Wednesday, January 14, 2009

2009 The Year... get better.
So, when did my body start resembling a used car needing so many repairs selling it for junk looks favorable? I'm not sure I can answer that, but as you all know I've struggled with health issues for the past three years. Every time we thought we had an answer, um...we didn't. Wanna know why? 'Cuz there isn't just one thing wrong - there's lots and they're all treatable, but they all *have* to be treated for me to get better.

So, I've spent more time in doctor's offices than my own office lately. I've met some gifted medical practitioners and am so grateful we are finally figuring it all out. Everything that is wrong and needs to be treated is like a really whacked laundry list. Seriously. But we are dealing with each and every way my body has stopped working.

You know how they say stress kills? Well, it does. It can cause nasty things like adrenal fatigue, high blood pressure, dangerous cholesterol levels, and weight gain. can nasty stuff like uterine fybroids, thyroid imbalance and Type II Diabetes. Ulcers and IBS aren't any fun either, nor debilitatingly painful bouts of bursitis. Yeah, like I said - a laundry list. And I may be a grandmother, but I'm a young one!

So, what am I going to do? Well, I start with 30 minutes a day of blue light therapy (uh...did I mention the light deprivation disorder most likely exacerbated by my sun allergy that developed after I went onto synthetic thyroid?), take a boat load of vitamins and medications and I've got a couple of out-patient procedures scheduled soon and a couple of minor surgeries scheduled after some significant weight loss.

It may not sound like fun to you, but I am THRILLED to have answers and to be working toward true health again. I'm in a great mood and excited (if a bit intimidated) by my plans for weight loss to hopefully reverse the Type II Diabetes. I'm exercising with my daughter and hubby to Denise Austin (she's too perky for her own good, but I love her) and working on my writing as well as getting caught up on life.

Other stuff going on in the Lucy Monroe household:

We're planning a wedding...that's right, my oldest daughter is getting married in March and we're all uber happy about it. We love the soon to be son-in-law and are over the moon she is so happy.

I've got three teens graduating this year. DQ decided she wanted to graduate early and is taking online courses from BYU to make that happen - yeah, she's even more driven than her mom. Between her, my son and our long term Korean host-stay studen, we've got a mega party planned come June. We've got an extra teen living with us...again. And my niece plans on moving in after she graduates this year.

DH is still Mr. Green and my new PA & Promotions Coordinator is working out superbly (don't you just love Andre - he keeps so many things rolling for me).

I'm not online hardly at all, but that's just one of the costs to getting better again. I will be popping in occasionally with updates on my journey back to health and hope you'll all share how your lives are going as well. I may not reply on the blog, but I do read comments. Not always, but as often as I can.

Hugs and many blessings in this new and exciting year,


Phyllis said...

There is so much going on and I sincerely hope it runs smoothly for all. Three graduations and a wedding. Wow!!! Good luck to all. Your house will be party city and it seems there is a lot of love there. Thumbs up on the exercise and prayers on the surgeries. Bigg Huggs, p

Jane said...

Congrats to your oldest daughter. Wow, three teens graduating, it must be so exciting.

Ladyhawk said...

Lucy, you have way too much excitement in your life. I can well imagine what a relief it must be to finally know what's wrong rather than guessing. And even better to have a plan of return to good health!! It sounds like some wonderful things are happening in your world. Praying for your recovery and gratitude for all the wonderful blessings!
God bless,

Amy said...

Lucy, You will be in my thoughts and prayers as you go thru your surgery's. I am glad that you finally have some answers and are now on your way to regaining your health. Your right about the ulcer's they do hurt! Good luck on the weight loss, I am working on losing weight and I am finding that my blood pressure is coming down as I lose the weight and I am talking less medication. Once they get the thyroid working right you should be able to take the weight off and it will help with the blood pressure and the diabetes.
Congrats to your daughter on her wedding and to DQ on her early graduation as well as the other teens that are graduating in your household.

And yes, Andre is great

Marilyn Shoemaker said...

Amen, to getting the answers and you well know that you are always in my thoughts.

Will you be in Portland for CSRSpring?

flchen1 said...

Thanks for the update, Lucy! Best wishes to you and your family this year--hope you make good progress towards excellent health and just enjoy the joy of being together with your family! Take care!

Michelle B said...

It sounds like you're on the right track, Lucy! Congratulations on your daughter getting married:-)

And I'm with you on Denise Austin. I used to get up and do aerobics with her on TV in college. Lately I've been thinking about going back to her to get back into exercise. She's one of the few who I like (even though she is really perky lol).

Take care and I'm glad to hear from you!

Lori said...

Wow - a lot going on! I'm glad you are on the road to recovery. Good luck!

And mazel tov on the wedding! What a blessing! And on all the graduations as well.

Plus, it's just so good to see you back here! We all miss you very much when you aren't around :)

lidia said...

You must thrilled to finally know and understand what is happening with your body. Now you can focus on getting better.

Major congratulations to the kids. Very exciting news, the wedding, the graduations. Things are really hopping in your household.

With your oldest getting married and moving out, you will be missing your granddaughter - major change for all of you.

Sending, many, many HUGS your way (and to your family)!

Also sending out some cyber champagne to celebrate all of the fabulous news!

Virginia said...

Hi Lucy, I am so glad that they have found out your problems and are on the road to repair them. You are right everything they found can be repaired it just will take time and a lot of work.

Congrats to the ones graduating.

Stacy S said...

So glad you are finding out what is wrong and getting better! Congrats on to your daughter & all the grads to be.

limecello said...

Awe - stay healthy, Lucy! I hope this year is better for you - and wow! So many graduations - congratulations to them all!

Stefanie said...

I hope this year is going to be better for you Lucy!

Congrats to your oldest daughter.

Brandy said...

I hope you continue your journey toward wellness. Congratulations on the good things happening this year!

Kate Davies said...

Hugs and mega-healing energy heading your way, dear! Good to hear your health is getting back on track.

And congrats to everyone for all the upcoming happy events!

robynl said...

so good that relief and good health are on the way, Lucy;
congrats all around to you and the bride-to-be and the graduates.

Lucy Monroe said...

A big fat kiss and huge hug to all of you!

Michele L. said...

Hi Lucy,

Congrats on your daughter's upcoming wedding! WOOHOO!

Oh wow, I will keep you in my prayers Lucy. Many blessings to you in the year ahead! Just take it one day at a time.

Jenna Bayley-Burke said...

Adrenal fatigue is a tricky bugger. Do this, but not too much, do that, but not too long...

Congrats on the wedding and graduations! Your place is going to be party central!!

Kelley Nyrae said...

First, congrats to your daughter. I'm very happy for her and you :)

About your health problems, I'm SO sorry you've been going through so much but I'm thankful they know what the problems are now. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Big Hugs!


Seneca said...

~Feel better soon, Lucy~
It sound's like you are doing all the right things for a better state of health. :)

I never used to be one for exercise, but I had a little case of PPD after my youngest was born, so I joined Curves--I hated it there, so I quit after 3 months (and got stuck paying for the entire 12 months, even though I only went 3. Argh)
Exercise is good for you, though. Or so they say. LOL.

Congrats on the wedding. That sounds fun!