Friday, August 01, 2008

RNTV Guest Blog

So why did we create Romance Novel TV. Well, sometimes an idea, like a bolt of lightning, will strike you at a moments notice.

Let me start at the beginning. I have an identical twin sister, her name is Marisa and she's in charge of programming for the channel, in fact we've been working together in television production for more years than I'm going to say. Television production, while exciting, sometimes glamorous, most times interesting has one drawback - and that's waiting. Whether you're waiting for the lights to be set, or the talent to finish with wardrobe and make-up, or the cameraman to set up his shot, or the script to be changed - waiting is something you learn to live with. In our daily lives waiting seems to be something we have to overcome, on the grocery line check-out, in the bank, at the doctor's office or on a train waiting to get to work, there's lots of places to wait. Marisa's motto during these times of wait is, "Always have a book to read."

Many years ago Marisa discovered and fell in love with romance novels. She introduced me to this amazing world of heroines and heroes, and there we were two romance novel junkies, always with a book in our purse, on our coffee tables or by our night stands. In fact, Marisa has always been my go to girl on what book, and what author I should read next. She has great taste and she knows what I like and never steers me wrong. In fact, I once found myself on a location in Tampa, Florida with a whole afternoon on my hands, and drove myself straight to the Barnes and Noble, and headed right for the romance section - so many books. How was I going to make a quick decision on a book to buy that was going to get me through the next couple of days? Marisa to the rescue. I flipped out my cell phone, hit the speed dial, and started roaming the shelves with my sister on the other end. While I was reading the titles aloud, she gave me her recommendations and helped me select the perfect book for my flight home.

One day, while commuting to our production office, going over schedules, talent releases, scripts and all the infinite details we worry about for a production, we took a break to talk about a hotly anticipated new romance novel that she pre-ordered from Amazon. We joked about what our lives would be like if we were a character in a romance novel. And then it hit me - why not create a television channel exclusively devoted to romance novels? Hmm what a novel idea. Yeah, let's talk to the women who write about strong, sexy, witty, smart women who overcome obstacles, achieve their goals and fall in love.

And so - fast forward -- present day, New York City. Over the last year, we interviewed incredible authors, and we found they are the real heroines. They are smart, creative, witty, strong, and talented women who write the wonderful stories we voraciously read every day. We took a chance and created something we wanted – is there anything you’ve been dying to create and haven’t gotten around to yet?


Brandy said...

I've enjoyed the many reviews and interviews that Romance Novel TV has had. As for creating anything? I usually stick to recipes. *G*

Romance Novel TV said...

Brandy - I LOVE to cook. What kind of recipes do you create?
- Maria

Jane said...

Brandy is right. RNTV has fabulous guests and many reviews.

Brandy said...

I'm SAHM, but I love to bake. I made butterscotch cookies last night that were yummy! *G*

Amy said...

RNTV is fantastic. I am not a creative person. Like Brandi I bake quite a bit around the holidays and I read alot but that is about it.

limecello said...

What a great post! I haven't visited RNTV in a while, but I think I'm going to pop over. Hehe - I'm big on cooking, talking food, all those things. Just made myself a papaya pop/soda today. (Recently bought a mini food processor so I've been finding reasons to use it.)

Romance Novel TV said...

Thanks for all the kinds words! We love working on RNTV, mainly because we love romance.

When it comes to cooking - it's my next favorite thing to do. If I've had a particularly rough day, nothing beats getting in the kitchen and chopping... chopping anything! I just got a mixer, and I use any excuse to use it. Pizza anyone? Bread? Foccacia? It's just great.

flchen1 said...

RNTV is quite fabulous--thanks for sharing your love of romance in such a wonderful way for the rest of us readers! I'm not feeling terribly creative these days--not much time for crafting after the dishes and laundry are done ;)