Friday, December 19, 2008

Make it a Cocktail

Make it a Cocktail

A lot of women complain about the number of products they have to use to make their beauty regime work. They find it too time consuming. I've discovered a way to use less time if not less products. :) I make myself a cocktail. By mixing the all over face products into one dose, you are only having to apply once.

Note: I recommend against mixing in specialty products for your lips and eyes. These should be apllied a minute or two after your initial cocktail has had a chance to soak into your skin.

You might wonder why beauty companies can't do the mixing themselves. The answer is they could...if all women had the same skin. But we don't. The cocktail that works for me would dry out another woman's skin and her regime would give me pimples. Blech. The only "all-in-ones" that don't make me doubt are the cleanser/toner/mask mixes. And while those work well for me, they don't work for everyone.

When discovering the cocktail that works for you, remember as in so many other areas of beauty and fashion, "less is more". Watch for your skin's particular issues and increase/decrease the components of your "cocktail" based on your results.

One of the biggest mistakes we make when using beauty products is not reading the "use for" instructions. We try things our friends recommend for beauty problems that are at base anything alike. For instance, a product that is fabulous at minimizing crows feet (not a big problem for me) isn't going to do much for dark, puffy circles (a huge issue for me - blame my Norwegian grandfather).

Staying within manufacturers is a good idea for the basics (cleanser, toner, sometimes mask & daily moisturizer), but sometimes the specialty treatments are going to be better from another source. Don't be afraid to experiment.

By the way, you can do the same kind of cocktail for your hair regime. Just remember to mix all after-shower conditioning products in one cocktail and styling specific products in another. Apply your conditioning products (including hair glosses and shines) first.

My favorite beauty care products are by Mary Kay and Avon.

I currently use the Timewise line by Mary Kay for my base products, Phyto-Countour by Yon Ka for my eyes, Anew Thirmafirm for those tiny wrinkles starting to develop and Beyond Color lip conditioner (in clear and colors) for my lips by Avon.

*Lucy's little legal caveat: do not ever use beauty products against manufacturer's specifications and while I'm happy to tell you the products I use, that in no way constitutes an endorsement or promise of product reliability or results.


Judy said...

Hadn't ever thought of blending before. I use Mary Kay because they are a cruelty-free company. That being said, I only use their eye makeup and blush. Otherwise, it's Burt's Bees (also a CF co). I've also experimented with making my own, using a couple of natural beauty books by Janice Cox. I have unbelievably sensitive skin and chemical sensitivities, so have to be really careful about what I use.

Amy said...

I have never thought of mixing them either. Like Judy, I have very sensitive skin and break out in hives very easily so I have to be very careful with what I use including my shampoos and conditioners. I have yet to find a hair spray that does not break me out.

limecello said...

Interesting - I don't really do much other than use face lotion so :P haha I don't have anything to blend!
But I also have super sensitive and finicky skin.
I don't like shampoo conditioner shampoos. I like them separate - together it just doesn't seem to work as well. (At cleaning, or conditioning.)