Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Giveaway Winners!!!

I spent an hour or so yesterday at the Denver International Airport going through all of the answers. Here are the results...

one6ylady - you have won one of Lucy's Books and a Christmas surprise. China sounds like a blast and I'm sure your kids would have an amazing experience!

flchen1 - you have won "And Able" and some other special goodies from Lucy Monroe. I actually did go to Golden and we drove up this huge mountain, the foothills is what they were called I think! We drove by the Coors Brewery and took a nice walk through Golden. One of the most amazing places I've seen. Those mountain are majestic to say the least! So are the homes!

Cheri2628 - Actually, no one guessed the correct answer. Last week before I had updated my logo, if you looked real close at all the graphics on the home page you would see the outline of a face. However, I updated my logo yesterday and Cheri was the first one to actually tell me exactly what the graphic meaning was. You have won "And Able" and it's bookplate signed by Lucy!

If you have won any of these prizes - Please send me an email at lucymonroe.promo@gmail.com with the subject line GIVEAWAY WINNER!

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Amy said...

Congratulations to all the winners!