Monday, September 08, 2008

BLOG - UPDATE 09/08/08

Hey everyone, As you have probably noticed the blog has been falling behind. Lucy and I have been making some huge changes in the office. One of the many changes is the office itself. We completely moved everything around and are now in the process of getting situated. It took about three days alone just to move everything and now the real task is creating efficient stations to do our work. Overall, the office has been crazy with miscellaneous things to accomplish and loads of paperwork.

As a gesture to get the blog running again I'm giving away another Special Princess Prize!!! The winner is limecello... If you are the winner of this prize, please send me an email at

I'll be posting new excerpts and keeping you updated on the latest news. Lucy sends her thoughts and is making huge progress with her new releases. Be sure to post and stay updated with the blog to hear about the future releases and have a chance at winning some more prizes!

Don't forget that Lucy's mass market re-release of And Able is in stores now!!!


Jane said...

Congrats, Limecello.

Glad to hear everything is going well with Lucy.

limecello said...

Oh wow- yay! Thanks so much! I'm so excited to hear Lucy's writing is going well too - I absolutely love her books!

lidia said...

Congratulations Limecello.

Seems that things around Lucy are rather hectice right now. What with the new grand daughter and now moving around the office. I am glad to hear that Lucy has the time to write!

Dina said...

Woohoo, congrats Limecello. :)

flchen1 said...

Hooray, Limecello! And hooray for the news on the office and writing! Yay!

Amy said...

Congrats Limecello! Thanks for the updates Andre!

Brandy said...

Congratulations Limecello! *g*

Good luck with all the re-organizing!

Susan said...

Congratulations, Limecello!

Good luck with the reorganizing!

Cryna said...

Congratulations Limecello!!!

Organizing is so time consuming, but so worth the effort when all done. Good luck with the rest of what has to be done.

Rebekah (the_littleminx) said...

"Aloha from AuthorIsland"

Good luck getting everything in order. Sounds like a project, but one worthy of the time. :)

Congrats to the giveaway winner as well. :)


goalmom said...

"Aloha from Author Island"
I was just reading about your Mercenary Trilogy and am looking forward to reading them.