Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Wed Blog Update & Teaser Excerpt

Today I'm in the office going through the usual paperwork and to do lists. I thought today we could do something slightly different. I'm still learning a great deal about Lucy's books and the romance genre and I was wondering if any of her readers could help me out. I want to know who your favorite character is in any of Lucy's books. Tell me why you like them as a favorite, how that character relates to you or someone you know, and if you could spend a couple hours with them what would you do or talk about. I'm looking forward to your comments on this.

Also, Lucy is in Michigan at the moment getting ready for her book signing. Here are the details if you are interested in meeting Lucy and getting a book signed.

Book Signing for Lucy Monroe
Paperbacks n'Things
8044 N Wayne Rd Westland, MI 48185 734-522-8018
Wednesday - Sept 17th

As always, I have a brand new excerpt from And Able. Enjoy!


Hotwire drove while his mind churned with the ramifications of Claire's reaction to seeing the kill book.

The reality of Lester's past as Arwan had devastated her. She didn't understand why he had become an assassin or how he could have lived his life doing one job after another.

Would she be any more capable of dealing with Hotwire's past? It was far from pristine. He'd gone solo like Lester had done and although Hotwire had never once killed for money, he had been forced to kill in self-defense and the defense of others in his years as a mercenary.

Would Claire be able to understand and accept that?

He'd never been ashamed of his life as a soldier, both for his government and as a private operator. He'd believed in his job in the Rangers and he'd taken that core set of beliefs with him into his life as a mercenary. He had used his skills to protect, to save and to defeat the enemy.

Some would look at his past and see shades of brutality when in reality, he'd only done what had to be done at the time.

It wasn't a carbon copy of Lester's path, but it was close enough. He remembered the discussions he and Claire had had about violence as a solution to a crisis. She said she wasn't a pacifist, but if she wasn't, she was damn close.

For the first time, he wondered if her refusal to marry him had something to do with her inability to accept his past. It made sense, but it also worried the hell out of him.

He'd been pretty confident of overcoming her emotional misgivings, but how could he convince her that his past did not make him a monster?

The prospect that he would have to bothered him. A lot. He'd spent his whole adult life excusing and explaining his career choices to his family and he'd always felt a barrier between himself and the rest of them because of it.

He didn't want to feel the same separation from Claire.


Brett was strangely subdued as they made their way to his hotel suite. He hadn't said much since her emotional outburst at the rest area.

She'd never made friends least not since her dad's death. She had a hard time trusting people and letting them close required a level of risk that she'd always shied away from. She knew better than most people how easy it was to lose the people in your life who were supposed to be constant.

She'd let Queenie and Lester into her heart and then Josette, whom she'd shared more with than anyone else...besides Brett. She hadn't realized how lonely she'd been until she'd become friends with Josette, though. Her time with Queenie and Lester had always been limited to her work hours, but Josette's friendship had permeated every aspect of Claire's solitary existence. She didn't want to be alone anymore.

She wanted more than Brett's body, she wanted his friendship on a level that scared her spitless because it made her vulnerable to losing him. If he walked away, it would hurt. So much. No matter what label she wanted to put on the feelings she had for him. She wished she could turn her emotions off like she'd done the final years of taking care of her mom, but she didn't know how.

Brett let them into the suite with his key card and a few seconds later, while she was still busy stretching the kinks from the nearly two hour car ride, he swore.

She spun to face him. "What's the matter?"

"The suite was searched while we were gone." He was glaring down at something beside his computer.

"Did they take anything?"

"It doesn't look like it and unless they were better at computer security than I am, they weren't able to log onto either of our systems."

"Good." She hated this feeling of violation and for whatever reason the thought of a faceless person poking around in her computer files was even worse.

Brett powered up his system. "Unless the civ took a crash course in subtle searching methods, I think we're looking at the men in black as culprits."

"When you find out who they are, I want to tell them a thing or two."

"Me too, sugar. Me too." The dark menace in his voice made her shiver.

"Are you still convinced they weren't responsible for my attack?"

"I have a hard time seeing one of our government agents trying to smother you with a pillow."

"You can say that after seeing Arwan's kill book?"

Brett's face closed up. "Yes."


Judy said...

The first time I read this book, I remember how intrigued I was by the plot. It was so unexpected and worked so well. Seeing these two work out their differences was both funny and touching. Another excerpt that makes me want to read the book all over again.

Cryna said...

As Judy said this is another excerpt that wants me to shelve what books I have to read and to reread this whole series. This book was so well done, as is all of Lucy's stories.

As for picking one of her characters that is a favourite, I can honestly say that that would be impossible, because each has their own merits and are the favourite in the book. This trilogy has some really favourite characters but I can't just pick one because it is like ohhh there was this one, or that one, and what about that

Michele L. said...

Oh picking a favorite character? That is hard! Lucy is just so amazing at creating such fascinating characters. I like them all!

Way to go Lucy! This trilogy is the best!

Michele L.

limecello said...

Oh gosh - favorite character? I think I'd have to go with... ack... Simon, from the real deal. (I can't really type today b/c I injured myself) - but I love how smart he is, and how much he loves Amanda. How capable he is - and albeit "absentminded" and removed, how much he cares about the employees. And he's hot. Love him.

Stacy~ said...

I agree that it's hard to choose just one or two of Lucy's characters. They're all so wonderful in their own way. But my favorite in the R,W & A trilogy is Willing, and I loved Nitro and Josie. Their story was so hot, but I also really liked them as a couple, and Josie was just as tough as Nitro. Loved that.

Jane said...

Joshua is my favorite, but Alan is a close second.

Brandy said...

Another from my keeper shelves! *G*

Amy said...

I love all of Lucy's characters but I have to agree with Limecello about Simon from The Real Deal. I think Simon is everyone a woman could want in a man. He is very intelligent, has a amazing body, is wealthy, loves his heroine Amanda and cares about others. And his absent mindedness just makes him more lovable.

Michelle said...

"Aloha from AuthorIsland" Lucy,
love your books and hope you are having a great start to are the autumn colors in the northwest?

I Heart Book Gossip said...

"Aloha from AuthorIsland"
Loving the excerpt!

Cheri2628 said...

Aloha from Author Island! I am enjoying the excerpts. This sounds like a great trilogy.

megalon22 said...

Aloha from AuthorIsland! This book looks so good. Thanks for the excerpt.

Email said...

Aloha from AuthorIsland! Thanks for the Excerpt.

RachaelfromNJ said...

''Aloha from AuthorIsland''

Love the excerpt! Sounds great!