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Excerpt - "The Spy Who Wants Me"

There are only a few days left until you can get your copy of Lucy's new book - "The Spy Who Wants Me." If you are interested in purchasing the book take a look here. Also, I couldn't figure out what was going on with the weird spacing issue on the blog. I think it had something to do with the previous blog and it's scheduling options. Please let me know if any of you have viewing problems.

Hope everyone is ready for the new year! May each of you have a blessed, safe, and prosperous 2009! That being said, lets prepare for the new year with a laugh.

Here are some of the funny ones I found -

Jay Leno
Now there are more overweight people in America than average-weight people. So overweight people are now average… which means, you have met your New Year's resolution.

Oprah Winfrey
Cheers to a New Year and another chance for us to get it right.

A New Year's resolution is something that goes in one Year and out the other.

Enjoy the excerpt!

Another foreign curse came from the new Project Manager’s end of the lab.

Chantal bit her lip and looked over her shoulder to find Mat scowling at one of the technicians. Again. The poor tech looked ready to cry.

Who could blame him? Mat was over six feet tall with the solid muscles found in many Ukrainian men. The only colors she’d ever seen him wear were black and shades of grey. Even his lab coat was a special order slate grey. When she’d told him the monochromatic dressing made him look like a hit man for the Russian mob, Mat had admitted he was color blind – after giving her a lecture on the difference between the two nationalities. He’d told her that dressing like this was his way of preventing himself from leaving the house looking like a circus clown. But added to that, his black as coal hair, trim mustache and close cropped beard gave him a decidedly intimidating look.

Especially when he was angry. Like now.

Mat never had been the warm-fuzzy type. Calling him a people person was a stretch even she hadn’t been able to make when she was head over heels for the man. He wasn’t the worst manager in the world. In fact, he was actually pretty decent at it and even better when his scientists and technicians were efficient. Only he had an abrasive way of dealing with them if they weren’t.

Abrasive as in almost scary until you got to know him better.

Deciding their department really couldn’t afford to lose another team member after their former PM’s disappearance, Chantal got up from her lab stool and headed toward the mini-contretemps.

“Wake up on the wrong side of the bed this morning?” she asked Mat with a smile and a nod for the technician.

Mat turned his scowl on her while the tech he’d been upbraiding stared at her as if she’d just stepped in an electromagnetic field and then tried to use her electron scan microscope.

She turned up the wattage on her smile and made sure it included both men. “Is there a problem here, gentlemen?”

“I…uh…” The technician swallowed twice and gave Mat a sidelong glance before continuing. “I was trying to explain to Dr. Chernichenko that we’d already done the tests on mercury reclamation from fluorescent bulbs and that the ROI was too low to make it a viable project.”

Chantal remembered the tests. “Unless a different reclamation process can be developed, I agree.” She looked up at Mat, trying to ignore how being this close to him made her body go haywire. “Were you thinking of trying a different process?”

“I want more information on the one already tried,” he said with a stubborn tilt to his chin.

“No problem.”

It was the technician’s turn to glare at her.

“I can get that for you and fill you in on the preliminary trials if you like,” she added.

The sense of relief from the tech was palpable as he realized she wasn’t setting him up for more of the same with his new PM.

Mat frowned however. “I don’t want to take you away from something important.”

“Bringing the Project Manager for Material Reclamation up to speed on all our current and recent projects is important.”

Mat sighed and rubbed his eyes, a gesture she remembered from their college days that meant he was more stressed than tired. The man was almost inhuman when it came to getting tired…he could go for hours. In more arenas than academia. The thought brought the heat of a blush to her cheeks while her thighs clenched together involuntarily. Thank goodness for lab coats that hid embarrassing reactions.

“Thank you. I would appreciate that,” Mat said.

The look of shock the technician gave Mat’s polite response was comical, but Chantal did not crack a smile. Mat might think she was laughing at him and even she wasn’t going to beard this bear in that way.

To stop herself from reaching out and touching that particularly tempting bear, she crossed her arms under her chest. “It’s past lunch time and I don’t know about you, but I could use something to eat.”

Mat nodded, his grey gaze skimming her body like a barely there caress. “We could meet in the cafeteria…or we could go offsite.”

“The cafeteria would probably be better.” Less chance she would make a fool of herself. “We can talk freely without worrying about being overheard.”

Mat’s scowl was back. “I suppose.”

“Would you rather eat offsite?” And if so, why hadn’t he just said so?

He shut his eyes and tensed his jaw like he was trying to bite back words.

“We could eat in your office,” she suggested, wanting to take that look of strain off his features. “We’d have privacy without the distractions.”

Which wasn’t going to do a thing for her own strain, but she had to deal with her attraction to him or quit her job. And she had no desire to leave Environmental Technology Research and Design.

“You’d think so, wouldn‘t you?” He opened his eyes, the irises storm cloud gray now.

She remembered that shade, but not from frustration at work. Stifling a groan, she gave herself a strong mental shake. Her attempts to deal with her reaction to him were not going to succeed if she couldn’t stop memories of the past from intruding on the present.

The reminder should have been enough to bolster her flagging self-control. It didn’t. The problem being that she’d been using the same self-lecture for two weeks and it wasn’t getting any more powerful with repetition.

“What do you mean?” she asked.

“Nothing you need to worry about.”

“Okay then. We’ll meet in your office.”

“Yes.” The clipped single-word response wasn’t all that he was thinking, but typical for the stoic scientist, he wasn’t sharing whatever else was on his mind.

Chantal had enough of her own worries, she should not be concerned with his. Only it never worked that way. By nature, she was too empathetic to others and it was even worse when it came to this man. She had to watch it to stop his moods from dictating her own, even when they hadn’t said a single word to each other.

The last two weeks had proven one truth beyond the shadow of a doubt. She was not and probably never would be completely over Matej Chernichenko.

Not that she was going to do anything about that fact, but facing the truth was the first step in dealing with it. Isn’t that what someone had told her after her parents’ deaths? She’d hidden in her room, wanting to pretend they were still alive, that the world was not what it was.

She hadn’t been allowed the luxury. She’d known the people around her, the ones forcing her to face reality, were only trying to help. She just didn’t understand why truth had to hurt so much.

She forced a smile. “Good. I’ll pick up lunch at the deli and bring it to your office.”

“Good, that will give me a chance to finish up here.”

The technician who had looked so relieved got a worried expression on his face again and turned to hurry off without another word.

Mat ignored his defection. “You remember what I like?” he asked her.

“Yes.” She remembered far too much.

Her suggestion they meet in his office was probably the height of idiocy. Offsite would have been better, even if they had spent the hour whispering over a table in some dark corner of a crowded restaurant. But making bad choices when it came to men was a failing of hers, she thought cynically.

Matej Chernichenko had been her first object lesson in how poor her judgment regarding men was, but he hadn’t been the last one.

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Tuesday Excerpt - The Spy Who Wants Me

I hope everyone is staying warm out there. For the past week we have gotten about 14 inches of snow. What a beautiful way to spend Christmas. I have prepared an excerpt from Lucy's upcoming release of "The Spy Who Wants Me." Be sure to look out for it in January 2009.


Elle wasn’t sure if she wanted to kiss or kill the over-confident, but too sexy for her own good Texan. “We can meet in the kitchen or upstairs in Mat’s office. I think Josie and Nitro should stay out of the rooms at the front of the house except to patrol.”

Nitro nodded. “Once we set up surveillance in them, we won’t have to do that either.”

“Let’s meet upstairs. I’d like to get a feel for the house,” Josie added.

Mat’s office only boasted a single desk chair, so they gathered on the floor in a circle. Somehow, Elle found herself beside Beau, their legs touching. She didn’t bother trying to move. He’d just follow her and make it blatant too. Besides, Nitro was on her other side and she didn’t exactly want to scoot closer to him.

He clearly had a soft spot for his wife, but all his other edges were good and sharp. Perfect for guarding her brother and Chantal. Just not someone she wanted to end up snug against. Which is what would happen because Beau wasn’t about to give her an inch.

The man was on a roll, flirting and teasing her with clear intent.

Ignoring her body’s reaction to the Texas born scientist, Elle apprised Nitro and Josie of the current situation. Her brother and Chantal told the bodyguards their schedules. Beau wasn’t silent by any means. He asked questions that showed he was personally concerned about Mat and Chantal’s safety.

Nitro’s dark eyes met Elle’s. “Do you have a recommendation for a base of operations?”

“The attic, or the empty guest bedroom. I think the attic is good because if someone drops in on Mat, your stuff won’t be anywhere it might accidentally be seen.”

“Is there a bed up there, or are we roughing it?” Josie didn’t sound like she’d mind the latter option.

“You could take the bed from the guest room,” Chantal offered with pink-tinged cheeks. “No one else is using it.”

Mat nodded, looking very happy with that fact.

Nitro ran through their plan for Mat and Chantal’s protection. It was beyond the standard, but similar to what Elle herself would have done. She approved.

“Our best option for figuring out who is making the threats is to have Chantal pretend to get them what they want,” Elle said. She’d been thinking about it all day and nothing else made as much sense.

Mat grabbed Chantal, scooting her right into his arms. “You are not using her as bait.”

The petite blonde didn’t seem to mind the overt protectiveness, but she was giving Elle a look of resigned fear. She was too smart not to have realized this was the direction the investigation was bound to take.

“Calm down, big brother. I’m not going to do anything that puts Chantal at risk.”

“Damn right you’re not.”

Elle had to force herself not to roll her eyes. “If you could notch it back just a little, I think we can get some productive planning done here.”

“Don’t talk to me like that, little sister. I know this is your job, but we’re talking about the woman I love. I don’t care if it is easier, she’s not going to be put at risk. I won’t lose her again.”

Chantal pet her brother, soothing the beast. “You will not lose me. The past is behind us, cher.”

Elle so wanted that story, but later. “I understand, Matej. I really do. I won’t put her at risk, but I do need her to play a part.”

“What part?” Chantal asked.

“The frightened but cooperative stooge.” She put up her hand before her brother could level another protest. “On the phone only.” She looked at Chantal. “Speaking of, we need to forward your apartment phone to this one.”

“I don’t have a landline in my apartment. He’s only called on my cell phone; he’ never contacted me at ETRD.”

“Why don’t you have a landline?” Mat asked.

“Two bills for redundant uses. Seemed like a waste of resources and living in Southern California is expensive. I’m not paid as much as you are, Dr. Chernichenko,” Chantal said with a teasing smile.

Elle liked seeing her show the humor. She might be wound tight by all this, but she wasn’t buckling under it.

“Cell phone numbers aren’t listed,” Beau said.

“They’re not hard to find if you know who to go to, or have a good hacker working for you,” Nitro answered.

Elle took some notes on her computer. “That will make it easier.”

“For what? For Chantal to get more of those nasty phone calls?”

Her brother was one breath away from getting on her nerves. She understood his instincts to protect. She did, but right now he was just being argumentative. It was one of the ways he relieved stress and Elle got that, but she was losing patience. “Listen, we can end this a lot faster if we can lure the perps into showing themselves. The best way to do that is to coordinate a drop. Chantal can help us do that.”

“She won’t be making the drop though. I can do a blond wig,” Josie said with a grin.

While technically, the Black Eagles had not been hired to help with the investigation, Elle had not doubted for a minute that they would. Not after everything Alan had told her about the ex-mercenaries.

It was nice to know she was right. “Thanks. I really appreciate your willingness to help.”

“No problem, we like a challenge,” Nitro said.

“What about you, Chantal, can you play the part?” Elle asked.

“I’ll do my best.”

“Thanks. That’s all anyone can ask.”

“I’ll be there with you. From now on. No matter when they call.” Mat kissed her temple and then her lips as if he couldn’t help himself.

Mama was going to throw such a party.

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Make it a Cocktail

Make it a Cocktail

A lot of women complain about the number of products they have to use to make their beauty regime work. They find it too time consuming. I've discovered a way to use less time if not less products. :) I make myself a cocktail. By mixing the all over face products into one dose, you are only having to apply once.

Note: I recommend against mixing in specialty products for your lips and eyes. These should be apllied a minute or two after your initial cocktail has had a chance to soak into your skin.

You might wonder why beauty companies can't do the mixing themselves. The answer is they could...if all women had the same skin. But we don't. The cocktail that works for me would dry out another woman's skin and her regime would give me pimples. Blech. The only "all-in-ones" that don't make me doubt are the cleanser/toner/mask mixes. And while those work well for me, they don't work for everyone.

When discovering the cocktail that works for you, remember as in so many other areas of beauty and fashion, "less is more". Watch for your skin's particular issues and increase/decrease the components of your "cocktail" based on your results.

One of the biggest mistakes we make when using beauty products is not reading the "use for" instructions. We try things our friends recommend for beauty problems that are at base anything alike. For instance, a product that is fabulous at minimizing crows feet (not a big problem for me) isn't going to do much for dark, puffy circles (a huge issue for me - blame my Norwegian grandfather).

Staying within manufacturers is a good idea for the basics (cleanser, toner, sometimes mask & daily moisturizer), but sometimes the specialty treatments are going to be better from another source. Don't be afraid to experiment.

By the way, you can do the same kind of cocktail for your hair regime. Just remember to mix all after-shower conditioning products in one cocktail and styling specific products in another. Apply your conditioning products (including hair glosses and shines) first.

My favorite beauty care products are by Mary Kay and Avon.

I currently use the Timewise line by Mary Kay for my base products, Phyto-Countour by Yon Ka for my eyes, Anew Thirmafirm for those tiny wrinkles starting to develop and Beyond Color lip conditioner (in clear and colors) for my lips by Avon.

*Lucy's little legal caveat: do not ever use beauty products against manufacturer's specifications and while I'm happy to tell you the products I use, that in no way constitutes an endorsement or promise of product reliability or results.

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Wednesday Update!!!

Weather, Weather, Weather!!!

This is Andre writing in and I have been stuck inside my house all week. If you live in Portland, you know that we are having some cold, snowy, and icy weather. Hopefully next week will clear up and I can actually go to work! Until then I have a winner to address and a new update you should hear about.

Last Thursday's winner is bamabelle! If you are a winner please send your information to lucymonroe.promo@gmail.com.

Lucy has decided to start a new blog on Beauty Secrets. Check in on Friday's at 12:01pm to see what she has to say...

Have a wonderful and safe week out there!

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Thursday Surprise!

What a week it has been! Portland is freezing cold and there has been so much to do in the office. I apologize for letting the blog slow down! So to make up for lost time, I have decided to include a special prize and an extra special excerpt in today's post.

Do you think boys are more expensive than girls or vice versa? Why?

Answer this question with your opinion in a comment and I will give away a Lucy Monroe book with some other special goodies!

As for excerpts, I have two today from two different titles. Enjoy!

>>>Moon Magnetism<<<
“I like your honesty.” “I’m not sophisticated enough for sexual games.” “Aren’t you?” Incredibly, she blushed. “I meant head games, pretending I don’t want you when I do, that sort of thing.” He grinned. “I’m glad. I hate that sort of thing and for the record, I want you too.” “I got that impression, only why...” “I want you fully naked and under me the first time I come inside of you.” Her eyes widened until she resembled a shock victim. “You’re so blunt.” “So you’ve said.” He stalked her to the other side of the elevator, stopping when she was pressed tightly against the back wall and his body barely touched hers. “That makes us a good couple. Blunt is just another way of being honest.” The air vibrated between them and her breath came in shallow pants. She licked her lips and gasped when he followed suit, tasting her while placing his hands on either side of her head against the wall. He pushed his tongue inside her mouth, unable to resist deepening the kiss even though one part of his brain was telling him what a stupid choice that was. If he was going to make it out of the elevator without dropping his pants and impaling her against the wall, he had to keep his raging libido under control. Tasting the sweet warmth of her mouth was not going to help him do that. The elevator stopped with a gentle jolt and he managed to pull his mouth from hers and step back. “We’re here.” The only sound that came out of her mouth was a low whimper. Her eyes were shut again and her lips were parted as if inviting further kisses. He would take that invitation, just as soon as they made it into his room. He swept her up into his arms and pivoted on his heel. “You’ll have to pull the gates open.” She did, her fingers fumbling with the locking mechanism, but finally managing to get both gates pulled open and then shut after they stepped from the elevator. It was only a few feet down the hall to his door, but it felt like a mile, each step excruciating. Not because she was heavy, but because holding her excited him. To his already over stimulated nervous system, the feel of her body against his was enticement it took every ounce of his self control to ignore. Once inside his room, he let her stand, but kept an arm around her. She was wobbly. “I want you naked, Ivy.” She stared at him, her expression uncomprehending. He stepped back. “I. Want. You. To. Take. Your. Clothes. Off.” The glazed desire in her eyes faded a little. “Just me?” “Yes.” She crossed her arms over her chest in a defensive gesture that intensified his desire to push her farther than any lover had ever pushed her before. “Can’t we undress together?” “Are you refusing to cooperate?” he asked silkily, knowing that would prick her pride, push her toward proving her mettle. She saw his attempt at dominance as a personal challenge. It also excited her. He liked knowing that. It told him they were on the same wavelength in every way. Her eyes narrowed. “I’m not refusing; I just want it to be more mutual.” “It is mutual.” He cupped her face and kissed her, branding her lips with his barely restrained passion. “It will give me a lot of pleasure to see you undress.” He kissed her again. “And you will enjoy undressing for me.” “That’s not what I meant.” But she didn’t deny she would enjoy him watching her. She’d loved revealing herself to him in the elevator. Her arousal had been strong and blatant. Remembering the way she climaxed in his arms sent arrows of awareness straight to his dick. He stepped back. “Are you having a problem with our game?” “Um...” She licked her lips. He reached out and ran his fingertip down her cheek, letting it settle against the rapid pulse at the base of her neck. “If you don’t want to do it, all you have to say is my last name.” She glared. “I’m not giving in.” “This isn’t a contest.” “Isn’t it?” Maybe it was, but it was more about exploring feelings and needs that had never surfaced with another woman. She covered his hand against her neck with her own. “I want to undress, but I want you to undress too. You’ve already seen me half naked, but you haven’t even taken off your tie for goodness sake. Please Blake.” Please was not the safe word. Please was part of the game. “Does the thought of you standing there naked while I’m dressed make you feel vulnerable?” he asked, knowing the answer and ready for her to admit it. “Yes.”

>>>The Spy Who Wants Me<<<
Elle’s cell rang with the distinctive tone assigned to family. She flicked a brief glance at the phone while listening to the current head of security drone on about their state of the art protection system.
It wasn’t bad, but she’d identified more than a dozen weaknesses already. Some minor…one or two potentially major.
She had a text message. From her mother. Mom never used text. Elle clicked to the message. It read 911 and that was all.
Tension ratcheting through her body, she said, “Excuse me, but I’ve got to check on this.”
The head of security stopped mid-word, looking like he’d lost his place in a book and wasn’t sure where to start again.
Beau, who had insisted on accompanying her on the tour, said, “No problem.”
She turned from them and dialed her mom’s cell phone.
“Elle, is that you?” her mother said by way of an answer. Clearly not trusting Caller ID. Nothing new in that.
“Yes, Mama. What is wrong?”
“Wrong? You ask me what is wrong.”
“Yes, Mama. That is exactly what I am asking.”
“Do not take that tone with me, young lady.”
“Mother, I am at work.”
“Yes, this I know. And when were you going to tell me you were in California? You leave it for me to find out from someone else that my only grown daughter is near enough to visit, but has not done so.”
Matej! She was going to kill him. Slowly. Right after she finished paying penance with her mother.
“I do not think Danusia considers herself not a grown a woman. She is twenty-two, Mama.” It wasn’t a bad diversionary tactic, but she didn’t expect it to work.
And it didn’t. “We are not discussing your sister. She called me only this morning. She did not fly three thousand miles and neglect to mention the travel to me.”
Elle knew better than to mention the fact that she rarely told her family what she was up to. She went for diversion again. “I didn’t fly. I drove.”
“In that crazy insect car? Three thousand miles? It is so tiny, you cannot be safe on the freeways.”
“A Lamborghini Spider is not an insect.”
“What is a spider if it is not this?”
“Mama. This is crazy. We don’t need to talk about my car right now.”
“No. Only that you spent days driving it closer to home and did not bother to pick your phone up and call to tell us of your imminent arrival.”
“Mama, you would not want me to talk and drive. You hate that.”
Silence. Then, she said, “Your grandmother is heartbroken.”
“Don’t bring Baba into this.” Please.
“Why should I not? Has she not as much a desire to see you as I? Who knows if she will live to the next visit, heh?”
Oh, great. The Queen of Guilt Trips was waving her wand and darned if Elle wasn’t going under. Death would be too good for Matej. She was going to tell Baba he broke her favorite pie plate when he was sixteen using it as a Frisbee.
“Mama, I was going to call.”
Silence met her assurance.
“Really, Mama.”
“This is about your name, isn’t it? I wanted to name you after my dear friend, but the name made you feel less a member of our family. I will always regret this.”
“It’s not about my name. I love my name.”
“As do I, but still…it was a disservice to you. My mother always said so. She said, give the girl a good Ukrainian name just like all the boys, but I did not listen to her any better than my daughters listen to me.”
Now it was daughters in the plural. “What has Danusia done to upset you, Mama?”
“This is not something to talk about on one of these contraptions. You come to the house.”
“I will, Mama.”
“I can’t, Mama. I have to work.”
“Very well. I will tell your baba you cannot come. She has already started on the cooking, but I am sure she will understand.”
How could an undercover agent who routinely faced down perps that were not only armed, but dangerous be steamrolled by a woman who was barely five-foot-two with the face of a middle aged angel? Once Elle had an answer to that question, she might just be able to stop it from happening.
“I’ll be there tomorrow. For dinner.”
“Early dinner. Your sister will come from the university.”
“I’ll be there by six.”
“You cannot come earlier?”
“No, Mama, I can’t.”
Her mother grunted. It was a sound only mothers could make. It meant, “Well, if that’s the best you can do, I’ll have to accept it, but you’re going to hear about this later.”
“I love you, Mama.” The words, even more than this discussion, probably destroyed a good ninety percent of her tough image credibility, but she was not so stupid she would forego saying them. At least she’d remembered to speak in Ukranian.
Though, somehow, she just knew Beau Ruston guessed exactly what she had just said to her mother. His smug grin implied as much.
“I love you too, baby. You be careful driving that tiny little car. Maybe if you got a more steady job you could afford something bigger.”
Before her mother could get her teeth into her second favorite rant regarding her oldest daughter (the first being how it was time for Elle to settle down and start popping out babies), Elle told her she loved her again and cut the connection.

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Is it "Cold" in here???

Good Afternoon Everyone,

Sorry I didn't pick the winner yesterday as planned. I had to take the day off as I became "under the weather" with a cold! I did some research yesterday on natural health and remedies for colds. So far I have not taken any OTC cold medicines and have been doing great. I'm really into juicing with my Breville Juicer and I loaded up on Vitamin C. I have also been trying to ween myself off Tylenol and Ibuprofen for soars and headaches. I'll keep you posted on the results as they come in. So far I haven't taken anything OTC or prescription in 4 months. Just juice and exercise. I'm still alive!!!

Here are some common things we forget to do to prevent colds - (Cold Prevention)

As for a winner from Thursday's question. Michelle L, you have won the special prize! Please send me an email at lucymonroe.promo@gmail.com with your address and any special requests. Just to make sure your request is delivered timely, please use the subject line "SPECIAL BLOG PRIZE."

More prizes and excerpts later this week - check back soon!

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Thursday Post - "Star Quality" Excerpt

I have another mystery prize ready to give out. All you have to do is answer this question with your best response.

"Do you wake up or open your eyes first?"

Be sure to post your comments and I will pick a special winner on Monday. Good Luck!

Enjoy the excerpt...

He kissed her, paying thorough homage to every centimeter of quivering nerves between her legs. Then he lifted his head and she managed to turn hers enough to see him. Her essence glistened wetly on his mouth and his blue eyes were dark with sexual pride. And hungry need. He’d given her pleasure, now he wanted to take his.
“You said it again.”
“What?” she slurred.
“That you love me.”
“Yes.” And she’d liked saying it. Loved the freedom to express feelings she would get to revel in for a few short days at the most. There would be plenty of time to grieve his loss later, just as she had grieved Danny’s, but right now she could do nothing but celebrate being with this man.
Instinctively, she knew Blake wasn’t comfortable with emotion. It wasn’t controlled enough for him and this was one man who really liked to be in control. He’d given her a tremendous gift when he hadn’t allowed her honesty about her emotions to drive him away.
He didn’t say anything else, just started making love to her again, removing her blouse, caressing her, making her want him. Passion burned in his gaze like an inferno fed with gasoline, but his touch was gentle and incredibly, he incited her own desire until it matched his once again before taking her with an excruciatingly slow, but inexorable thrust.
He filled her completely and she wrapped her legs around his waist to keep him that way.
“It’s not too much, is it?”
“No, darling. Not too much.”
His eyes closed and his head went back, a look of utter bliss on his features. “You can take all of me.”
Their pelvic bones ground together. “Yes. I love taking all of you.”
Then he started to thrust, each movement slow and measured.
“Blake... I want... I need more!”
“I was too fast the first time, but this time I’m going to be slow and careful. You’re a lot smaller than me, Ivy.”
“Just because you’re some kind of freak of nature doesn’t mean I’m a fragile midget. Go faster, darn it.” She pounded his back.
But all she got for her trouble was another slow, deep glide.
She reached up with her mouth, latched onto a patch of skin just above his left nipple and started to suck.
A strangled sound that could have been her name came from his throat.
She kept sucking and pinched his right nipple, then played with it, delighting in the way the small hard nub felt against her fingers.
Suddenly he was rearing back, breaking the hold her legs had on him and tossing her over onto her stomach.
“Hey,” she yelled and then gasped as he slammed into her from the back.
He went so deep, he was touching her heart, at least that’s how it felt. “You are a vixen.”
“Vixen? Who says vixen?”
“I do. It fits the beautiful tease I’ve got in my bed.”
“We aren’t technically in your bed, we’re on it,” she panted.
“And I’m on you.”
“Yeah, couldn’t stand the heat, huh?”
“If you’ve only ever made love with one other man, where’d you learn that stuff?”
“I read.”
A deep laugh rumbled against her spine. “I’ll have to borrow some of your books.”
“Any time.”
“But right now, I want to love you without any of your little tricks, got it?”
If he’d said screw her, she would have said something equally sexy and tried to get the leverage to flip over, but he’d said love and even though he didn’t mean love-love, it still just melted her.
It wasn’t a good idea to go gooey on him though. That probably would scare him away. “Are we playing your game again?” she asked in an effort to keep it light.
“What would make you say that?”
“The fact you have me on my stomach and I can’t do anything but what you want.”
“Don’t you like it?” He thrust deep and pulled out slowly only to thrust deeply again.
When she got enough breath to talk again, she answered. “I like it just fine, but I don’t like you thinking you can always be in control.”
“Would I think that?” he asked, reaching around and under her with one hand, his voice all rumbling innocence and his fingers a temptation to sin. The questing hand slid along her belly and down to her pubic hair, then fingers pressed between her labia and touched her clitoris.
“You might think it, but you’d be wrong.” And she tried something else she’d read about.
He cursed, a word she never, ever said, but described spectacularly what they were doing.
She squeezed and released her inner muscles in a rhythm that matched his thrusts. Pretty soon the rhythm increased until all she could do was squeeze and hold the contraction for as long as possible then release and start squeezing again.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Tuesday Blog & Excerpt

December here we are! Can you believe that it is almost Christmas time? Well, seeing that time isn't going to slow down - we might as well sink ourselves into a good excerpt. But before we get to that let me inform you on the latest and greatest.

Lucy has some releases coming out and you should check them out (when they come out)!

--"Star Quality" - mass market re-release available in December.
--"The Spy Who Wants Me" - available in January 2009
--"Watch Over Me" - available June 2009

Visit lucymonroe.com for up to date news, contests, and sneak-peek excerpts.

Enjoy the excerpt from Moon Magnetism in Star Quality...

Considering the type of lovemaking he wanted, the level of personal sexual submission he was asking for, she could understand completely his desire for absolute clarity on what she was willing to do and participate in. It just went to show that no matter how dominant he wanted to play in the bedroom, he didn’t want to take anything she wasn’t prepared to give.
She liked that. She liked it a lot and it gave her the courage to give him the verbal confirmation he needed.
“Yes, I want you to love me.” She meant that quite literally, but she would settle for the physical variety. She didn’t have any choice.
The prospect of never knowing anything of his love for her entire life was too depressing to even consider.
“Any way you want,” she added for good measure.
Passion and approval flared in his eyes. “You don’t know how much that pleases me, sweetheart.”
The rich satisfaction in his voice was hard to mistake.
“I think I do.”
He smiled. “Maybe you do.”
He didn’t try to play footsie with her again, or say anything even borderline embarrassing as their meal was served and they began to eat. They discussed his proposal for upgrading the inn and she had to admit his ideas were sound. Neither of them mentioned the fact those ideas would put her out of a job.
He probably thought she was overreacting and didn’t see that as the actual outcome. She knew better, but had no desire to diminish the rapport with a negative reminder.
They were halfway through the main course and she had just finished telling him a humorous story about one of the guests when he got that look in his eyes again. The sexy-pirate-I’m-going-to-ravish-you look.
Her breath caught in her throat and she stared at him with the feeling she’d just been caught in the hunter’s sights and no matter how fast or far she ran, it wouldn’t be enough to get away.
“I want you to go to the ladies restroom and remove your panties, then come back to the table.”
“What?” she demanded in shock.
“You heard me.”
“But Blake!” She’d never done anything like that in her life.
“You know what to do if you have a problem with that.” There wasn’t the least amount of give in his expression and the tone of his voice challenged her.
“I’m not wearing panties,” she said, blurting out the first thing that came to her mind, just managing to keep it to a staccato whisper so other diners did not hear.
If he’d looked dangerous before, he now looked positively feral. “Hose or thigh highs?” he asked in a guttural voice.
“Go to the ladies and remove them.”
Ivy stared at him. All she had to do was say his last name and he wouldn’t ask her to do it again. She was tempted. It would be safer. It would also establish limits she wasn’t willing to go beyond. Limits she’d never gone past before, but he’d said he wanted to push her past those limits and the thing was...she wanted to be pushed.
She took a sip of her wine, wetting a suddenly dry mouth.
“Ivy?” The look of concern mixed with sexual hunger in his eyes wrapped itself around her heart and squeezed.
This man was so incredible.
She pushed her chair back and stood. “I’ll be right back.”


Blake couldn’t believe she’d done it. He couldn’t believe he’d asked. Hell, he’d always been an aggressive lover, but he’d never felt this need to obliterate a woman’s sexual boundaries. Except that was exactly what he wanted to do with Ivy Kendall.
She was so controlled. So buttoned up and proper. Giving control to him in the bedroom would be hard for her, but ultimately rewarding. He knew it. They both knew it, or she wouldn’t be on her way to the restroom right now, her hips shifting in a subtle rhythm that made his arousal pulse painfully against his fly.