Monday, November 03, 2008

Monday - Excerpt

Portland is very rainy and I thought this would be a great excerpt to sink your mind into!

An hour's worth of research after the party verified all of Claire's suspicions.
The farmer in question had died of a heart attack even though he'd had no history of heart problems. The land developer had become something of a town father and when his son entered local politics, no one had been surprised.
The son was medium build with gray eyes...he also had aspirations to the governorship, which was motive for a man with little conscience to silence Lester and anyone else who might be able to blow apart the house of cards his father had built. The question was...did the politician have no conscience?
There was still the agency director in D.C. to take into consideration. According to Ethan, whether he had a conscience or not was also questionable.
Hotwire shut down his laptop and closed it. "That's it then."
"This guy is the most solid lead we have," Wolf said, supporting his dozing wife as she sat sprawled across his lap.
"I want to talk to the feds before we go after him."
"I'm still not convinced that director had nothing to do with the attacks on Claire," Nitro said, echoing Hotwires thoughts.
"I got a voicemail from Ethan. He said he has Raymond Arthur ready for a meet in D.C."
"When?" Claire asked.
Her face fell. "I promised your mother and sister I'd go shopping with them. I'll have to cancel."
"There's no reason for you to go. In fact, I'd rather you didn't."
"Why not?"
"You'll be safer here. I don't want to take you into the lion's den until I know they aren't hungry."
"Smart man," Nitro approved.
"Why don't I go shopping with Claire and the others?" Josie asked. "I can keep an eye out for trouble while you all fly up to D.C."
"Why do Wolf, Lise and Nitro get to go and I don't?" Claire asked.
"I told you, I want you safe," he said at the same time as Wolf growled, "Lise will not be going."
Lise's eyes widened and then narrowed in a way that promised retribution for the high-handedness of Wolf's pronouncement, but she didn't argue.
Claire frowned. "I'll miss you." Then she brightened a little. "But I've got to say that though I've never actually looked forward to shopping, after this afternoon with Eleanor and Josette getting ready for the party, I really am."
He pulled her from her chair into his lap. "I'm glad you're getting along with my sister, sugar." He liked the thought of her missing him too.
"Are things going to get mushy around here? Because if they are, I think I'll take my pregnant wife to bed."
"Bed being the operative word," Nitro said in a deadpan voice, but everyone laughed anyway.
"Are you saying that's not where you want to take me?" Josie asked with a coquettish smile that threw Hotwire.
He'd crawled beside this woman through the rain forest, mud caked on their clothes, both of them armed to the hilt and feeling mean enough to chew nails. She didn't look mean now. She looked like a woman who enjoyed taunting the man she'd married.
Hotwire had to stifle a grin he was pretty sure Nitro wouldn't appreciate. Marriage had changed some things about his friend, but not everything. He could still be a mean son of a bitch when he wanted.
Nitro swung his wife in the air and carted her from the room slung over his shoulder, the only sound coming from the couple her shrieking laughs and promises of reprisal.
Lise tried to argue she was too heavy when Wolf cradled her against his chest and carried her out of the room too, but he paid her no mind.
Claire looked at Hotwire, her expression warm and intimate. "Are you going to carry me out of here too?"
"That depends."
"On what?"
"Where I get to carry you."
She batted her eyelashes and his dick jumped in his pants. "Bed?"
"You said the magic word." He stood up in one fluid movement with her tightly held in his arms.
He took her to his bedroom where he proceeded to do what he'd wanted to the first time she'd worn this dress...peel it off her and then spend a long time making love to every inch of her beautiful body.


Stacy~ said...

Aw, how nice to see the gang all together, and happy & in love. Great excerpt :)

Amy said...

Great excerpt. All these great exceprts is making me want to pull my copy and re-read it again!

CrystalGB said...

Great excerpt. :)

Jane said...

Aww. All the heroines are being carried off to bed.

flchen1 said...

Hee! Thanks for the fine snippet!