Tuesday, August 05, 2008

The extra special post!!!

Today is going to start off with a very special surprise. I have an EXTRA LONG excerpt from Lucy's brand new book, Hired: The Sheikh's Secretary Mistress. As some of you may know, Lucy has two new releases for the month of August, Hired: The Sheikh's Secretary Mistress & Willing. In celebration of the releases, I have given you a longer excerpt to get all of you really excited about the new books!!! Contests will be running all month long and new postings will keep you updated on the latest news. Enjoy this excerpt and be sure to pick up the new releases!


"You want to take a bath with me."


"And I must be getting heavy."

"It is a weight I would gladly carry for much longer."

"You say the nicest things."

"I mean them."

"That's what makes them so nice."

"Is it nice to tell you I want you naked?"

"I don't know, but it makes me feel all tingly."

"Tingly is good."

"I think so."

He lowered her slowly to the marble floor, allowing her body to rub against his on the way down. "Let me remove your clothing."

"I've never been undressed by another person...at least that I can remember." In a family the size of hers, self-sufficiency was learned at a very young age.

"There are many things you have never done that we will do together this night, kitten."

She smiled, liking the endearment as much as when he called her Gracey, or this new "my Grace".

He put his fingers on the top button of her sleeveless top. "You permit me?"


He began to unbutton her top, one slow bit at a time. The backs of his hands brushed her skin and chills broke out along the surface of her skin.

"Amir," she gasped out softly.

"Yes, aziz?"

Had he called her beloved? But her thoughts skittered to the four winds as his hands spread apart the edges of her top and then cupped her modest breasts. It wasn't just the feel of his hands on a part of her body that had always been private, but the look in his eyes. He was impacted as profoundly by this touch as she was.

"Please, Amir."

"What do you want, kitten? Tell me."

"I don't know."

"I think I do." With that, he pushed her shirt all the way off, then he reached around her and undid her bra. He pulled her straps down her arm and the undergarment from her body.

The sensation of air against her nipples made them harden even more than they already were, her aureoles puckering around them.



"I don't know."

His laughter was soft and triumphant. "Just enjoy, my Grace."


His hands touched her breasts, skin to skin, and she shuddered.

"That's right, kitten. Enjoy my touch. Allow yourself to experience it completely."

"It's so good," she said on a moan.

"We have barely begun."

"I won't survive."

"I assure you...you will."

"I can't."

"You can."

"Prove it." What was she saying?

But he smiled. "Oh, I intend to."

Then, he kissed her. Not a long drawn out kiss, more like a promise.

Her lips curved into a smile as he pulled his head back. "You're very good at this."

"You expected anything less?"

"No, my sheikh, I did not."

"I like that."


"When you call me your sheikh."

"For now, you are." And hopefully forever.

"Now is what matters, aziz."


His hands skimmed down her bare skin, leaving pleasure in their wake. "You are so perfectly formed."

She couldn't speak, so she didn't even try.

He undid her skirt, letting it fall to the floor, revealing her garter and panties.

He stepped back and just looked, an expression in his eyes unlike anything she'd ever seen. It wasn't just desire, but she didn't know what else it was either. Something incredibly intense.

"Amir?" She covered her breasts with her arms.

He reached out and tugged her wrists so she was once again bare to his gaze. "Please...allow me to look. You are so beautiful to me."

"I'm average," she felt compelled to say. Honesty was not always a virtue, darn it.

But he only shook his head. "Believe me when I tell you that you are far from average. Perhaps, there was a time I too thought you were like many other women, but my body always knew your unique appeal and my brain caught up eventually."

"But Princess Lina is a pocket Venus."

"She is also married to another man and I could not be happier for it to be so. You are elegant, so very sexy, with the legs of a showgirl and a body that heats my blood to boiling." That look came back into his eyes. "You are everything I want, kitten."

If she didn’t know better, she'd think he was trying to tell her he loved her. But even so, what he was saying was plenty special. "You really mean that," she whispered in awe.

"I would never lie to you, my Grace."

"No, I don't believe you ever would. You have always been honest with me...except when you hid that you wanted me."

"It was there for a woman with eyes. Only yours were luckily stuck on the body parts above my waist."

His meaning sunk in and she blushed, then shrugged. "I would have died of mortification if you saw me looking there."

"Take note, you are welcome to look now."

And she did. Oh, my...his loose fitting trousers were tented in front of him with what had to be a very impressive erection. No wonder she'd been able to feel it through all the layers of cloth between them in the Hummer.

"You wish to see it?" he asked.

She was not up to teasing him. "Yes."

"Then, by all means...you shall see." He peeled off his shirt and then shoved his cotton trousers down his legs, revealing the most perfectly sculpted male body she could ever imagine.

"You like?" he asked, pride in his voice.

"Ver—" She had to clear her throat. "Very much."

"Now, we finish removing your clothes."



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The story looks like a good one.

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kim h said...

very hot sounds great.

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Perhaps, there was a time I too thought you were like many other women, but my body always knew your unique appeal and my brain caught up eventually."

Now I like that very much; we need more of these thinkers.