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And Able Excerpt & Mystery Surprise

Winner has Been Chosen - Read Blog Comments to see who!!!

Well, not much going on around the Lucy office so I thought I'd spice up the day with a new prize. I will be giving away a mystery book from Lucy's collection along with some other hidden goods. You will only know what the prize is when you have received it! Exciting huh?

Post your comments for today's blog and I will pick a winner. However, there is a catch - You need to tell me a website that you feel is all around a cool website. It can be important to you because of design, content, style, name, whatever!!! Just write out the link in your post and I will choose one that gets my attention the best. Try and pick something original. I think it's fair to say we have all seen,,,, ect. An example of one of my favorites is

As always enjoy an excerpt from Lucy's mass-market release And Able!


Hotwire watched Claire walk away and damn near went after her when she touched her mouth as if holding onto their kiss. He hadn’t been this turned on in...hell, he wasn’t sure he’d ever been this turned on.

Claire did nothing to entice him and he spent every second in her company wanting to strip her naked.

If the near debilitating desire wasn’t enough, he actually enjoyed her company. He’d once told Nitro that he and Claire had nothing in common. And in some ways that was true. The woman was a vegetarian and a pacifist. Not exactly best buddy material for a former mercenary.

But she was also smart and understood computers with the same intrinsic ability as he did. She shared his passion for new technology as well. He’d never met another woman like her.

She didn’t dress to her best advantage. He’d never seen her wearing makeup before today, but her lack of artifice didn’t make her any less feminine to him. He felt more male hormones rampage through him in her company than he did surrounded by a gaggle of his mother’s southern belle protégés.

But something about Claire held him back from acting on what those male hormones wanted him to do. Her ready confirmation that she was not the kind of woman to enjoy a no-commitment affair was only part of it. Even if she would accept those terms, he had a feeling that sex with her would be more than mind-numbing physical pleasure.

For all her lack of feminine wiles, Claire Sharp was a dangerous woman. She was so damn different from those Southern belles his mama was so fond of. Any woman he knew from back home would accept whatever he chose to give her with a sweet smile and an attitude that said she was doing him a favor letting him give it to her.

Claire wasn't like that. At all. She said she refused to accept charity, but he didn't consider helping a friend charity.

Heck, it had taken some major fast-talking on Josie’s part to get Claire to keep using the laptop he’d given her when she learned she wasn’t getting hers back. The FBI had confiscated it as evidence the month before. Hotwire hadn’t been surprised by the fed’s action, which was why he’d made sure her grandmother’s locket was off the premises when the FBI moved in on the bad guys.

She was his friend, even if maybe she didn’t see herself that way.

There weren’t many people he put in that category and it irritated him she didn’t consider herself one of them. He didn’t get it, but there were a lot of things about Claire that mystified him and would continue to do so.

Because time spent in her company trying to figure her out was hazardous...both to his libido and his peace of mind.


"And this switch turns the outer lights on steady illumination," Hotwire pressed the small button and the backyard lit, exposing every shadowy recess.

He'd driven Claire home so he could over the new security system with her.

"Great," Claire enthused, though he got the distinct impression she was humoring him. "I’m amazed you got it all done so quickly."

He shrugged. "No sweat. It’s what we do."

She cocked her head to one side and looked at him. "Not exactly. Your new company specializes in hi-tech security on a much bigger scale."

"It’s the same principle."

"There’s nothing dangerous about installing outdoor lighting in a residential neighborhood."

"We’re not mercs anymore, Claire. Our day jobs aren’t that dangerous either."

"Right. According to Josette, your latest client is an international politician who requested your expertise in keeping him alive because he’d received so many death threats in the past year."

"Coordinating protection for one politician is nothing compared to going into a war zone to bring out hostages."

"Agreed. But then, securing Josette’s rental house is nothing in comparison to the politician either."

"But no less important." Her safety mattered to all of them.

"Thanks." She smiled, her pretty pink lips void of the gloss she’d worn earlier.

The thought that he had kissed it off tormented him. He could still taste her on his lips and the desire to kiss her again grew with every breath he took in her radius. Coming to her house alone had been a really bad idea. He hadn’t reacted to a woman like this since Elena and even then, he’d had more control of the physical desires riding him.

Her brown gaze was warm. "You did a great job. I really like the way you set up remote access capability from my laptop."

"I figured you would."

"You know me so well." Which made her look wary for some reason.

The temptation to touch her about overwhelmed him and he took a quick step back. "If you don’t have any questions, I’ll head back to the hotel."

"No questions, but if you don’t mind waiting for just five minutes..." She smiled tentatively. "I would really appreciate a ride to the Max station. It’s on the way, or I wouldn’t ask."

His brow furrowed. "Why do you want a ride to the light-rail station?"

"Because it will save me a bus ride and two transfers. I’ll only take a minute changing clothes. Really."

He didn’t doubt it. Claire did not primp, but his libido rebelled at the thought of her changing out of the entirely feminine and extremely sexy dress she’d worn in the wedding. Though he didn’t mind the idea of her taking the pins out of her silky red hair. The style was elegant, but not her. He liked her wild mop of auburn curls.

"I don’t mind waiting for you, but if you need a ride somewhere, I’ll take you." He wasn’t dropping her off at some mass transit station at night.

"That’s not necessary. It’s only a short ride on the Max to Belmont Manor."

"Why are you going to the nursing home?"

"It’s not a nursing home. Belmont Manor is an assisted living care facility." She grimaced. "Sorry. I didn’t mean to get all politically correct on you, but the management has been really cracking down on how we refer to it."

"No problem, but you still haven’t told me why you’re going to the assisted care facility tonight."

"I have to work."

"Josie didn’t say anything about it." And that surprised him, almost as much as her not sending Claire home from the reception in time for her to take a nap before going in to work.

"I didn’t tell her."

"Why not?"

"She would have insisted I take the night off."

"Considering the circumstances, that would have made the most sense."

"Maybe, but I can’t afford to take off two nights in a row without pay. If I’d told Josette, she would have offered to pay me and then we would have argued. I didn’t want to have a fight with her before her wedding."

"But you haven’t slept." And if he knew women as well as he thought he did, she hadn’t gotten much sleep the night before either.

Her mouth curved in a quirky smile though the shadows around her eyes betrayed her weariness. "Well, no...but sleep is overrated anyway."


Jane said...

This might not be original, but I love UrbanDictionary. You learn something new everyday.

flchen1 said...

As a reader, I've really enjoyed's done a fabulous job of putting together a site that's great for readers and gives authors a chance to reach a wide new pool of eyeballs :)

Amy said...

I love A lot of authors have their websites at writerspace and you can link to the authors site from the main page of WS. They also host chats weekly with authors and have a lot of great bulletin boards.

cas2ajs said...

I love doing crafts and needlework so one of my favorite sites to visit is the following:

Not only does the man knit and crochet, he has created some fabulous patterns of his own.

Cheryl S.

Cryna said...

The website I like and go to all the time is Romance Junkies at

It is great for reviews on books, chats, contests, and more.

Another great excerpt.

Brandy said...

I visit Romancing the Blog every day. Not only is there a list of authors, but there is also a list of readers who share like-minded book tastes! Fun!

Joni said...

"Aloha from AuthorsIsland" This is a really enjoyable site.
I will be reading the Mercenary Trilogy as soon as possible.

sarabelle said...

I love They have some very entertaining blog posts.

traveler said...

I enjoy many writing sites which are appealing. The Site Bookbrowse is extremely informative and interesting. A wonderful variety of books and reviews are posted daily.

limecello said...

Eek - hopefully I'm not too late. I had an 18 hr day of craziness and no fun yesterday.
I really like lolcats - LOVE it.

anne said...

I enjoy perusing Serious Eats which is a lovely site with recipes, information and ideas about all types of food and eating out.

ruth said...

My ultimate favorite travel website is Lonely Planet. It provides me with everything that I would like to know about travel and is fascinating reading.

diane said...

A site which is excellent since it is completely devoted to books and reading is Dear Reader. So many authors and books are available and featured each week. I check it regularly and enjoy it greatly.

Andre Martinez (Promo Guy) said...


There are a handful of winners in my mind but I do have to choose one. These were the top sites in my opinion!

Urban Dictionary - not super original but very insightful to say the least.

AuthorIsland - I'm extremely picky when it comes to efficiency & accessibility. Yet author island is hands down one of the best web sites in the romance genera. I work with DeNita pretty frequently and her skills continue to amaze me!

icanhascheezburger??? What on earth is this! Very nice layout and extremely interesting.

Serious Eats - Very simplistic blog with great information and a clean design.

Dear Reader - very different design format. Smooth graphics, and interesting content.

Lonely Planet - I travel quite a bit and this was a real treat to go through.

After going through all the sites I rated on content, accessibility, SEO comparison, design, layout, and originality.

Diane (Dear Reader) You have won the mystery prize! Send me an email at

Diane, also include in your email a top 3 list of Lucy's books that you either haven't read or don't have.

flchen1 said...

Congrats, Diane! Dear Reader's a great site! Thanks, Andre! And thanks, everyone, for adding to the list of sites to visit :)

Amy said...

Congrats Diane

Cryna said...

Congratulations, Diane.....

Michele L. said...

Congrats Diane! I am always late to contests! Drat! I have been working a lot lately and haven't had a chance to go on my favorite blogs.

My favorite site since I love to read all kinds of books is . You all might want to check it out. They have a great newsletter they send out every Friday along with bookclubs and contests!

Great contest Andre! I sure am sorry I missed out on this one!

Michele L.

limecello said...

Congrats Diane!

smartblonde8302 said...

This was a great contest! I am always looking for new fun stuff to do on the internet, and now I have a bunch.

smartblonde8302 said...

oops, also, aloha from author island. LOL. congrats Diane!

Pat Cochran said...

Congratulations to Diane!

Aloha from Author Island!

Pat Cochran

Andre Martinez (Promo Guy) said...

Don't worry!

I'll be posting some more fun contests and activities like this in the near future!

thanks again for all of your input


catedid said...

"Aloha from Authors Island". Love your website. Keep up the great stories, love to read them.

mpannell2 said...

Aloha from AuthorIsland

I can't wait to read these! They look great!

Sue A. said...

Congrats to Diane!

"Aloha from AuthorIsland"