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Winner of Thursday's Contest

I'm glad to see that all of you enjoyed the steamy excerpt and posted your comments! Virginia, you have won the prize this week. All you have to do is send me and email to with your address and which book you would like (Ready, Willing, And Able). As soon as I get the confirmation, that prize will be out the door!

Stay tuned for more amazing excerpts and prizes!!!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Thursday Excerpt & Surprize!

Good afternoon everyone. It is extremely windy and rainy in Portland today. I heard that Denver is experiencing some very cold temperatures. Bundle up!

Today is Thursday and as promised I have created another amazing prize pack to try and win. This week I will be giving away your choice of either Ready, Willing, or And Able as well as some heart cased lipstick and some bath goodies.

Just make sure to leave your comments on the excerpt. I'll pick a random winner on Monday! Have a good weekend y'all...


Her eyes snapped dark fire at him. “Fine.” She yanked her jacket off, the thin cotton of her blouse not enough to hide nipples still hard from their time on the elevator.

She started unbuttoning it. “If you need the juvenile thrill of having me naked while you are dressed, I’ll take my darn clothes off.”

“You’re pretty mouthy for a woman who is supposed to be learning how to cooperate more fully with her boss.”

“I am cooperating,” she practically growled. “Can’t you tell?” She ripped the shirt off and tossed it on the floor.

He didn’t watch to see where it landed; his focus was too fixed on the beauty of her creamy breasts revealed in the stretchy lace cups of her bra. “That’s a scandalous piece of underwear.”

She shrugged. “No one can see it under the blouse and jacket.”

“I’m seeing it now.”

She reached behind her to unfasten it. “For a second longer anyway.”


She froze with her hands behind her back, a question in her eyes. Her delicate curves pressed forward in an intensely erotic display, the blush of arousal unmistakable on her fair skin.

“Peel it away slowly.”

Her breath hitched and she did as he said, revealing the flawlessness of her form one delicious centimeter at a time, until she finally let the bra fall to the floor.

He sucked in air, but he felt like all the oxygen had gone missing from his immediate vicinity. “You’re perfect.”

“I don’t feel as vulnerable as I thought I would.”

“Why should you? I’m the one ready to have a heart attack.”

She laughed, the sound soft and ultra-feminine. Was she amused by him?

He couldn’t drag his gaze from her gorgeous breasts to tell. They were small, but deliciously round and firm with tip-tilted nipples that were turgid points, colored a deep red from the blood rushing through them.

He wanted to taste those tantalizing berries, but that would have to wait. “Now the skirt.”

Without so much as blinking, she reached behind her and undid the button and zipper. The sound of it sliding down set of a burst of libidinous hormones in his body, making his muscles clench in primal preparation for taking his mate.

She shimmied it down her hips and it too fell to the carpet, revealing curls more red than the hair on her head. They were fluffy from his earlier ministrations and he knew if he touched them, she would quiver just as she had in the elevator.

He walked toward her, the draw of her body an irresistible pull. She wasn’t the vulnerable one right now. He was because he needed to touch her more than he needed to breathe, more than he needed to eat to survive, more than he needed warmth, or shelter or satisfaction in his job. He could live without those things, but he couldn’t live without touching her.

When he reached her, he reached out and shocked himself by not touching the erogenous zones on her body, the parts of her now revealed to his gaze for the first time.

He cupped the side of her face with one hand and pressed his other one against her heart. “You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen.”

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Tuesday Blog - Special Excerpt

Today I'm starting a new set of excerpts from Star Quality! The mass market re-release will be available in December. Enjoy!


She was going to boil Blake Hawthorne in oil and serve him up as the deep fried turkey for Thanksgiving.

“He’d better have his life insurance paid up,” she muttered.


Ed...darn it. Ed had to be dealt with before she could turn her arrogant jerk of a boss into fricassee.

She met his rainwater gaze straight on. “I can’t marry you, Ed. I’m sorry.”

“I kind of figured that out when Hawthorne came out snorting fire and belching brimstone.”

“What has that got to do with anything?”

Ed shook his head. “I’m not as boring as you think I am, but when you’re in love with someone else, any other man is just going to be a poor substitute.”

She stared at him, her heart twisting in her chest, her breath coming in shallow, desperate pants. “I’m not in love with someone else.”

She couldn’t be. Loving Blake Hawthorne would be criminally stupid. She could get ten years in Singh Singh for that kind of thing.

“But you do find me boring.”

“You’re an actuary...I don’t get numbers the way you do,” she said lamely in an attempt not to hurt him or have to lie.

“I hope he knows what an incredible woman he’s getting.” Ed leaned down and kissed her temple before moving to cover her lips with his own.

He drew the kiss out, even teasing her lips with his tongue and if she hadn’t been so shocked by the move, she would have jerked back. His mouth on hers did not feel right. It didn’t belong there. Though he wasn’t a bad kisser, she had to admit.

When he lifted his head, there was an unholy gleam in his eye and he nodded at something...or someone...over her shoulder. “Goodbye, sweetheart.”

A strange noise from behind her said the kiss Ed had just given her had definitely been for someone else’s benefit.

A strong hand landed on her shoulder a second after Ed walked out the door. Blake spun her to face him.

“You’re quitting?” he gritted.

“Yes.” She had no choice.

His mouth slammed down on hers with the power of a conquering army and her brain short-circuited in a blaze of sparks and hissing nerve endings.

Firm, warm lips devoured hers and she devoured them right back, tangling with his tongue and savoring the taste of a mouth that had been created for kissing. She wrapped her arms around his neck and pressed her body against hot, hard muscles not even remotely disguised by his conservative business attire.

Superman lived.

A growl emanated from his throat, a sound so primitive, it sent shivers down her spine and her thighs. Maybe not Superman. Blake Hawthorne was more like Conan the Barbarian.

His hands cupped her bottom and lifted, pressing her into awe-inspiring proof of his desire.

Heat radiated between her thighs, making her aware of dampness there as well.

“Um...Mr. Hawthorne...” from somewhere behind them.

He squeezed her butt and she groaned, sucking on his tongue.

Ivy!” a high pitched, woman’s voice near her ear, but it still didn’t register as something she had to respond to.

Blake broke his mouth from hers and she buried her face against his neck, licking and sucking salty, utterly deliciously masculine tasting skin.

“What?” rumbled up from his chest.

Was he talking to her? She lifted her head to look, dazed and needy in a way she’d never been before.

“Mr. Hawthorne, there’s a call for you.” Trudy’s voice saying something that didn’t make sense to Ivy’s sensually drugged brain.

“Damn it.” Blake dropped her and pushed her away.

Ivy tottered on legs wobbly from her brush with a wild barbarian and looked around her.

Horror was clawing at her insides before her gaze even reached Trudy’s shocked and clearly appalled countenance. Ivy, Trudy’s boss and manager of this inn, had stood necking like a horny teenager right in front of the reception desk. Anyone could have seen her. Probably lots of people had.

Close to lunchtime, the restaurant was filling up and Ivy could not help wondering in appalled fascination how many patrons had walked past the passion locked couple in the lobby.

“I’ll take the call in Ivy’s office,” Blake said, sounding entirely too self-controlled and unaffected for the man who had been squeezing her bottom and pressing her against his erection only moments before.

“Okay,” Trudy said, her eyes still fixed on Ivy as if she’d sprouted tentacles and a third eyeball.

Ivy didn’t even try for unaffected detachment. She turned tail and ran. Right up the stairs, both flights to the top floor where she slammed into her small apartment with less relief than a sense of desperation.

The small window air conditioner was on maximum cool, but her living-slash-dining room was still uncomfortably warm. Darn it. Blake was right. The inn needed central air and of course it made sense to cater to the guest’s needs by installing individually controlled systems.

She flopped down glumly on her white whicker sofa and it creaked alarmingly. She shifted and a twang between her thighs reminded her that though she was doing her best to block the memory of the past fifteen minutes, they had indeed happened.

How could she have lost all decorum and her sense of self-preservation in one go like that?

No way was she in the big city business mogul’s league, but now he had to know she wanted to be. And why the heck had he kissed her? He’d been acting possessive and territorial since Trudy announced Ed was there. Ivy had thought at first it was all about her being a good corporate employee, but she didn’t think bosses usually used kissing to keep their employees in line. Wasn’t that sexual harassment, or something? She certainly felt harassed, but as hot as that kiss had been she didn’t feel threatened by Blake. After all, she was the one who had told him she planned to quit.

The kiss had been no threat. To her career anyway. Her heart was another matter.

Ed had accused her of loving Blake Hawthorne.

Remembering the way she had responded to him the first time they met, and every time since...the fantasies she’d had about him, the way she felt in his company - she feared Ed might be right.

Blake was smart, and funny too when he wanted to be. He could also be a shark and that gave her an atavistic thrill she didn’t want to admit to, but was there all the same.

Oh, gosh...was she in love? Forget criminal stupidity, she was right on her way to total insanity.

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Winner Announced!!!

Congratulations to LIDIA...

You have won a Lucy Monroe Book of your choice, and some other tantalizing goodies!

Here's what you need to do - Send me an email at with your address and a list of your top three "to read" list of Lucy's Books. As soon as I get the email, I'll get the prize sent out!!!

Great resolutions everyone. Some of them, I had never heard of before!

I'll give another prize at the end of the week - So stay tuned!

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Thursday Special Contest

Thank Goodness it's Thursday! (Today is my Friday)

As promised I have another prize pack setup and ready to be sent to the next winner. In order to win you must provide me with an answer to the following question on a blog comment. I will randomly pick a winner on Monday. I will allow the winner to pick a Lucy Monroe book of their choice. I look forward to your responses.

2009 is coming up and as always we have goals and resolutions for the new year. What main goal or resolution do you want to accomplish and why?

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Hotwire walked into his office and did a quick visual check of his equipment. A light flashed, indicating Claire’s alarm had gone off. He swore, adrenalin pumping into his blood, an immediate sense of impotency sweeping over him. What could he do for Claire from his home in Montana?

Nothing. He didn’t like knowing that. Not one bit.

Fortunately, the light was yellow, which meant she’d turned it off...or someone had.

He grabbed the phone and dialed Claire’s number.

She picked up on the third ring, sounding breathless. "Hello?"

That breathy little hello instantly started him thinking of her writhing in the middle of an acre of silk sheets. The predictable effect of his imagination on his cock wasn’t exactly comfortable. He grimaced. "It’s Hotwire."


"Is everything all right?"

"Sure. there some reason it shouldn’t be?" She sounded guiltier than a kid caught sneaking out of her bedroom window after curfew.

"Your alarm went off."

"Did you give the police instructions to call you if it did?" Her voice vibrated with outrage. "Don’t you think that’s a bit excessive? I do not need a babysitter. Seriously. What were you thinking? Don’t tell me this was Josette’s idea. Sheesh, I don’t know what you thought you could do about it, in any case."

He’d noticed before that she talked fast and furiously when she was concerned about somebody else, angry, or feeling self-conscious. He wondered which one she was at the moment. She sounded mad, but there was something in her voice that hinted at embarrassment too.

"Tell me about the alarm, Claire."

A big heavy sigh came across the phone line. "Classes are over in another week and a half."


"Well, my final project in my Unix programming class is due. There’s a glitch in the program and I’ve been trying to figure it out."

"What does that have to do with the alarm going off?"

"I forgot to use the remote code on my laptop to disarm it when I got home."

"There’s a keypad inside as well."

"I wasn’t thinking about the alarm. I told you, I was trying to figure out my program...I didn’t think about the alarm at all." That was definite chagrin in her voice. "Not until it went off, anyway."

"Did the police come?"

"You know they did."

In fact, he hadn’t. "Good."

"It wasn’t good. It was awful. I was a nervous wreck trying to explain the alarm to the police. What if they'd thought I was the one breaking in? After all, the house doesn't belong to me."

"That's highly unlikely."

She grunted, the sound one of pure disgust. "I was mortified. The neighbors came out and gawked. One of them even came over to make sure I was all right."

"How long did the alarm go off before you noticed it?" he asked, trying to control the amusement in his voice.

"I don’t know." She sounded petulant and he’d never heard her sounding that way.

It made him horny. Heck, just about everything she did made him want her.

"I’m surprised your neighbor came to check on you."

"He’s ex-military. A retired SEAL or something. You guys are all alike...interfering."

He laughed.

She made a sound like steam escaping a teakettle and he bit off his laughter.

"That alarm is a big pain." Something in her tone alerted him and he started running a diagnostic on the system from his computer.

"No strange phone calls, or anything?" he asked just to keep her talking while the system ran its check.

"Other than this one? No."

"There’s nothing odd about one friend calling to check on another."

"I thought you were Josette’s friend."

"Is there anything that says I can’t be yours as well?"


"Good." Then his computer beeped and he glared at the screen, wanting to bite something. "Why did you disable the alarm, Claire?"

There were probably only a handful of people in the country that could have done it without the code, which he had not given her on purpose. And according to the stats he was now looking at, she’d done it a lot faster than even she should have been able to.

"How do you know I did?"

"I ran a diagnostic."

"Oh. You mean you have my security system hooked up to your computer?"


"That’s how you knew it had gone off?"

"Uh huh. I didn’t leave instructions for the cops to call, but maybe I should fix that."

"Don’t you dare. This was humiliating enough as it is."

"The alarm can’t do you any good turned off."

"I’m not having the police out here every other day because I accidentally set it off. That’s just not on, Hotwire."

"So don’t set it off."

She was silent on the other end of the line.

"Come on, sugar. I know you struggle with focusing on the world around you sometimes, but you can train yourself to remember the alarm."

"Why do you call me sugar? I’m not a piece of candy."

"You taste as sweet as one."

"Yeah, right."

"Trust me. I’d rather suck on your tongue than a peppermint stick any day of the week."

"You’re flirting with me," she said accusingly.

"And I bet you’re blushing." She acted tough, but she reacted to the attraction between them with more vulnerability than he was sure she wanted to admit to.

She sighed, the soft sound shivering through him. "Maybe."

"You’re awfully innocent for a woman of twenty-eight."

"Innocent is one thing I’m not." The cynicism in her tone was absolute. "And how did you know how old I am? Did you hack into my identity records?"

"No. I found out the old-fashioned way. I asked Josie."


"You’re not going to sidetrack me from the issue at hand."

"I wasn’t trying to sidetrack you."

No, it probably hadn’t been on purpose. She just had a tendency to jump from one subject to another. "I’m turning the alarm back on and this time I want you to leave it that way."

"If it goes off again, I’m cutting the wires."

"You’ll do no such thing."

"Watch me."

"You do not have authorization to dismantle the alarm."

"This is not the military. I don’t need authorization. I’m the one living here. If I don’t want an alarm disrupting my life, I don’t have to have one."

"Then move out, but as her renter, you have no right to circumvent measures Josie has put in place to protect her property. The alarm and the house it safeguards belong to her, not you." The words were harsh, but he had no choice.

He couldn’t force her to keep the alarm enabled from several hundred miles away and he’d already used the argument about Claire’s own safety to no avail. She refused to give credence to his concerns, but that didn’t make them any less real. And he refused to dismiss them because she didn’t want the inconvenience of remembering the alarm.

"You’re right," Claire said, her voice subdued. "I’m just the renter. This isn’t my home. I won’t disconnect the alarm again. If that was all you needed..."

Josie was going to kill him. He’d hurt Claire’s feelings and he wasn’t all that happy about it himself. "Claire—"

"Thank you for calling to check on m...the house. As I said, everything is fine."


"I’ll try not to inconvenience you again. Goodbye."

The phone went dead in his ear and he swore pungently, glad his mama wasn't there to hear him. His army drill sergeant had never intimidated him like her five feet nothing of Southern Belle charm.

He hadn’t meant to hurt Claire and he had not called to check on the damn house. His jaw ached from clenching it as he re-set the alarm. He checked his messages and email, but couldn’t get the hurt tone of Claire’s voice out of his head. Finally, he gave in and called her again.

She didn’t pick up and he checked her schedule only to realize she had a class and would be working later that night. He left a message telling her he had re-armed the system, but didn’t know what to say to undo the damage he'd done to her feelings, or even if it was a good idea to try.

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Remember that contest I was running on Thursday? Well, I have picked a winner and SARABELLE - you have won the prize!!! If you would please send me an email at with your mailing information, I can get the prize sent out!!!

Stay tuned as I will be giving out more goodies at the end of the week. Be safe out there!!!