Thursday, December 04, 2008

Thursday Post - "Star Quality" Excerpt

I have another mystery prize ready to give out. All you have to do is answer this question with your best response.

"Do you wake up or open your eyes first?"

Be sure to post your comments and I will pick a special winner on Monday. Good Luck!

Enjoy the excerpt...

He kissed her, paying thorough homage to every centimeter of quivering nerves between her legs. Then he lifted his head and she managed to turn hers enough to see him. Her essence glistened wetly on his mouth and his blue eyes were dark with sexual pride. And hungry need. He’d given her pleasure, now he wanted to take his.
“You said it again.”
“What?” she slurred.
“That you love me.”
“Yes.” And she’d liked saying it. Loved the freedom to express feelings she would get to revel in for a few short days at the most. There would be plenty of time to grieve his loss later, just as she had grieved Danny’s, but right now she could do nothing but celebrate being with this man.
Instinctively, she knew Blake wasn’t comfortable with emotion. It wasn’t controlled enough for him and this was one man who really liked to be in control. He’d given her a tremendous gift when he hadn’t allowed her honesty about her emotions to drive him away.
He didn’t say anything else, just started making love to her again, removing her blouse, caressing her, making her want him. Passion burned in his gaze like an inferno fed with gasoline, but his touch was gentle and incredibly, he incited her own desire until it matched his once again before taking her with an excruciatingly slow, but inexorable thrust.
He filled her completely and she wrapped her legs around his waist to keep him that way.
“It’s not too much, is it?”
“No, darling. Not too much.”
His eyes closed and his head went back, a look of utter bliss on his features. “You can take all of me.”
Their pelvic bones ground together. “Yes. I love taking all of you.”
Then he started to thrust, each movement slow and measured.
“Blake... I want... I need more!”
“I was too fast the first time, but this time I’m going to be slow and careful. You’re a lot smaller than me, Ivy.”
“Just because you’re some kind of freak of nature doesn’t mean I’m a fragile midget. Go faster, darn it.” She pounded his back.
But all she got for her trouble was another slow, deep glide.
She reached up with her mouth, latched onto a patch of skin just above his left nipple and started to suck.
A strangled sound that could have been her name came from his throat.
She kept sucking and pinched his right nipple, then played with it, delighting in the way the small hard nub felt against her fingers.
Suddenly he was rearing back, breaking the hold her legs had on him and tossing her over onto her stomach.
“Hey,” she yelled and then gasped as he slammed into her from the back.
He went so deep, he was touching her heart, at least that’s how it felt. “You are a vixen.”
“Vixen? Who says vixen?”
“I do. It fits the beautiful tease I’ve got in my bed.”
“We aren’t technically in your bed, we’re on it,” she panted.
“And I’m on you.”
“Yeah, couldn’t stand the heat, huh?”
“If you’ve only ever made love with one other man, where’d you learn that stuff?”
“I read.”
A deep laugh rumbled against her spine. “I’ll have to borrow some of your books.”
“Any time.”
“But right now, I want to love you without any of your little tricks, got it?”
If he’d said screw her, she would have said something equally sexy and tried to get the leverage to flip over, but he’d said love and even though he didn’t mean love-love, it still just melted her.
It wasn’t a good idea to go gooey on him though. That probably would scare him away. “Are we playing your game again?” she asked in an effort to keep it light.
“What would make you say that?”
“The fact you have me on my stomach and I can’t do anything but what you want.”
“Don’t you like it?” He thrust deep and pulled out slowly only to thrust deeply again.
When she got enough breath to talk again, she answered. “I like it just fine, but I don’t like you thinking you can always be in control.”
“Would I think that?” he asked, reaching around and under her with one hand, his voice all rumbling innocence and his fingers a temptation to sin. The questing hand slid along her belly and down to her pubic hair, then fingers pressed between her labia and touched her clitoris.
“You might think it, but you’d be wrong.” And she tried something else she’d read about.
He cursed, a word she never, ever said, but described spectacularly what they were doing.
She squeezed and released her inner muscles in a rhythm that matched his thrusts. Pretty soon the rhythm increased until all she could do was squeeze and hold the contraction for as long as possible then release and start squeezing again.


limecello said...

Love the excerpts- as for the question, definitely wake up first. :P I try to not open my eyes and dream of sleeping for another hour... or five :P

Amy said...

I wake up first, I dream almost every night and the dream is usually about the romance book I have just read before falling asleep. So when I first wake up the dream is still on my mind so I just lay there and think about it before opening my eyes and getting up. It makes starting my day much more pleasant.
Great excerpt!

Vicky said...

I wake up first but don't open my eyes because I usually want to crawl back into my dream.

Raven99 said...

Thanks for the excerpt.

Most days I wake up first and keep my eyes closed until I am ready to open them. However, sometimes I open my eyes first because I am startled awake. For example, my dog has a habit of jumping on my bed and scaring me awake.

Michelle B said...

An interesting question. From what I recall, I wake up first. But then my mom has said I sometimes talk in my sleep with my eyes open. It freaked her out once and I didn't even remember it happening!

Michele L. said...

Oh wow, what an interesting question. I remember that I wake up first then open my eyes next. I also can wake myself up if I am having a dream I don't like.

My bladder wakes me up a lot in the morning which really irritates me. I am usually all snuggly and warm, and hate to get out of bed just to go to the bathroom. I put it off until I can't wait any longer then take off running to the bathroom!

Melis L.

Eshani said...

Is it hot in here? *grin* very sexy excerpt!!
I think I wake up first, at least partially wake up..I love that place between dreams and reality, when you can kind of decide what you want to dream about..Eventually, my bladder annoys me enough to open my eyes too *grin*.

kris b said...

I wake up first, I am an early riser and usually dont want to open my eyes until I have to! but somehow my cats know when I am awake and are there waiting!
loves the excerpt and since I just discovered your books I am going looking for more which is how I ended up here! ;-)

bamabelle said...

I think I open my eyes first, as I don't think I am truly awake for the first thirty minutes after rising. I'm not really sure though, because I'm too busy stumbling to the kitchen for a diet coke. I'm a nurse, and I think working 3rd shift for years reset my biological clock or something. I have two little ones, so I have to get up early, but I can't bring myself to be a morning person. I try though. ;)

Stacy S said...

Interesting question. I think I open my eyes first.
Very nice excerpt!

Nathalie said...

I wake up because my family does so much noise in the morning and still keep my eyes closed praying that I will be able to sleep more, but I can't so I open my eyes.

Susan said...

I wake up first. I'm used to my cats jumping up on my bed to fed and if I keep my eyes closed they lay down for a while.

flchen1 said...

What an excerpt!

Definitely wake up first... I'd love to be able to go back to sleep, but sometimes that just doesn't work! ;)

Jane said...

I wake up first and then I slowly open my eyes. Sometimes I try to keep my eyes closed and hope I can fall back asleep.

robynl said...

I wake up first; I can't open my eyes first because then I'd be awake.

Virginia said...

I wake up first, and lay there awhile before opening my eyes. I like be a little lazy when I first wake up.

kim h said...

love the excerpts

wake up first
have a good weekend

Lily said...

I am nout sure which one I do first, but I think I wake up first.

Thanks for the excerpts!

Michele said...

Love the excerpt!!!!!

I wake up first and question whether I really want to open my eyes or not :)

Thanks Lucy!!!

Juliet said...

Great excerpt!
I wake up first and I usually try to stay at least five more minutes in bed, slowly opening my eyes then. When I have to jump from the bed as soon as I wake up, it usually takes several times before I can open my eyes completelly.

Sue A. said...

I wake up first, then open my eyes. I'm a night owl who dreads going to sleep, so I always feel tired when I wake up. I'd like to sleep some more, but my internal alarm won't let me. My body doesn't want to cooperate and I just lie there until I'm ready.

Kathleen said...

I wake up and hope that I still have a few hours to sleep in and that I am not hearing my alarm go off! :)