Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Wednesday (Teaser #2)

Lucy thought it would be a great day to give another teaser from her new mass-market release Ready. I know how much her readers enjoyed it the first time around! I also posted a personal blog down below this one and I hope you will enjoy and want to interact with me!

Flash Movie for Ready!!!

She squinted at a street sign as she passed it and realized she’d gone the wrong way for the grocery store. She was on a curving road that overlooked the sound in West Seattle. Trying to remember if there was a convenient turn-off coming up, she debated between doing that, or simply taking the scenic route around the point and doubling back.
When she tried to weigh the alternatives, she had to focus on remembering why it was a choice. A yawn surprised her and she raised her hand to cover her mouth instinctively, swerving a little toward the median. She quickly corrected for it.
Making love instead of sleeping might be more fun, but it was wreaking havoc with her energy level and thinking processes.
The road ahead of her started to blur slightly and she turned on the windshield wipers. They squeaked against the dry window and she fumbled to turn them off again. Maybe she needed the defrost on. She flipped the switch to high and blinked, trying to clear the fog from her eyes.
The car swerved toward the other side of the road.
Was something wrong with her power steering? She’d have to get that checked the next time she had her oil changed. Or did that kind of thing require a specialist mechanic?
My, it was hard to breathe, like the air was too cold or something. She turned the heat on high, blasting her face with warm air, but it didn’t make it any easier to get a breath.
An annoying beeping penetrated her thoughts about the car. She pounded on the button for the radio, but all that did was elicit blaring noise. She fumbled to flip it off again, before she realized the beeping was her cell phone. She made it a habit not to talk on the phone when she was driving. Whoever was calling would have to leave a message.
But the beeping wouldn’t stop. Had she turned off her voicemail, or was someone calling her over and over again?
The car weaved again as she grabbed the phone and flipped it open.
“Hello?” Her voice sounded slurred to her. Weird.
“Lise, pull over, right now.”
“Joshua?” He sounded angry. “What’s the matter?”
“Pull your fricken car to the side of the road. Now, Lise.”
“You don’t have to shout at me.”
“Do it.”
“Why?” A car honked at her as they came within inches of touching each other.
She glared at the other driver. “Stay on your own side of the road!”
“Stop your car!” He sounded frantic now, not just mad.
She couldn’t think why, but maybe he needed her for something. Maybe they’d caught Nemesis. She turned on her blinker, somehow engaging the windshield wipers again.
What was she doing?
Oh, yes, pulling over.
She dropped the phone, not liking the loud shouting so close to her ear. Then she guided her car to the side of the road, but misjudged the distance and her bumper grazed the guardrail as she came to a stop.
Oh no, she would have to have bodywork done. She was sure of it. She put the car in park and then turned it off. No use wasting gas while she and Joshua talked, but why hadn’t he just told her on the phone?
Told her what, she tried to remember.
Her head fell back against the seat before her extreme tiredness caught up to her.
Joshua's heart felt like it was going to pound out of his chest as he brought his car to screeching halt behind Lise's Explorer.
She'd almost gone through the guardrail. Did she realize that? She'd been driving like she was drunk or high on something.
What in the hell had happened?
Lise hadn't gotten out of the Explorer and her head was resting against her seat at an angle. He slammed out of his car, his adrenalin pumping double-time, and sprinted to hers. He tried to yank the door open, but it was locked.
He pounded on the window, shouting at her to unlock the car, but she didn’t respond.


Amy said...

Thanks for posting this teaser Andre. I have a ton of books on my TBR pile but I am going to have to go back and re-read Ready after reading these blurbs. I love this book!

Cheri2628 said...

Ooooh! GREAT excerpt! It really makes me want to keep reading!

tetewa said...

Keep posting teasers and I'll keep reading!

Angie-la said...

I read this one about a month ago...actually I read all three
Ready, Willing, and Able. If y'all haven't read them, I highly recommend them all!

Judy said...

Me too, Amy.

This is a great bit of writing. The entire scene is easy to see. The frantic feeling is clear not because of a lot of description but because of the brevity of some of those sentences. Well done, Lucy!

Cryna said...

Thank you for the teaser. This is such a great book.

The whole trilogy is my favourite. I just love it.............they are so worth the teasers and if you haven't read them, you are all missing out on great reads.

Stacy~ said...

LOVE this book (though I liked the original cover better). Great excerpt :)

flchen1 said...

Excellent excerpt! I'm going to dig my copy out of the TBR now :)

Denysé said...

Okay, this one sounds positively wonderful - I know, aren't they all??? I'd never be able to pick a favourite among Lucy's fabulous books, but wow.... NICE movie, too!!!


Jane said...

This book is awesome.

kimmyl said...

Keep posting, love the teasers.

robynl said...

with excerpts like this one you'll have us hook, line and sinker. LOL>