Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Willing Excerpt

Here it is! Enjoy...


It occurred to him belatedly he should maybe have waited to let her see him naked until after he had excited her to the point of no return.
“Is it always that big?” Damned if she didn’t sound intrigued by the prospect.
“Only when I’m excited.”
She rolled her eyes, her lips twisting wryly. “I may be a virgin, but I’m not an idiot. I knew that. I meant, are you always this big when you’re excited?”
“I’ve never measured it.”
“Oh.” Her face fell. “So, you don’t know how big it is?”
“What the hell difference does it make?” And how could she manage to talk right now? All he wanted to do was get inside her and stay there until neither of them could walk afterward.
She zeroed in on his hard-on with her too innocent green eyes and licked her lips. “It doesn’t make any difference at all. It’s just I’ve read some stuff...”
What kind of stuff had she been reading where a man’s penile dimensions mattered? “Reading isn’t the same thing as doing,” he growled, not liking the prospect she found reality less exciting than her reading material.
“I figured that out the first time you kissed me.”
“Are you saying you’d never been kissed before?”
“No, but I never wanted a kiss to continue. I never wanted a man to let me taste his tongue.”
His knees about buckled. “You acted like you didn’t want that one to either.”
“Yeah. What a wasted opportunity that was. I thought you were only doing it for our cover.”
“I wasn’t.”
“I know.” Then she looked at him through her black lashes, her lips glistening from her tongue’s sweep over them. “Will you do it again not for cover?”
He couldn’t believe she thought she had to ask.
“Lie down.”
“Why?” she asked with a puzzled frown.
“I want to see all of you.” Especially what was hidden by her tightly closed thighs.
“I want you to kiss me.”
“Lie down first.”
“You’ll kiss me again if I do?”
She let her torso fall back, and then lied stiff on the bed like a sleeping nun. He couldn’t help it. He smiled. She was such a mixture of innocence and passion.
And for tonight, she was all his.
He closed his fingers around both her ankles and pulled, but she resisted.
“I want to see.”
Her breath grew choppy and the pulse in her throat beat a wild tattoo under her skin, but she said, “Okay.”
Her eyes wide, she let him separate her ankles and push her knees up until he could see the swollen, dark pink folds of her feminine sex.
Letting go of her ankles he reached out and fluffed the soft, curling hair on her mound. “Pretty.”
It was the same color as the hair on her head, right down to the red highlights. He should have known those wouldn’t have come from a bottle. Not with Josie.
“Uh...thank you?”
He laughed, something he’d never done in the bedroom. “You’re welcome.”
Dipping his fingertip into the dewy warmth of her, he felt his dick bob in response to her silky wetness. She was going to feel so good around him. He’d never touched anything so soft.
She moaned and tilted her pelvis up. “Touch me deeper, Daniel.”
He loved the sound of his name on her lips. It sounded intimate and it was. She was the first person to call him by that name in years.
“I’m going to touch you to the depths of your soul before I’m done tonight, sweetheart,” he promised, pressing his finger in up to the first knuckle.
It was a tight fit. She was slick with wetness, but she was also swollen from desire and tight from never having made love. Penetration without pain was going to take some major effort on his part, but he didn’t want to hurt her. A man should never hurt a woman.
He stretched her, pressing outward against her vaginal walls, trying to prepare her for his erect flesh.
She gave a voluptuous sigh and squirmed further onto his finger. “I like this, Daniel.”
Sweat broke out on his brow from the effort it took to go slow now that the moment had come. “Me too.”


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Wow, you have a knack of picking great excerpts, Andre. This is such a great series. Thanks for the excerpt.

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This was a great book! Thanks for posting the excerpt Andre.

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This was a great book.

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