Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Tuesday Excerpt - The Spy Who Wants Me

I hope everyone is staying warm out there. For the past week we have gotten about 14 inches of snow. What a beautiful way to spend Christmas. I have prepared an excerpt from Lucy's upcoming release of "The Spy Who Wants Me." Be sure to look out for it in January 2009.


Elle wasn’t sure if she wanted to kiss or kill the over-confident, but too sexy for her own good Texan. “We can meet in the kitchen or upstairs in Mat’s office. I think Josie and Nitro should stay out of the rooms at the front of the house except to patrol.”

Nitro nodded. “Once we set up surveillance in them, we won’t have to do that either.”

“Let’s meet upstairs. I’d like to get a feel for the house,” Josie added.

Mat’s office only boasted a single desk chair, so they gathered on the floor in a circle. Somehow, Elle found herself beside Beau, their legs touching. She didn’t bother trying to move. He’d just follow her and make it blatant too. Besides, Nitro was on her other side and she didn’t exactly want to scoot closer to him.

He clearly had a soft spot for his wife, but all his other edges were good and sharp. Perfect for guarding her brother and Chantal. Just not someone she wanted to end up snug against. Which is what would happen because Beau wasn’t about to give her an inch.

The man was on a roll, flirting and teasing her with clear intent.

Ignoring her body’s reaction to the Texas born scientist, Elle apprised Nitro and Josie of the current situation. Her brother and Chantal told the bodyguards their schedules. Beau wasn’t silent by any means. He asked questions that showed he was personally concerned about Mat and Chantal’s safety.

Nitro’s dark eyes met Elle’s. “Do you have a recommendation for a base of operations?”

“The attic, or the empty guest bedroom. I think the attic is good because if someone drops in on Mat, your stuff won’t be anywhere it might accidentally be seen.”

“Is there a bed up there, or are we roughing it?” Josie didn’t sound like she’d mind the latter option.

“You could take the bed from the guest room,” Chantal offered with pink-tinged cheeks. “No one else is using it.”

Mat nodded, looking very happy with that fact.

Nitro ran through their plan for Mat and Chantal’s protection. It was beyond the standard, but similar to what Elle herself would have done. She approved.

“Our best option for figuring out who is making the threats is to have Chantal pretend to get them what they want,” Elle said. She’d been thinking about it all day and nothing else made as much sense.

Mat grabbed Chantal, scooting her right into his arms. “You are not using her as bait.”

The petite blonde didn’t seem to mind the overt protectiveness, but she was giving Elle a look of resigned fear. She was too smart not to have realized this was the direction the investigation was bound to take.

“Calm down, big brother. I’m not going to do anything that puts Chantal at risk.”

“Damn right you’re not.”

Elle had to force herself not to roll her eyes. “If you could notch it back just a little, I think we can get some productive planning done here.”

“Don’t talk to me like that, little sister. I know this is your job, but we’re talking about the woman I love. I don’t care if it is easier, she’s not going to be put at risk. I won’t lose her again.”

Chantal pet her brother, soothing the beast. “You will not lose me. The past is behind us, cher.”

Elle so wanted that story, but later. “I understand, Matej. I really do. I won’t put her at risk, but I do need her to play a part.”

“What part?” Chantal asked.

“The frightened but cooperative stooge.” She put up her hand before her brother could level another protest. “On the phone only.” She looked at Chantal. “Speaking of, we need to forward your apartment phone to this one.”

“I don’t have a landline in my apartment. He’s only called on my cell phone; he’ never contacted me at ETRD.”

“Why don’t you have a landline?” Mat asked.

“Two bills for redundant uses. Seemed like a waste of resources and living in Southern California is expensive. I’m not paid as much as you are, Dr. Chernichenko,” Chantal said with a teasing smile.

Elle liked seeing her show the humor. She might be wound tight by all this, but she wasn’t buckling under it.

“Cell phone numbers aren’t listed,” Beau said.

“They’re not hard to find if you know who to go to, or have a good hacker working for you,” Nitro answered.

Elle took some notes on her computer. “That will make it easier.”

“For what? For Chantal to get more of those nasty phone calls?”

Her brother was one breath away from getting on her nerves. She understood his instincts to protect. She did, but right now he was just being argumentative. It was one of the ways he relieved stress and Elle got that, but she was losing patience. “Listen, we can end this a lot faster if we can lure the perps into showing themselves. The best way to do that is to coordinate a drop. Chantal can help us do that.”

“She won’t be making the drop though. I can do a blond wig,” Josie said with a grin.

While technically, the Black Eagles had not been hired to help with the investigation, Elle had not doubted for a minute that they would. Not after everything Alan had told her about the ex-mercenaries.

It was nice to know she was right. “Thanks. I really appreciate your willingness to help.”

“No problem, we like a challenge,” Nitro said.

“What about you, Chantal, can you play the part?” Elle asked.

“I’ll do my best.”

“Thanks. That’s all anyone can ask.”

“I’ll be there with you. From now on. No matter when they call.” Mat kissed her temple and then her lips as if he couldn’t help himself.

Mama was going to throw such a party.


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I can hardly wait to have The Spy Who Wants Me in my greedy little book loving hands. It sound's like another winner
Thanks for the excerpt Andre

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Me, too, Amy!! What a fun surprise to see Nitro and Josie back! Is it January, yet? ;-) Thanks Andre!

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Merry Christmas Lucy and fans across the world.

Peace, love and Happiness to all.

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Merry Christmas to one and all!

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Merry Christmas from Alabama

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