said...

You must have a really cool mom. My mom never discussed the fact's of life with me. Much less the more intimate things a couple shares in the bedroom,

Andre, the post are doing their stretchy thing again

Stefanie said...

My mom would never give me advise like that.
Your mom rocks!!

robynl said...

My Mom neither; yowzers!!!!

kharden said...

New here. Love your writing! Boy, your mom sure does sound cool....would love to read more of her witticisms. :)

flchen1 said...

Wow, quite an enlightening post! Thanks! ;)

Ladyhawk said...

Learned several new things to questions I would never, in a million years, have asked! Your mom? Really? Wow. :-)