Thursday, December 11, 2008

Thursday Surprise!

What a week it has been! Portland is freezing cold and there has been so much to do in the office. I apologize for letting the blog slow down! So to make up for lost time, I have decided to include a special prize and an extra special excerpt in today's post.

Do you think boys are more expensive than girls or vice versa? Why?

Answer this question with your opinion in a comment and I will give away a Lucy Monroe book with some other special goodies!

As for excerpts, I have two today from two different titles. Enjoy!

>>>Moon Magnetism<<<
“I like your honesty.” “I’m not sophisticated enough for sexual games.” “Aren’t you?” Incredibly, she blushed. “I meant head games, pretending I don’t want you when I do, that sort of thing.” He grinned. “I’m glad. I hate that sort of thing and for the record, I want you too.” “I got that impression, only why...” “I want you fully naked and under me the first time I come inside of you.” Her eyes widened until she resembled a shock victim. “You’re so blunt.” “So you’ve said.” He stalked her to the other side of the elevator, stopping when she was pressed tightly against the back wall and his body barely touched hers. “That makes us a good couple. Blunt is just another way of being honest.” The air vibrated between them and her breath came in shallow pants. She licked her lips and gasped when he followed suit, tasting her while placing his hands on either side of her head against the wall. He pushed his tongue inside her mouth, unable to resist deepening the kiss even though one part of his brain was telling him what a stupid choice that was. If he was going to make it out of the elevator without dropping his pants and impaling her against the wall, he had to keep his raging libido under control. Tasting the sweet warmth of her mouth was not going to help him do that. The elevator stopped with a gentle jolt and he managed to pull his mouth from hers and step back. “We’re here.” The only sound that came out of her mouth was a low whimper. Her eyes were shut again and her lips were parted as if inviting further kisses. He would take that invitation, just as soon as they made it into his room. He swept her up into his arms and pivoted on his heel. “You’ll have to pull the gates open.” She did, her fingers fumbling with the locking mechanism, but finally managing to get both gates pulled open and then shut after they stepped from the elevator. It was only a few feet down the hall to his door, but it felt like a mile, each step excruciating. Not because she was heavy, but because holding her excited him. To his already over stimulated nervous system, the feel of her body against his was enticement it took every ounce of his self control to ignore. Once inside his room, he let her stand, but kept an arm around her. She was wobbly. “I want you naked, Ivy.” She stared at him, her expression uncomprehending. He stepped back. “I. Want. You. To. Take. Your. Clothes. Off.” The glazed desire in her eyes faded a little. “Just me?” “Yes.” She crossed her arms over her chest in a defensive gesture that intensified his desire to push her farther than any lover had ever pushed her before. “Can’t we undress together?” “Are you refusing to cooperate?” he asked silkily, knowing that would prick her pride, push her toward proving her mettle. She saw his attempt at dominance as a personal challenge. It also excited her. He liked knowing that. It told him they were on the same wavelength in every way. Her eyes narrowed. “I’m not refusing; I just want it to be more mutual.” “It is mutual.” He cupped her face and kissed her, branding her lips with his barely restrained passion. “It will give me a lot of pleasure to see you undress.” He kissed her again. “And you will enjoy undressing for me.” “That’s not what I meant.” But she didn’t deny she would enjoy him watching her. She’d loved revealing herself to him in the elevator. Her arousal had been strong and blatant. Remembering the way she climaxed in his arms sent arrows of awareness straight to his dick. He stepped back. “Are you having a problem with our game?” “Um...” She licked her lips. He reached out and ran his fingertip down her cheek, letting it settle against the rapid pulse at the base of her neck. “If you don’t want to do it, all you have to say is my last name.” She glared. “I’m not giving in.” “This isn’t a contest.” “Isn’t it?” Maybe it was, but it was more about exploring feelings and needs that had never surfaced with another woman. She covered his hand against her neck with her own. “I want to undress, but I want you to undress too. You’ve already seen me half naked, but you haven’t even taken off your tie for goodness sake. Please Blake.” Please was not the safe word. Please was part of the game. “Does the thought of you standing there naked while I’m dressed make you feel vulnerable?” he asked, knowing the answer and ready for her to admit it. “Yes.”

>>>The Spy Who Wants Me<<<
Elle’s cell rang with the distinctive tone assigned to family. She flicked a brief glance at the phone while listening to the current head of security drone on about their state of the art protection system.
It wasn’t bad, but she’d identified more than a dozen weaknesses already. Some minor…one or two potentially major.
She had a text message. From her mother. Mom never used text. Elle clicked to the message. It read 911 and that was all.
Tension ratcheting through her body, she said, “Excuse me, but I’ve got to check on this.”
The head of security stopped mid-word, looking like he’d lost his place in a book and wasn’t sure where to start again.
Beau, who had insisted on accompanying her on the tour, said, “No problem.”
She turned from them and dialed her mom’s cell phone.
“Elle, is that you?” her mother said by way of an answer. Clearly not trusting Caller ID. Nothing new in that.
“Yes, Mama. What is wrong?”
“Wrong? You ask me what is wrong.”
“Yes, Mama. That is exactly what I am asking.”
“Do not take that tone with me, young lady.”
“Mother, I am at work.”
“Yes, this I know. And when were you going to tell me you were in California? You leave it for me to find out from someone else that my only grown daughter is near enough to visit, but has not done so.”
Matej! She was going to kill him. Slowly. Right after she finished paying penance with her mother.
“I do not think Danusia considers herself not a grown a woman. She is twenty-two, Mama.” It wasn’t a bad diversionary tactic, but she didn’t expect it to work.
And it didn’t. “We are not discussing your sister. She called me only this morning. She did not fly three thousand miles and neglect to mention the travel to me.”
Elle knew better than to mention the fact that she rarely told her family what she was up to. She went for diversion again. “I didn’t fly. I drove.”
“In that crazy insect car? Three thousand miles? It is so tiny, you cannot be safe on the freeways.”
“A Lamborghini Spider is not an insect.”
“What is a spider if it is not this?”
“Mama. This is crazy. We don’t need to talk about my car right now.”
“No. Only that you spent days driving it closer to home and did not bother to pick your phone up and call to tell us of your imminent arrival.”
“Mama, you would not want me to talk and drive. You hate that.”
Silence. Then, she said, “Your grandmother is heartbroken.”
“Don’t bring Baba into this.” Please.
“Why should I not? Has she not as much a desire to see you as I? Who knows if she will live to the next visit, heh?”
Oh, great. The Queen of Guilt Trips was waving her wand and darned if Elle wasn’t going under. Death would be too good for Matej. She was going to tell Baba he broke her favorite pie plate when he was sixteen using it as a Frisbee.
“Mama, I was going to call.”
Silence met her assurance.
“Really, Mama.”
“This is about your name, isn’t it? I wanted to name you after my dear friend, but the name made you feel less a member of our family. I will always regret this.”
“It’s not about my name. I love my name.”
“As do I, but still…it was a disservice to you. My mother always said so. She said, give the girl a good Ukrainian name just like all the boys, but I did not listen to her any better than my daughters listen to me.”
Now it was daughters in the plural. “What has Danusia done to upset you, Mama?”
“This is not something to talk about on one of these contraptions. You come to the house.”
“I will, Mama.”
“I can’t, Mama. I have to work.”
“Very well. I will tell your baba you cannot come. She has already started on the cooking, but I am sure she will understand.”
How could an undercover agent who routinely faced down perps that were not only armed, but dangerous be steamrolled by a woman who was barely five-foot-two with the face of a middle aged angel? Once Elle had an answer to that question, she might just be able to stop it from happening.
“I’ll be there tomorrow. For dinner.”
“Early dinner. Your sister will come from the university.”
“I’ll be there by six.”
“You cannot come earlier?”
“No, Mama, I can’t.”
Her mother grunted. It was a sound only mothers could make. It meant, “Well, if that’s the best you can do, I’ll have to accept it, but you’re going to hear about this later.”
“I love you, Mama.” The words, even more than this discussion, probably destroyed a good ninety percent of her tough image credibility, but she was not so stupid she would forego saying them. At least she’d remembered to speak in Ukranian.
Though, somehow, she just knew Beau Ruston guessed exactly what she had just said to her mother. His smug grin implied as much.
“I love you too, baby. You be careful driving that tiny little car. Maybe if you got a more steady job you could afford something bigger.”
Before her mother could get her teeth into her second favorite rant regarding her oldest daughter (the first being how it was time for Elle to settle down and start popping out babies), Elle told her she loved her again and cut the connection.


limecello said...

Love the excerpts! As for the question... that's a tough one. Everyone talks about how high maintenance girls are. The clothes, accessories, etc.
But then again, boys grow like crazy (girls... generally stop sooner?) And all the clothes. And ALSO - male toys. The toy cars - the entertainment systems, Xboxes, Playstations and the like - those are quite pricey.
So... :P I'd go... boys, or a wash.

Judy said...

Squea!! The new book! I pre-ordered the book a while ago and was delighted to finally find an excerpt posted in Upcoming Releases. I wasn't sure how I'd like Elle, but this new excerpt made me laugh out loud! I can hardly wait.

As to costs, I agree with limecello; it depends. My nieces are into the clothes and shoes thing, not to mention makeup and hair. However, my nephews end up in the emergency room far more often (usually stitches). Marketing seems to think that more is spent on girls, considering all the cute, eye-catching stuff available. The nephews don't go for cute. However, the boys want ALL the bells and whistles. My first reaction is Girls are more expensive, but you really don't want to know why I believe that. :-) So, simply for the sake of argument, since limecello chose boys, I'll choose girls. LOL!

Terri said...

I really enjoyed the excerpts. Can't wait for the new next Goddard book. Onto the question...for me it is definitely a boy. My son is into computers and music. For senior project he turn a room into a recording studio. With paint, equipment, recording software it got pretty expensive. Not including that he is growing all the time. So definitely boys are more expensive.

Vicky said...

Honestly, I think it's just more of what the person is interested, instead of their gender. Because it's true- boys like video games and computers, but so do a lot of girls. And some guys like really exprensive clothes. So, I don't think you can really pinpoint a gender.

Loved the exerpts!

Virginia said...

I think it may be about the same. Girls like their high end clothes, boys don't care wheather they have clothes or not. I had a boy and with his computer and game machine, mp3 players and things he was pretty expensive. I have bought enough ear buds to supply an army. Now its college. He didn't care about clothes, but toys and other stuff is a different story.

Nathalie said...

Love the excerpts!

I like expensive stuff, when I can see the difference and it is something special.

If not, I think I am quite not-so-high maintenance!

Eshani said...

I loved the excerpts!! general from my personal experience, I have to say that boys are definitely more expensive than girls..Girls want more stuff, but guys are picky.
For example, my s/o wish list this year includes the iphone, an ipod, and a new tv. Me, I want books and a pair of boots *grin*
I know this is definitely generalizing it a bit, but I still think male *toys* are a little pricey!

lidia said...

Great excerpts!

Overall, I'd say that boys are more "expensive." They are into toys that cost a lot more. Girls are into clothes, makeup, etc... Though sometimes I think it can be a toss up. It really depends on the individual.

We had so much rain today that I wish I could send some to the rest of you. If it were snow, we'd be under snow -- one inch of rain equals a foot of snow.

robynl said...

upon reading the question the first thought that came to mind was 'boys' because of their toys. Take for instance my dh, he has every conceivable power tool, computer enhancements, a GPS, a Quad, a garden tractor and the list goes on. Our neighbour always comments on Mike's toys.

sarabelle said...

surprizingly my daughter is the more expensive one but i think it has to do alot with age. love the excerpts thanks.

Michele said...

Girls by a landslide. The maintenance alone, clothes, clothes and clothes :)

Great excerpts!!!!!

CrystalGB said...

Great excerpts. :) I think both can be expensive. With clothes, hobbies, and sports participation, they can cost alot.

bamabelle said...

Both excerpts are amazing, Lucy!

As for the question, I think girls are more expensive. My daughter still likes toys and video games, but she is already into fashion too. My son could care less about what clothes I buy, just give him some Legos, and he's a happy camper!

Happy Holidays!

Raven99 said...

Thanks for the excerpts.

In my experience, boys are more expensive. Boys want game systems like an Xbox, Wii, or Playstation. And those require pricey video games. Where I live, boys like dirt bikes and four wheelers. They want tools as well as toys. In my family, the boys spend just as much money on clothes as the girls do.

flchen1 said...

Before reading the other comments I was already down a similar path as many commenters--I think that while girls have many more accessories, boys' toys tend to be more expensive. For instance, I may shop more often and buy more items, but the total can easily be eclipsed by a single shopping trip by my husband :) As for the price in heart and time invested, children are equally expensive! ;)

Jane said...

Enjoyed the excerpts. I think girls are more expensive than boys. I think girls are more picky about their clothes and accessories. Video game consoles are expensive, but those American Girl dolls are expensive, too and you can't just get one.

Amy said...

The excerpts are great. As far as the question goes I would have to say it would be a tie. Boy's and girl's both are into all the electronic toys now and a lot of the guys are really into their appearances now like the girls are so I am going with a tie.

kim h said...

i say boys with one thing like a game system

girls want more than one thing every week

girls are expensvie in the long run

Sue A. said...

I think they're equally expensive to buy for, but if we're talking about raising them I do think boys are cheaper. Boys tend to become financially independent sooner and will move out sooner too. I think parents push the boys to reach for independence and girls are kept closer to home and protected more.

Stacy S said...

Great excerpts! In my opinion they are about the same. Just depends on what you are buying.

Eugenia Tibbs said...

In my it's boys. My husband has to have his toys and bought a !@#$ing truck and used up all our savings. Okay, it is a nice truck, but that's beside the point.

Michele L. said...

I always enjoy your excerpts Andre! You pick some really good ones!

Well, judging from my nieces who are spoiled, girls are definitely more expensive. Nails, pierced ears, clothes, shoes, perfume, makeup, etc. really add up!

Now, boys on the other hand are pretty hard to get to the store to buy clothes for along with shoes. My husband is notorious for wearing out his shoes until they have holes in them.