Tuesday, October 21, 2008

And Able - Excerpt

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"Claire," Josette yelled from the other room.

"That’s my cue to go."

"Good luck."

"Aren’t you coming to watch?"


"Marriage isn’t a disease, you know. You can’t catch it being in the same room as Josette and Nitro."

He smiled a little. "It’s a good thing since I was at the wedding."

"You really are clinging to your freedom, aren’t you?"

"I’m not ready to settle down, no."

She shrugged. Marriage wasn't her idea of life happily ever after either, but his single status was almost a religion for Hotwire. "Thanks again...for getting me my locket back."

"Hey, no big deal."

Wolf had told her that Hotwire had spent precious extra minutes searching the offices of the terrorist group they brought down the month before, risking his very life to get her necklace back. Hotwire was hero material for sure...she however, was no princess and she didn't believe in fairytales anyway.

"It is to me," was all she said and then she turned and walked away, her hand rising of its own volition so her fingertips could press the swollen contours of her lips.


Hotwire watched Claire walk away and damn near went after her when she touched her mouth as if holding onto their kiss. He hadn’t been this turned on in...hell, he wasn’t sure he’d ever been this turned on.

Claire did nothing to entice him and he spent every second in her company wanting to strip her naked.

If the near debilitating desire wasn’t enough, he actually enjoyed her company. He’d once told Nitro that he and Claire had nothing in common. And in some ways that was true. The woman was a vegetarian and a pacifist. Not exactly best buddy material for a former mercenary.

But she was also smart and understood computers with the same intrinsic ability as he did. She shared his passion for new technology as well. He’d never met another woman like her.

She didn’t dress to her best advantage. He’d never seen her wearing makeup before today, but her lack of artifice didn’t make her any less feminine to him. He felt more male hormones rampage through him in her company than he did surrounded by a gaggle of his mother’s southern belle protégés.

But something about Claire held him back from acting on what those male hormones wanted him to do. Her ready confirmation that she was not the kind of woman to enjoy a no-commitment affair was only part of it. Even if she would accept those terms, he had a feeling that sex with her would be more than mind-numbing physical pleasure.

For all her lack of feminine wiles, Claire Sharp was a dangerous woman. She was so damn different from those Southern belles his mama was so fond of. Any woman he knew from back home would accept whatever he chose to give her with a sweet smile and an attitude that said she was doing him a favor letting him give it to her.

Claire wasn't like that. At all. She said she refused to accept charity, but he didn't consider helping a friend charity.

Heck, it had taken some major fast-talking on Josie’s part to get Claire to keep using the laptop he’d given her when she learned she wasn’t getting hers back. The FBI had confiscated it as evidence the month before. Hotwire hadn’t been surprised by the fed’s action, which was why he’d made sure her grandmother’s locket was off the premises when the FBI moved in on the bad guys.

She was his friend, even if maybe she didn’t see herself that way.

There weren’t many people he put in that category and it irritated him she didn’t consider herself one of them. He didn’t get it, but there were a lot of things about Claire that mystified him and would continue to do so.

Because time spent in her company trying to figure her out was hazardous...both to his libido and his peace of mind.



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