Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Tuesday Teaser! - And Able

Well, today I have some exciting event news to share with all of you. Lucy will be leaving her home in Oregon to meet some special readers in Michigan. Here are the details for her book signing.

Book Signing for Lucy Monroe
Paperbacks n'Things
8044 N Wayne Rd Westland, MI 48185 734-522-8018
Wednesday - Sept 17th

If you're in the area you should drop by and meet my boss! It will be well worth the visit. Also I went ahead and updated my profile on Blogger so that you guys (girls) can get to know me a little better. Click to see my profile!

~Enjoy the Excerpt~


She leaned back against the wall with nowhere to go. "Um...I believe I was discussing what we were doing on the balcony."

His arms came around her, one hand at her neck and the other on her back. "So am I, sugar. So am I."

She swallowed nervously. "We can't do that here."

"Are you sure about that?" he asked again and suddenly her top was loose and the bubbles in the water jetted it away from her body.

She screeched and tried to lunge for it, but he was in the way. "Brett...my top."

He kissed her, stifling her complaints. He tasted so good and knew exactly what to do with those lips that she let her top float away while her hands were busy exploring the hard contours of his chest.

But when his hand began to caress her now naked flesh, she gasped and wrenched her head away from his. "Brett! We can't...not here."

"Sure we can."

"But the teenagers."

"Are now in the game room which has been locked off from the pool area. In fact, no other guests can come in through the other entrance either. Ernie locked them."


"The maintenance guy."

"But how are we going to get out?"

"The doors lock from the other side. We can leave, but we can't get back in."


He kissed the corner of her mouth. "Yes, oh..."

The warm bubbles were caressing her breasts as effectively as Brett's hands and Claire's arguments were fading in the face of a renewed desire that swamped her senses. "You're sure no one can come in?"


"What about Ernie?"

"No chance."

"Oh..." the word morphed into a moan as both of his hands cupped her slippery wet curves bobbing in the water.

"You're so perfect, Claire."

She shook her head, but she reveled in the knowledge he enjoyed her body as much as he did. Brett's appreciation for her body was open and honest. It was also enhanced by genuine affection and a desire to give as much or more than he received. It was amazing.

Her eyes, which had closed in pleasure, opened to watch him. His expression was one of devastating desire. And the sight of her naked breasts in his hands was so beguiling she felt a gush of wet warmth between her legs that had nothing to do with the water bubbling around them.

"Oh, Brett."

He smiled, his satisfaction in her response gleaming in his eyes. "Feel good, sugar?"

"Better than good."

"Put your head back and concentrate on nothing but my touch and the caress of the water against your skin."

"But I want to touch you too."

"Not this time, sugar."

She would have argued, but what he wanted her to do was too tantalizing. So, she put her head back on the concrete.

"Hold on a second." He shifted and leaned over her. "Lift your head."

She did and he slid something under it. She realized it was a folded towel and it felt ten times better than the hard concrete.



"Good. Now, I want you to relax. No matter how good it feels, keep your muscles from tensing up. Can you do that for me, sweetheart?"

"I can try," she said in a passion-drugged voice she barely recognized as her own.

He went back to touching her and he didn't only concentrate on her boobs. He touched her everywhere, his fingers sliding against her wet skin with devastating effect. He found the erogenous zones he'd explored that first night in the hotel with his massage and then some. She did her best not to tense up and whenever she did, he would change his caresses to a kneading massage until she relaxed again.

It was like the time he'd touched her in the hotel, only now she knew the pleasure that awaited her and she wasn't suffering from a head injury that dulled the sensations.

It was a lot harder to remain relaxed, but she soon realized that in some strange way, forcing her muscles to stay loose magnified the pleasure.

Her bikini bottoms went the way of her top and she didn't even murmur a protest. She trusted him to have ensured their privacy completely before starting this.

Brett would never expose her to the humiliation of being caught en flagrant delicto.

But even though her bottoms were gone, he made no attempt to touch her mound or vulva. It was as if he was intent on stimulating every other part of her body. Just as when his hands roved over her breasts, they somehow always missed her nipples. The bubbling water touched everything though. She found herself spreading her legs to increase the gentle caress of the bubbles and moaned in desperate pleasure as one of the jets hit her sweet spot from behind.

"Oh...oh...goshhhhhh....that's so gooooood."

He laughed softly in her ear as his mouth wreaked havoc along sensitive nerve endings. "Let's turn you around, sweetheart."

She didn't understand what he wanted, but steady hands guided her around so that she knelt on the bench and rested her head on her forearms against the towel. He pulled her thighs further apart, adjusting her stance until the jet hit her clitoris in a steady stream and she cried out in pleasure.

His hands went back to work on her, brushing her inner thighs, then her calves, then even the soles of her feet before moving to knead her stomach and then her freed breasts, while his lips and teeth explored her nape and the vulnerable area behind her ears.

She could feel his erection pressing against her through his shorts. She ground herself against him with frustration, wanting to feel his naked flesh against her. Why did he still have his swimsuit on?


Cryna said...

Andre you have a real knack of picking the greatest excerpts. As I have said before this whole series is so good. And well worth the reread.

Andre Martinez (Promo Guy) said...

you could say it's what I do for a living, HAHAHAHA (my apologies, that was a bad joke)

Amy said...

Another great excerpt Andre. Thanks for the update on the profile. The bike pic was funny, I just hope you didn't get hurt

lidia said...

As usual, you pick the best excerpts. Now to find the time to re-read the book!!!!

How is Lucy's darling grand-daughter doing?

I am still hoping that some day I will have the opportunity to meet Lucy.

Jennifer said...

Whew! What a great excerpt- and as for the signing - oh, so close yet so far away!

Stacy~ said...

Yep, I love the excerpt too.

Michigan, so close but so far away! Think Lucy would mind swinging by Chicago on her way home???

CrystalGB said...

What a great excerpt. :)

Jane said...

Loved the excerpt.

Michele L. said...

Oh my Andre! That is one hot excerpt! I bet you don't have any problems when it comes to buying fantastic books to read. What are your current selections that you are reading?

I am with Stacy on her comment if Lucy could swing by Chicago? I live close to Chicago also. I live about an hour away give or take if the traffic is good.

Thanks again Andre!
Michele L.