Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Tuesday Teaser - And Able

A quick update, Lucy will be writing Thursday's blog so stay tuned! She has some exciting giveaways and will be commenting on special updates!

As always, enjoy the excerpt!

"Nothing." Then he just stood there, silent and taking up more space than even his over six foot frame should occupy.

His hands rested against her neck, one thumb now brushing back and forth across her rapidly beating pulse. She began to wonder if her assessment of him as lion at rest was accurate. She realized he was coiled to spring at any moment and like truly mesmerized prey, she didn't think she could lift a finger to stop him.

The heat of the locket warmed by his hand burned against her bare skin. "Thank you," she blurted out.

One brow rose. "For the compliment?"

She shook her head and then realized that might have been a mistake when his blue eyes narrowed.

"Then why?"

"For finding my locket and returning it to me. I know it’s just a necklace, but it means a lot to me." It was her talisman, serving to remind her she did not have to follow in her mother’s footsteps, that she had women in her lineage she could be proud of.

"Josie said it was your grandmother’s."

"Yes and her grandmother's before that."

"You must have loved her a lot."

"I did. She died when I was eight and I'll never forget her. She was a formidable woman." Unlike the daughter she'd given birth to.

"Who is Norene?"

"She was my mom."

"She’s dead?"


"I’m sorry."

"Thank you." She didn’t like talking about that part of her life. There was too much pain wrapped up in the memories and pain meant a vulnerability she'd long ago rejected. "Josette said you finished installing the security system in the house."


She tried to step back, away from him, but he moved with her, his hands continuing to caress her throat with subtle movements. It was all she could do to keep focused on their conversation. "I don’t understand why she wants one now that she’s not going to be living there."

"You live there and a woman alone needs a good security system."

If he knew some of the places she’d lived in her life, he would realize the safety of a locked door in a decent neighborhood was a luxury she didn’t take for granted. "Josette lived alone before I moved in."

"She was a merc."

"I’m not exactly helpless."

"Honey, if those terrorists we took down have friends, you’d be worse than helpless around them."

"What’s worse than helpless?"


"Oh." She tried taking a deep breath to calm down, but all she inhaled was his scent and she had to bite back a moan of pleasure at the unexpected intimacy of it. What was it about this guy? He was just so darn male, even the way he smelled excited her previously happily dormant feminine sexual instincts. "There’s no reason to believe anyone connected with them would have a grudge against me."

"Josie was part of the team that brought the bad guys to justice. People like that do not forgive and forget."

"But I’m not Josette."

"It’s not like she took an ad out saying she was getting married and taking off on a month long honeymoon. You are the one living in her house."

She thought the worry was far fetched but didn't say so. She knew Josette had to agree because she would not have allowed Claire to continue living in the house if she believed doing so would put her at risk. The security system had been Nitro and Hotwire's idea, although Josette had gone alone with it easily enough.

Claire didn't mention that to Hotwire either. "I’m sure any security system you devised is more than adequate."

"No security system is fail-safe, even ones as complicated as what Wolf and Nitro have installed around their homes." He went on to describe the measures he and Wolf had implemented. "Oh, and I bought you a can of mace for every room of the house."

"For every room of the house?"

"I like to be thorough...in every way."

The message that went through her had nothing to do with his intentional meaning she was sure. But she could imagine him being thorough as all get out and her fantasies were not about alarm systems. So long as they stayed fantasies, it was okay.

"I see."

"A self-defense weapon won’t do you any good if it’s in the bedroom while you’re accosted in the kitchen."

The only person she felt in danger of being accosted by right now was him and if that happened, the last thing she’d want to do was fight. Which was a really dumb attitude she couldn't seem to shake.

Sex was not worth getting all shook up over, so why did hanging around this man make her feel like an Elvis Presley song?

"But mace?"

"Yes. Since you won’t use a gun."

"You make that sound like a crime."

"It’s just..." He paused as if searching for a word. "Different."

"I guess a mercenary would see things that way."

"Former mercenary."

"Right...now, you are a security specialist."

"Among other things."

She wanted to ask what other things, but suddenly, talking just wasn’t an option.

The lion inside him was looking at her through his darkening blue eyes and the expression was one of a lethal predator deciding how best to devour his prey. "I know you tried to forget it, but you besmirched my honor and you need to do something to make up for it."

"I do?"

"Uh huh."

How’d his face get so close? "Wh..." She had to clear her throat. "What do you mean?"

"I think a kiss would do it."

"What?" Kissing was the best part of sex she supposed, but that wasn't saying a lot. So why did the prospect of locking lips with Hotwire sound so darn exciting?

"A kiss, Claire. You know what a kiss is, when a man and woman—"

She covered his mouth to stop the tantalizing words. "I know what it is, smarty pants, but why would you want one from me?" That was her fantasy.


Cryna said...

As stated before I love these excerpts.

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Lookig forward to Lucy's posting, not that I don't enjoy your posts.....lol.

Jane said...

Another great excerpt. Can't wait to hear what's new with Lucy.

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Great excerpt Andre. I look forward to Lucy's post on Thursday.
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Another sizzling excerpt! ;-)

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