Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Cesar Mesa - Guest Blog

César Mesa’s friendship has been a very special gift to me, and in the two years I’ve known him, I’ve had the pleasure of watching his first CD arrive to enchant everyone who hears his fabulous, romantic voice. There is a special passion to some singers, and they translate that into every word and note they sing… César is one of those special people. When I asked if he would allow me to interview him for Lucy’s blog, so you could all meet him, and experience the beauty of his music, he was gracious enough to say yes, so without further babble, ladies and gentlemen, the incredible César Mesa…

Hello Denysé, First at all, excuse my delay, I have been busy for this time. Thank you very much for your patience. My English is very bad but I’ll try my best.

D: Have you been singing your whole life, and was it always the dream that you wanted to pursue?

CM: I remember myself singing all time since I was a child but at the age of 14, I had to stay away from it due to many reasons: my father's passing, the work at my family's business and school. Otherwise now I know that makes me happy.... to sing.

D: Your music is so breath-taking, filled with romance and passion - was this a commercial choice you made or is it a reflection of your personal affinity for the passion of the music?

CM: Of course, is not a commercial choice, I love the music and I’m very romantic, I think that my music and voice is just a reflection/projection of myself, when I sing, to share my feelings is the most important for me.

D: What goals have you set for yourself in terms of your musical career? Where would you like to be in five years, musically?

CM: I’m just beginning my musical career as a singer, but I want to grow up musically and go as far as possible, there are no goals for me now.

D: For those of us who have the pleasure of experiencing your voice and your passionate commitment to the quality and beauty of your work, the experience is thrilling. What do you feel makes the connection between you and your audience so special? Clearly, you are handsome and charismatic, and superbly talented, but my honest feeling is that you speak to the hearts and souls of the romantic in all of us, and that creates an incredible bond of love that spans language and countries.

CM: I believe above all, in the most important thing in our lives – LOVE. When I sing, I feel love, there is no language for this universal feeling. I sing always from my heart and I like to think that this makes the connection between my audience and me. I can feel this beautiful connection everyday when I read all their kind messages. This is the most beautiful gift for me, they make me feel really happy.

D: César, if there is anything at all you'd like to tell the readers and listeners, what would you like them to know about you or your work?.

CM: OK, now my producer and great friend Rogelio and me are working composing new original songs for my second independent album. We are searching for support for an international projection, otherwise we will keep working hard every day.

Thank you very much for listening - to sing is nothing if nobody is listening.

Excuse my English please. Thank you very much Denysé for your time, you are really a very special woman.



To hear César’s incredible music, visit is websites. His first CD is available for purchase, too!!

Official Website: http://www.cesarmesa.com

Official MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/cesarmesa

Cesar Mesa - Youtube Video


Marilyn Shoemaker said...

Romantic doesn't even describe the song....the man, WOW! I'm going out to get my copy. Lucy thanks for sharing this incredible music. Cesar, great interview.

Jeanne said...

I've been very fortunate to hear Cesar's CD. I love it that he sings in so many different languages and with an instinctive feel for both the music and the lyrics.
Seeing the video enhanced the song for me for one big reason: it was simple. Cesar lets the music tell the story and doesn't go nuts with special effects and oversung notes.
Listening to this song made me feel very happy and relaxed and yet, filled with love!
Wonderful performer.

Denysé said...

For anyone who's known me awhile, you've heard this man's name mentioned more than once over the past couple of years. He truly is a remarkable and special person, and a gifted performer. Knowing him is a pleasure and a privilege. Please enjoy this few minutes with César, he's so amazing....

Lucy, Andre - thank you for sharing this magic with so many readers and wonderful people.

Love to all...

Cryna said...

Thank you for sharing this great music with us. I had never heard it before, but I want to get this CD......it was wonderful. What a great feeling when you listen.

hotcha12 said...




Colleen Love said...

Simply breath taking, Cesar! Thank you for sharing your beautiful voice with us.

Denyse~ Great interview, thank you for bringing him into the spotlight and sharing Cesar's rich and wonderful talent.


kaz said...

Great interveiw Denyse , Cesar thankyou so much , your voice is so amazing you sing with such passion unlike so many singers these days , truly delightful

Linda LaRoque said...

What a wonderful interview.

Cesar, your English is as beautiful as your music! It sings.


Michele L. said...

Whew! Wow! What an incredible voice! You make my heart go pitter-patter! Absolutely love your singing, Cesar!

Thanks for introducing us all to Cesar! I haven't heard his music before and it was interesting reading about him. I will definitely be buying his CD!

Michele L.

Lisa J said...

Simply stunning - in every way.

Thank you for sharing your music and part of your life with us all - it is an honour and a priviledge.

Lisa xx

elliott610 said...

a truly incredible voice, wonderful peformance.

Jane said...

Cesar has an amazing voice. What a beautiful song.

Amy said...

What an amazing voice and a beautiful song. Great Interview

Denysé said...

Hello everyone.

I've forwarded all of the posts to César, and he wanted you to know how happy all of your lovely comments have made him, and to send his thanks for taking the time to send him such wonderful wishes.

For myself, it's been a real pleasure to introduce him to you because he is very, very special.

So, thanks from both of us!!!


Debby said...

WOW, what a great voice. I enjoyed listening to him. Aloha from Author ISland!!