Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Tuesday Teaser - Hired Excerpt

As planned - I've got another one for you! Enjoy the sun and remember to post for those prizes.


His hands skimmed down her torso, leaving zinging nerve endings in their wake. "I like this," he said against her lips.


"The new clothes. They feel good against my hands, but not as good as you are going to feel naked."

"They're comfortable," she mumbled as she renewed the kiss, before the full import of his words sunk in.

Then she went still.

He lifted his head just slightly, his mouth only a centimeter from hers. "Perhaps though, you should go back to your old clothing."

"Why is that?" she asked, but her mind was still grappling with the whole naked thing.

"Because other men will become a nuisance now that your sexy figure is highlighted by the things you wear."

"You mean like Jerry?" she dared to tease.

"Damn his eyes...he noticed you before the change."

"So did you."

"Remember that, Gracey."

She wasn't sure what he was trying to tell her, but warmth suffused both her body and her heart and she let herself melt against him as her body was so eager to do.

He went back to kissing her, reminding her of the things he had taught her that night in his office and then showing her more. The sound of the stairs being rolled away from the plane and subdued voice infiltrated Grace's mind.

Amir broke his mouth away, his expression pained. "This is not the place."

Grace looked around dazedly. The tarmac was now empty, but the plane was closed and the stairs had been removed. The crew had to have seen them. Would news of the kiss get out?

The Royal Family were particularly intolerant of gossip, but it could still happen. She couldn't believe Amir had taken such a risk. She stared up at him with a question in her eyes as he gently guided her into her seat because she couldn't seem to make herself move.

He went around the car and got in the driver's side. As the engine purred to life, so did the AC. Grace put her face in front of one of the vents.

Amir chuckled. "Need cooling off, do you?"

"Yes." She was beyond dissembling.

Unrequited love was hard enough to cope with, fully requited lust was something else all together. Even with the air blowing into her face, she found it hard to breathe. She wanted him to pull the car to the side of the road and make love to her.

"I've never been parking."


"Necking in a parked car."

"I see where your mind is at."

She looked over at him and his lap. "I see where your mind is at too."

He laughed, the sound sexy and filling the car. "So, finally you look, my little innocent."

She was back to letting the AC cool her cheeks and she didn't deign to answer. She didn't need her blush to get any hotter.

His fingers carded through her hair. "I like this."

"Less kinky you mean?"

"Oh, I'll like you kinky just fine, Grace, but I like your hair down. It's beautiful."

"You want me to be kinky?" she asked in shock. She should have read that chapter on bondage in the sex book.

"I want you to be who and what you are," he said with a smile in his voice.

"But you like my new hairstyle?" she asked. Now that the subject had finally arisen in a normal conversation, she wanted chapter and verse on his reaction.


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