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Wed Update - "Willing" Teaser

I've got another teaser to get you in the mood, hope you enjoy it!!! Also, I thought I'd give a quick update at the Lucy Office. Lucy is still hard at work on the new releases and the new family member is doing just fine. It's pretty uneventful this week and nice outside in Fallish-time Oregon. We will be moving the office around in the next week or so with new desks, chairs, and equipment. Should be fun! Lucy has all kinds of ideas for the room, I'm looking forward to it!



She flinched, her body going stiff. She didn’t say anything, but she bit her lip.
“Does it hurt?”
“Only a little, but it’s going to hurt more later, won’t it?”
“Not if I can help it.”
She closed her eyes, an expression he knew well coming over her features...that of a soldier facing unavoidable pain and prepared to carry on. “Maybe you should just do it.”
“That’s not the way it’s going to happen, sweetheart.”
She nodded, but remained rigid.
“Relax, Josette. I won’t break your hymen yet.”
She settled into the bed again, her eyes opening and her green gaze fixing on him in question. “Can you, with just your finger?”
“I didn’t think you could. I mean, I’ve worn tampons for years and it’s still there.”
“They aren’t as long or as hard as my finger, baby.” As he spoke, he pulled out. Then he pressed his finger inside of her again, feeling the way she had to stretch to accommodate even that with a sense of desperation.
He wasn’t worried about her body being able to take him...eventually, but he might just have a heart attack from excitement before he got inside her. Because it was going to take a long time to do this right.
His heart pounded, his breath sawing in and out and thinking of multiplication tables did nothing to decrease his raging desire. Not when she was right there, naked in front of him. “I’m going to put a second finger inside you now. Okay?”
“Yes.” The word ended on a long hiss of sound as he did just that, carefully sliding his middle and forefinger in together.
Once again, he stretched her, massaging her silken tissues until his fingers slid more easily in and out of her.
“I thought you were going to kiss me,” she said, panting between each word, her hips moving betrayingly against his hand.
“I am.”
“When?” she demanded, sounding meaner than he’d ever heard her and he grinned.
“Now.” And he did, but not where she was expecting him to.
Using his free hand, he separated her vulva so her clitoris was completely exposed to him and then pressed his open mouth over the engorged bud and kissed.
She cried out, arching off the bed and grabbed his hair with both hands with all the strength of the warrior she was.
The pain of having his hair pulled gave him a primitive pleasure no woman could understand and he laved her clitoris with his tongue, teasing her with the touch he knew was not quite enough to send her over. He kept it up until she was making mindless sounds that went straight to his sex.
Needing to experience more of her, he explored her entire vulva, getting drunk on her spicy sweetness and the incredible softness of her swollen lips. He pressed his tongue inside her along with his fingers, stretching her further and getting more of the taste he craved like a child who’d had his first piece of candy. But he couldn’t get enough.
He pulled his fingers out and tongued her as deeply as he could go, his whole body vibrating with the pleasure he got from tasting her.
She called out his name, her voice hollow and desperate. Trying to pull his head away, she yanked on his head and when that didn’t work, she tried pushing his shoulders with her feet, but he locked his hands on her hips and kept on.
He knew what she needed and it wasn’t for him to stop.
When she gave up pushing with her legs, he moved his mouth back to her now quivering clitoris and slid his fingers back inside her. He thrashed her violently excited nub with his tongue until her body went stiff with pre-climax tension and then he gently took her between his teeth and sucked.
She screamed, she bucked and she begged. For him to stop. For him to keep going. Until eventually his name was the only intelligible sound coming from her mouth as hot wetness gushed from her inner core. Her body shivered for a prolonged climax that kicked him right in the chest with an emotion he didn’t understand.
She was amazing.
As the shivers receded, he gentled her with his mouth, but didn’t let her come completely down again. He had been pressing his fingers against her inner barrier with a steadily increasing pressure, but now he withdrew.
Using his knowledge of the sensitivity of a woman’s vaginal entrance, he caressed her while using his tongue on her sweetest spot to re-ignite the flame of need he’d so recently quenched.
His hard penis ached, like someone had tied it in a knot and was pulling on it. He needed to come so bad, but he had something to do before they could make love completely.
This time she whimpered as her pleasure grew, repeating his name over and over again in a breathless voice, filled with drugged passion and he had that kick-in-the-chest feeling again.
He started making love to her again with his fingers, pressing deeper with every thrust until she once again arched in utter abandon, her body tense as a bow string ready to shoot.
He lifted his mouth so he could see her face and watch for discomfort before pushing through her barrier with less effort than a hot knife cut through butter. Her body jerked, but then she started riding his fingers, convulsing in another climax almost immediately, her face contorted with undeniable ecstasy.
He waited until she fell limply against the bed before kissing the top of her mound and then pulling his fingers from inside her and rolling to his feet.
“Where are you going?” Her voice was slurred and hoarse, her eyes filled with wonder at what she’d just experienced.
“To get something to clean you up. I’ll be right back.”
“S’okay.” Her head fell to the side, her eyes sliding shut.

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Tuesday Teaser - Hired Excerpt

As planned - I've got another one for you! Enjoy the sun and remember to post for those prizes.


His hands skimmed down her torso, leaving zinging nerve endings in their wake. "I like this," he said against her lips.


"The new clothes. They feel good against my hands, but not as good as you are going to feel naked."

"They're comfortable," she mumbled as she renewed the kiss, before the full import of his words sunk in.

Then she went still.

He lifted his head just slightly, his mouth only a centimeter from hers. "Perhaps though, you should go back to your old clothing."

"Why is that?" she asked, but her mind was still grappling with the whole naked thing.

"Because other men will become a nuisance now that your sexy figure is highlighted by the things you wear."

"You mean like Jerry?" she dared to tease.

"Damn his eyes...he noticed you before the change."

"So did you."

"Remember that, Gracey."

She wasn't sure what he was trying to tell her, but warmth suffused both her body and her heart and she let herself melt against him as her body was so eager to do.

He went back to kissing her, reminding her of the things he had taught her that night in his office and then showing her more. The sound of the stairs being rolled away from the plane and subdued voice infiltrated Grace's mind.

Amir broke his mouth away, his expression pained. "This is not the place."

Grace looked around dazedly. The tarmac was now empty, but the plane was closed and the stairs had been removed. The crew had to have seen them. Would news of the kiss get out?

The Royal Family were particularly intolerant of gossip, but it could still happen. She couldn't believe Amir had taken such a risk. She stared up at him with a question in her eyes as he gently guided her into her seat because she couldn't seem to make herself move.

He went around the car and got in the driver's side. As the engine purred to life, so did the AC. Grace put her face in front of one of the vents.

Amir chuckled. "Need cooling off, do you?"

"Yes." She was beyond dissembling.

Unrequited love was hard enough to cope with, fully requited lust was something else all together. Even with the air blowing into her face, she found it hard to breathe. She wanted him to pull the car to the side of the road and make love to her.

"I've never been parking."


"Necking in a parked car."

"I see where your mind is at."

She looked over at him and his lap. "I see where your mind is at too."

He laughed, the sound sexy and filling the car. "So, finally you look, my little innocent."

She was back to letting the AC cool her cheeks and she didn't deign to answer. She didn't need her blush to get any hotter.

His fingers carded through her hair. "I like this."

"Less kinky you mean?"

"Oh, I'll like you kinky just fine, Grace, but I like your hair down. It's beautiful."

"You want me to be kinky?" she asked in shock. She should have read that chapter on bondage in the sex book.

"I want you to be who and what you are," he said with a smile in his voice.

"But you like my new hairstyle?" she asked. Now that the subject had finally arisen in a normal conversation, she wanted chapter and verse on his reaction.

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Guest Blog - Paige Tyler

Before I talk about my upcoming release from Whiskey Creek Press Torrid, a hot paranormal erotic romance called Animal Attraction, I have to give a shout out to Lucy! I met her at the Lori Foster Get Together in Cincinnati ,and you will not believe how wonderful she is! Right in the middle of signing books for her fans, she took the time to not only ask about my books, but also bought one of them. I can't tell you how flattered I was. I was even more flattered when she asked me to guest blog!
Now onto Animal Attraction! When I first read that Whiskey Creek Press Torrid was coming out with a new line of books called the Men of Alaska Series, I totally knew I had to write a book for it. I mean, what's more exciting than a hot, hunky, outdoorsy hero, right?!
I played around with a lot of different storylines, but I kept coming back to the idea of werewolves. Wolves just seemed to fit so well into the Alaskan theme, so I decided to go for it. Once I did a little bit of research on Fairbanks, the story just started to write itself.
I thought it would be more fun for my heroine to be a skeptic, so I made her a reluctant reporter for a paranormal magazine. I figured that would lead to lots of amusing interaction with the hunky hero, who just happens to be a werewolf, of course! Take a look at the blurb and excerpt below, and you'll see exactly what I'm talking about.
To all the paranormal romance fans out there, I hope you really enjoy the read, and to Lucy, once again, thanks a million for asking me to guest blog!

Frustrated when none of the real newspapers will hire her as a reporter, Eliza Bradley takes the only job she can get – at a paranormal magazine. Her first assignment takes her to Fairbanks , Alaska to investigate the possibility that a werewolf has killed two local hikers.
She forgets about the story, however, when she meets Hunter McCall, a local college professor and an expert on wolves. The man is an absolute hunk, and she finds herself spending more time in his bed than worrying about werewolves. That is, until Eliza finds out that Hunter isn’t just an animal in the sack, he’s an animal out of it, too - of the werewolf variety! Talk about a complicated relationship!
But Eliza can’t dwell on Hunter’s little shapeshifting issues. There’s another werewolf out there with a taste for human blood, and she and Hunter are the only ones who can stop him.
“Anything else I can get for you folks?” the waitress asked.

Eliza glanced down at the table before looking up at the waitress again. “Ketchup?”

The woman nodded. “There’s a bottle on the table right behind you, sugar. Enjoy your dinner.”

Eliza had expected the woman to bring her a new bottle of ketchup, or at least grab the one off the other table for them, like waitresses in most restaurants would usually do. Maybe it was a diner thing, Eliza thought. Or an Alaska thing. Either way,
it seemed she would be going to get her own bottle of ketchup.
Taking her napkin off her lap and placing it on the table, Eliza pushed back her chair and got to her feet. When the waitress had told her that there was a bottle of ketchup on the table behind theirs, she had naturally assumed it was unoccupied, so she was surprised to see a man sitting there. And not just the average, run-of-the-mill guy she’d expect to find in a diner either, but a mouth-watering specimen of a man. Her breath caught as she found herself stopping right there in the middle of the diner to stare at him She had read in Cosmo once that there was something different about Alaskan men, that living in the great white north made them more masculine and sexy. Staring at the man seated at the table, she could well believe it.

Thank goodness he was intent on whatever he was reading on the laptop in front of him, because he would surely think she was a freak standing there staring at him with her mouth hanging open. But good heavens, with that thick, dark hair, chiseled, hair-roughened jaw, and wide, sensual mouth, how could any woman not be mesmerized?
Abruptly realizing how idiotic she must look just standing there, Eliza finally forced her feet to move. As she neared his table, the man looked up from his laptop and she felt her breath hitch as his gaze met hers. She’d never seen eyes like his before. Not quite brown, but not really hazel, either, the only way she could think to describe them was gold. And the sexiest pair of eyes she’d ever seen. The heat from them mesmerized her, pulling her into their
depths, and suddenly she found it very hard to breathe.

When he lifted a brow in question, she finally managed to break out of her trance. “I, um, was wondering if I could steal your ketchup,” Eliza stammered, her face coloring. “We don’t have any,” she added, glancing back at her table.

The man followed the direction of her gaze, his gold eyes settling on the photographer for a moment before he gave her a smile. “Sure.”

Picking up the bottle, he held it out to her. As she reached for it, her fingers brushed his and she almost gasped as the most amazing sensation swept through her. It was like she’d just gotten completely and thoroughly kissed. Her knees felt weak and there was a delicious little flutter in her tummy that left her breathless.

It was then that she realized she hadn’t actually taken the bottle of ketchup yet. She was just standing there touching him like a dufus. She tried to cover her bizarre behavior by grabbing the bottle, but all she did was almost knock it out of his hand. They both fumbled with the thing for a moment before she finally gained control of it.

Could she be any more lame? She could already feel the heat rushing to her face.
“I think your boyfriend’s waiting for the ketchup,” he said when she continued to just stand there.

Eliza’s brow furrowed in confusion at the word “boyfriend,” but then she realized he must be referring to the photographer. She forced her attention away from the pleasant warmth that still swirled between her thighs and gave him a smile. “Oh, you mean Andy. He’s not my boyfriend. We just work together.”
One eyebrow rose. “Really.”

Oh God. Did he think she was trying to come on to him? Crap, she really needed to go back to her table before she did something else to embarrass herself. But she couldn’t seem to make her feet move. She had a crazy urge to reach out and touch him again to see if that same sexual spark would happen. Resisting the impulse, she instead reached up to tuck her long, dark hair behind her ear. “But you’re right. He is probably waiting for the ketchup.”

Giving the man another smile, she forced her-self to turn and walk back to her table. Halfway there, however, she couldn’t resist glancing over her shoulder to take one more look at him. He was regarding her with those incredible golden eyes of his, and her pulse fluttered wildly at the intensity in his gaze.

What was going on with her? She’d never experienced anything like this in her life. She had to get control of herself. Giving him one more look over her shoulder, she turned and stumbled back to her seat in a daze, clutching the bottle of ketchup in her hand.
Across from her, Andy lifted a brow as if to ask, what the hell is wrong with you? When she didn’t say anything he prompted, “You just going to sit there and hold that all night or can I use the ketchup?”

She blinked. “What? Oh, yeah. Sorry,” she mumbled, handing it to him.
Eliza watched as the photographer dumped ketchup on his onion rings, and then began to dig into his meal. She knew she should be doing the same, but she couldn’t stop thinking about what had just happened. Her heart was still racing as if she’d just come back from a run. Or had just gotten done having some really great sex. Good heavens, and all of that was from a mere brush of the fingers. She couldn’t keep herself from wondering what it would have been like if he really had kissed her.

It was a long time before Eliza could focus on her food, and by then, she realized she wasn’t really hungry anymore, at least not for food anyway.
Animal Attraction will be available September 1st from Whiskey Creek Press Torrid!
For more of my sexy erotic fiction, visit my website at
And to get the scoop on all my new releases, as well as what I'm currently working on, just email me at with "add me to your mailing list" in the subject line!
Oh, and by the way, I'm already working on the sequel to Animal Attraction, so keep checking my website for details!
"Stories so hot, they'll make your cheeks blush!"

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Wed- Hired: The Sheikh's Secretary Mistress

Well, I’m glad to say that I have returned to the Lucy Monroe office and I have all kinds of news to share with you. First on the list, I have not one but two great new excerpts to share with you today. The first will be from Lucy’s new release Hired: The Sheikh's Secretary Mistress and the second will be from another re-release Willing. I do also have prizes to give away. Nathalie, you are the winner of the Lucy Monroe Princess Pack mini-prize (really not all that mini!). If you are the winner will you please send me an email to with your information on where to send the prize. Be sure to include the prize in the subject line. Also, some of you had been mentioning Lucy’s granddaughter. Well, the birth happened a couple of days ago and everyone is doing fantastic. From what Lucy told me, labor was very quick and the mom is recovering great. You should see the baby! She is so small and cute (Guys like babies too!). Lucy also wanted me to tell you that she is so thankful for all the blessings and prayers in the delivery. Have a good one out there and enjoy the excerpts!


Amir brought the gumia down in a sweeping arc, part of a thousand year old pattern the men in his family had learned generation after generation. The perfectly balanced, curved sword fit his hand as if it had been made for it. Which in fact, it had.

However, as satisfying as the sword practice was in a general sense, it was not doing what he most needed at the moment. Helping him to forget his reaction to Grace's naked body. It made no sense. He could accept that he was attracted to his assistant, after all sexual desire did not follow rhyme or reason. But he found it intolerable that he had been so paralyzed by the sight of her lying in the bath that he had been unable to leave the room immediately.

He had made a complete pratt of himself and she had asked him if he'd gotten too much sun. He almost missed a step as he shook his head in amazement. Absolutely clueless to her own appeal.

"Would you like a practice partner?" Zahir's voice interrupted Amir's troubled musings.

He turned to face his brother, who like him was dressed in a pair of loose fitting pants and nothing else. Obviously, he wanted to work out as well.


Without any further discussion, Zahir brought his own sword up into the beginning stance. They sparred for thirty minutes, both of them working up a sweat as they fought for dominance. But though his brother topped him by an inch and seven years of life, Amir refused to yield the field. With silent understanding, they both dropped their gubias at the same time and bowed their heads to one another in acknowledgement of the other's prowess.

"Did you work out your demons?" Zahir asked.

"Why do you think I was doing that?"

"I recognize the expression in your eyes because I've seen it in my own."

Amir's own worries went to the back of his mind immediately. "Anything you wish to talk about?"

Zahir shook his head, but because Amir was looking he saw the flicker of unhappiness quickly hidden.

"Is everything all right between you and our father?" Amir probed.

His brother shrugged. "As all right as it can be between two headstrong men bent on getting their own way."

"Does he pull the sovereign card on you often?"

"No, he respects me too much for that, but..." Zahir let his words trail off with another shrug.

"I do not envy you."

Zahir dried his face, chest and arms with a small towel. "I know. You and Khalil are too smart for that kind of stuff."

"We love you," Amir said wiping away his own sweat.

Zahir almost smiled. "I love you both as well."

"Even when you have to travel half a world away to give a message of disappointment from our father?"

A look of understanding flashed across Zahir's features. "Maybe especially then. I felt badly for you and I cannot say I regret that Princess Lina refusesd to submit to the contract between our fathers."

"Thank you." Maybe Grace had been right. Given the correct set of circumstances, his brothers might actually support him if he chose a path divergent from their father's wishes. Then again relief was not the same thing as righteous indignation on his behalf. "A man wants to choose his own wife."


"What about you? Any plans to set up a royal nursery?"

"I would need a wife first."


"There is no one." But something about how he said it made Amir know there was a story here even if his brother was clearly not ready to share it.

"I want Grace." He could not believe he had said the words aloud.

But his brother did not look shocked. "Naturally, you have done nothing about it."

"She is in my employ."

"Under your protection." Grace might not understand that concept but his brother did.


"Not marriage material?"

The question shocked Amir into stillness. "She is hardly a princess."

"And you are not heir to the throne – that does come with some benefits. The expectations concerning your spouse are one of them."

"I don't think our father has made it that far into the twenty-first century."

"Before Khalil married Jade, I would have said the same."

"Khalil loves Jade. He would have married her with or without our father's approval."

"And yet he humbled himself to get it."

"Love." Amir was fully aware he made the single word sound like a curse – because to him, it was.


As God wills it. "I suppose, but I do not want a wife that makes me that vulnerable."

"That is understandable." More than anyone, Zahir had seen what losing Yasmine had done to his youngest brother. "But it does not answer the question of Grace."

"I want her. I cannot have her. Something must be done."

"Not marriage?"

"Absolutely not."

"So, what will you do?"

"I have a plan."

"I hope it is a good one." This time the smile was complete. "You have not given me such a good workout in memory."

He hoped so too. Because his over the top reaction to the relatively tame circumstance of seeing Grace naked was not acceptable. He could not make love to her. Even if he didn't feel what she called his "ancestor instincts" to protect one of his own, there was the certainty that an affair between them would result in the loss of his perfect PA.

But there was another reason, one he was only now coming to admit to himself. It was the reason marriage to Grace was not an option. He already...cared for her. Even in his own thoughts, he was reluctant to admit that. If he married her, the friendship and lust he felt toward her might become something more. It might well become the one thing he did not want.

Of all the women in the world, Grace was the one who could never be his convenient wife.

Despite having no more concrete answers to his Grace problem, Amir felt better returning to his room ten minutes later. Whoever said it was lonely at the top, knew what he was talking about.

Look at Zahir. Clearly something was bothering the heir to the throne of Zorha, but who did he have to discuss it with? Amir would have to look for an opportunity to talk with his brother again, to see if there was anything he could do for him.

Amir was glad he had his brothers and part of him wished he could see them more frequently. Another, more logical part, recognized that to do so would test the boundaries of all their patience and perhaps even their love. They were too alike.

Willing Excerpt

Here it is! Enjoy...


It occurred to him belatedly he should maybe have waited to let her see him naked until after he had excited her to the point of no return.
“Is it always that big?” Damned if she didn’t sound intrigued by the prospect.
“Only when I’m excited.”
She rolled her eyes, her lips twisting wryly. “I may be a virgin, but I’m not an idiot. I knew that. I meant, are you always this big when you’re excited?”
“I’ve never measured it.”
“Oh.” Her face fell. “So, you don’t know how big it is?”
“What the hell difference does it make?” And how could she manage to talk right now? All he wanted to do was get inside her and stay there until neither of them could walk afterward.
She zeroed in on his hard-on with her too innocent green eyes and licked her lips. “It doesn’t make any difference at all. It’s just I’ve read some stuff...”
What kind of stuff had she been reading where a man’s penile dimensions mattered? “Reading isn’t the same thing as doing,” he growled, not liking the prospect she found reality less exciting than her reading material.
“I figured that out the first time you kissed me.”
“Are you saying you’d never been kissed before?”
“No, but I never wanted a kiss to continue. I never wanted a man to let me taste his tongue.”
His knees about buckled. “You acted like you didn’t want that one to either.”
“Yeah. What a wasted opportunity that was. I thought you were only doing it for our cover.”
“I wasn’t.”
“I know.” Then she looked at him through her black lashes, her lips glistening from her tongue’s sweep over them. “Will you do it again not for cover?”
He couldn’t believe she thought she had to ask.
“Lie down.”
“Why?” she asked with a puzzled frown.
“I want to see all of you.” Especially what was hidden by her tightly closed thighs.
“I want you to kiss me.”
“Lie down first.”
“You’ll kiss me again if I do?”
She let her torso fall back, and then lied stiff on the bed like a sleeping nun. He couldn’t help it. He smiled. She was such a mixture of innocence and passion.
And for tonight, she was all his.
He closed his fingers around both her ankles and pulled, but she resisted.
“I want to see.”
Her breath grew choppy and the pulse in her throat beat a wild tattoo under her skin, but she said, “Okay.”
Her eyes wide, she let him separate her ankles and push her knees up until he could see the swollen, dark pink folds of her feminine sex.
Letting go of her ankles he reached out and fluffed the soft, curling hair on her mound. “Pretty.”
It was the same color as the hair on her head, right down to the red highlights. He should have known those wouldn’t have come from a bottle. Not with Josie.
“Uh...thank you?”
He laughed, something he’d never done in the bedroom. “You’re welcome.”
Dipping his fingertip into the dewy warmth of her, he felt his dick bob in response to her silky wetness. She was going to feel so good around him. He’d never touched anything so soft.
She moaned and tilted her pelvis up. “Touch me deeper, Daniel.”
He loved the sound of his name on her lips. It sounded intimate and it was. She was the first person to call him by that name in years.
“I’m going to touch you to the depths of your soul before I’m done tonight, sweetheart,” he promised, pressing his finger in up to the first knuckle.
It was a tight fit. She was slick with wetness, but she was also swollen from desire and tight from never having made love. Penetration without pain was going to take some major effort on his part, but he didn’t want to hurt her. A man should never hurt a woman.
He stretched her, pressing outward against her vaginal walls, trying to prepare her for his erect flesh.
She gave a voluptuous sigh and squirmed further onto his finger. “I like this, Daniel.”
Sweat broke out on his brow from the effort it took to go slow now that the moment had come. “Me too.”

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Guest Blogger!!! (well, not really?)

Good Afternoon, and let me just say what a lovely afternoon it is, considering that I'm spending it from my bed. Don't be so shocked! You forget I have one of the coolest bosses around. Well, It all started yesterday when I was hanging out with my girlfriend and we both thought it would be a great idea to go to IKEA. She is moving out to a college dorm in Forest Grove. I though we could look at supplies and things to make her transition a bit smoother. Everything went fine, we picked up some new furniture, extension cords, and cool glass lights that look like candles. About an hour after getting home, I started getting a little bit of a soar throat. No biggie right? Being the guy that I am, pretty much invisible, I not only played the drums, but I went for a screamer (really hard ride) on my road bike. Let me just say that this was not very smart. You really shouldn't be over-exhilarating yourself when you could possibly be sick. Sad to say I'm now paying for that in bed with a ridiculously soar throat, a cough, and some aftershock wheezing. My head also feels like it's going to burst and drinking water feels like a cold knife down my esophagus. Thank goodness Lucy lets me work from home on my laptop. I bet you're jealous, I sure would be! Anyways I thought I'd write in today and let you know whats going on. Lucy is still working on the new releases! I know I say that every week, but she is writing like mad! That lady has got some amazing ideas and is making sure she gets them on the computer. Only good things to look forward to, that's for sure! Keep checking the blog everyday for new excerpts and I WILL BE GIVING AWAY MORE PRIZES THIS WEEK!!!!!!! Every post has the chance to be picked, so tell me what your thinking! Have a great day and don't exhilarate yourself when you're sick! I'm still learning...

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Willing Teaser

I hope that all of you enjoyed yesterday's special post. I had a great time looking for that excerpt. Well, today I have a few things to announce. As mentioned yesterday, Lucy has another release for the month of August, Willing! I have also chosen another winner for the Princess Mini-Prize (doesn't seem so mini to me!). Cheri2628 you have won the Prize!!! If the winner can send me an email with your shipping information to, I can get it shipped right away! For the rest of us- lets enjoy a brand new excerpt from Willing!


She shoved all that to the back of her mind and put her hands out to him. “Make love to me, Daniel. Please.”

He came over her, his mouth settling on hers with hungry need that turned her insides out and her already jelly like legs to water. Incredibly, he set about exciting her again, while her hands explored whatever she could reach of his body.

When she encountered his hardness, he groaned and pulled her hand away.

“Don’t you like it?” she asked against his lips.

“If you touch me, I’ll come.”

“Yes.” Oh, she liked that.

“I want to be inside you when that happens.”

“Then get inside me, Daniel.” She said between kisses. “Do it now.”

His smile went clear to her toes. “Yes, ma’am.”

He looped her knees over his forearms and pressed upward so she was fully open to him in a way she could never have imagined being comfortable with, but she liked it. A lot.

Nudging her opening with the blunt tip of his shaft, he asked, “Now?”

She arched up. Yes, now.” And felt the beginning of his possession.

Then he reared backward, pulling out completely, a particularly vile four letter word coming out of his mouth.

“What?” she asked in shock, her heart hammering against her ribs.

“I almost forgot the rubber.”

“You mean we don’t have one?” she asked, ready to blow something up or take an unforgivable chance if he said they didn’t.

He lunged across the bed without answering and reefed the drawer open on the small night table. He grabbed something and then went up on his haunches, the evidence of his desire and his body leaning intimidatingly over her. With shaking hands that shocked her more than his withdrawal, he ripped open the package and then rolled the condom on.

“The suite came supplied with condoms?” she asked in disbelief as he came back over her.

“They do if you pay the concierge enough.” Then his mouth locked with hers again, his tongue thrusting between her lips with exciting force, making it impossible to speak anymore.

Once again, he looped her legs over his arms and pushed them wide, but this time he didn’t ask if she was ready. He had to know she was beyond ready. His broad head pressed inside her and while she felt like she was stretching beyond what her body should allow, she experienced no real pain.

He rocked against her, sending sensation arcing through her body with each deepened thrust until he was seated to the hilt and their pubic hair meshed.

She felt impaled and couldn’t move, but she wanted him to.

“Are you all right?” he asked, his brow glistening with sweat, the effort it took to hold back reflected in the tense lines of his hard face, the rigid set of his shoulders.

“More than all right.”

“Are you okay if I move?”

“Please...” She bit her lip, trying not to yell demands at him, but gave up when the movement he made was so small it was more torture than assuagement. She grabbed his head, her fingers curling into his dark, silky hair and held on tight. “Move, Daniel. I want you to come inside me!”

Something seemed to break inside him. Maybe it was his control. He began moving, pounding in and out of her with the power and speed of a jackhammer.

She loved every second of it and felt another stunning climax begin to build deep in her womb. Incredibly, he grew inside her. It should have been impossible, considering the condition he’d been in to begin with but he got even harder, massaging her core in ways she couldn’t fathom.

She clenched around him in involuntary spasms, on the edge of an explosion bigger than any bomb she’d ever built. He gave a deafening shout as his whole body went rigid in sexual ecstasy and the explosion hit, rocking her foundation with its power.

She couldn’t even scream, the pleasure was so great, and her mouth opened on a silent, prolonged cry as her body convulsed around him.

Afterward, he collapsed on top of her, his face turned away on the pillow.

His dark hair was wild and wet with sweat and she kissed it, emotion tearing at her insides with too much beauty to be born. “Thank you.”

He mumbled something, but she couldn’t understand what and then didn’t say anything else. She smiled, resting her face against his head. Her eyes drooped and she felt herself slipping into sleep.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

The extra special post!!!

Today is going to start off with a very special surprise. I have an EXTRA LONG excerpt from Lucy's brand new book, Hired: The Sheikh's Secretary Mistress. As some of you may know, Lucy has two new releases for the month of August, Hired: The Sheikh's Secretary Mistress & Willing. In celebration of the releases, I have given you a longer excerpt to get all of you really excited about the new books!!! Contests will be running all month long and new postings will keep you updated on the latest news. Enjoy this excerpt and be sure to pick up the new releases!


"You want to take a bath with me."


"And I must be getting heavy."

"It is a weight I would gladly carry for much longer."

"You say the nicest things."

"I mean them."

"That's what makes them so nice."

"Is it nice to tell you I want you naked?"

"I don't know, but it makes me feel all tingly."

"Tingly is good."

"I think so."

He lowered her slowly to the marble floor, allowing her body to rub against his on the way down. "Let me remove your clothing."

"I've never been undressed by another least that I can remember." In a family the size of hers, self-sufficiency was learned at a very young age.

"There are many things you have never done that we will do together this night, kitten."

She smiled, liking the endearment as much as when he called her Gracey, or this new "my Grace".

He put his fingers on the top button of her sleeveless top. "You permit me?"


He began to unbutton her top, one slow bit at a time. The backs of his hands brushed her skin and chills broke out along the surface of her skin.

"Amir," she gasped out softly.

"Yes, aziz?"

Had he called her beloved? But her thoughts skittered to the four winds as his hands spread apart the edges of her top and then cupped her modest breasts. It wasn't just the feel of his hands on a part of her body that had always been private, but the look in his eyes. He was impacted as profoundly by this touch as she was.

"Please, Amir."

"What do you want, kitten? Tell me."

"I don't know."

"I think I do." With that, he pushed her shirt all the way off, then he reached around her and undid her bra. He pulled her straps down her arm and the undergarment from her body.

The sensation of air against her nipples made them harden even more than they already were, her aureoles puckering around them.



"I don't know."

His laughter was soft and triumphant. "Just enjoy, my Grace."


His hands touched her breasts, skin to skin, and she shuddered.

"That's right, kitten. Enjoy my touch. Allow yourself to experience it completely."

"It's so good," she said on a moan.

"We have barely begun."

"I won't survive."

"I assure will."

"I can't."

"You can."

"Prove it." What was she saying?

But he smiled. "Oh, I intend to."

Then, he kissed her. Not a long drawn out kiss, more like a promise.

Her lips curved into a smile as he pulled his head back. "You're very good at this."

"You expected anything less?"

"No, my sheikh, I did not."

"I like that."


"When you call me your sheikh."

"For now, you are." And hopefully forever.

"Now is what matters, aziz."


His hands skimmed down her bare skin, leaving pleasure in their wake. "You are so perfectly formed."

She couldn't speak, so she didn't even try.

He undid her skirt, letting it fall to the floor, revealing her garter and panties.

He stepped back and just looked, an expression in his eyes unlike anything she'd ever seen. It wasn't just desire, but she didn't know what else it was either. Something incredibly intense.

"Amir?" She covered her breasts with her arms.

He reached out and tugged her wrists so she was once again bare to his gaze. "Please...allow me to look. You are so beautiful to me."

"I'm average," she felt compelled to say. Honesty was not always a virtue, darn it.

But he only shook his head. "Believe me when I tell you that you are far from average. Perhaps, there was a time I too thought you were like many other women, but my body always knew your unique appeal and my brain caught up eventually."

"But Princess Lina is a pocket Venus."

"She is also married to another man and I could not be happier for it to be so. You are elegant, so very sexy, with the legs of a showgirl and a body that heats my blood to boiling." That look came back into his eyes. "You are everything I want, kitten."

If she didn’t know better, she'd think he was trying to tell her he loved her. But even so, what he was saying was plenty special. "You really mean that," she whispered in awe.

"I would never lie to you, my Grace."

"No, I don't believe you ever would. You have always been honest with me...except when you hid that you wanted me."

"It was there for a woman with eyes. Only yours were luckily stuck on the body parts above my waist."

His meaning sunk in and she blushed, then shrugged. "I would have died of mortification if you saw me looking there."

"Take note, you are welcome to look now."

And she did. Oh, my...his loose fitting trousers were tented in front of him with what had to be a very impressive erection. No wonder she'd been able to feel it through all the layers of cloth between them in the Hummer.

"You wish to see it?" he asked.

She was not up to teasing him. "Yes."

"Then, by all shall see." He peeled off his shirt and then shoved his cotton trousers down his legs, revealing the most perfectly sculpted male body she could ever imagine.

"You like?" he asked, pride in his voice.

"Ver—" She had to clear her throat. "Very much."

"Now, we finish removing your clothes."