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Good afternoon ladies and gents. Andre here! It's a pretty relaxed day outside in sunny Oregon but inside things are really shakin' up! The releases, contests, and new stuff are creating a great deal of excitement! As always, today is Teaser Tuesday and I've got a few goodies from Lucy's new book Forbidden: The Billionaire's Virgin Princess. Also, remember to post your comments in a chance at winning Lucy's super amazing and totally cool WEEKLY PRIZE!!!


Over the next week, Hawk learned that, though Lina could be described as nothing less than involved, she had no friends that knew the truth about her. In fact, while she had many people she spent time with, she had none Hawk would classify as close friends period. At least the report about her he had received had been correct in that regard. Even if it had been wrong about so much else.
And nothing in the report had prepared him for the growing attraction between them. He had thought it would be something he could use to stay close to her, but discovered quickly that it was far more a detriment than a benefit in regard to doing his job.
How could he protect her when he was distracted by how her ebony hair shone in the sunlight? His fascination with her waist length hair had been born the first time he saw her wear it down. It looked and felt like silk. And how did he know how it felt?
He couldn’t stop himself from touching it. And Lina didn’t seem to mind. While she shied away from a lot of physical touch from others, keeping hugs short and one-armed with even her female acquaintances, she leaned into Hawk’s touch. Not that he had touched her…that way. But he wanted to. Badly. His fingers actually ached to brush against the luscious curves hidden under her clothing.
It wasn’t that she wore anything overtly sexy, but it was the way she moved, with an innate sensuality he was certain she had no idea she possessed.
Like right now, she was sitting across from him at the Starbucks her friend Bob had first mentioned. The way she held her head in attention while Hawk spoke highlighted the delicate curve of her neck and drew his gaze down to breasts that were molded lovingly by the cotton of her t-shirt. He was pretty sure she wasn’t wearing a bra. Or the one she had on was so thin she might as well not be wearing it, because for the last several minutes her nipples had been hard. His mouth was watering for a taste of the sweet flesh.
“Sebastian?” she asked in a soft…almost uncertain voice.
His gaze shot from her breasts to her face and he felt himself going red. When was the last time that happened? He was a twenty-seven year old millionaire in his own right. He’d left blushing boyhood behind too long ago to remember it, if indeed it had ever been a phase for him. “Yes?”
“I…uh…I wondered if you wanted…um…”
She was silent for several seconds, chewing on her bottom lip, looking too damn delectable. Then she said all in a rush, “Maybe we could go for a walk down State Street.”
“Sure. If you’ve got the time.” Once again, her regular bodyguard believed that she was studying. This time, at home.
When Hawk had learned Lina knew how to by-pass the security and leave the apartment she shared with a chaperone next to the one that housed her security detail, he’d been ready to strangle somebody. Her bodyguards were at the top of Hawk’s list. How many times had the princess left her home unprotected? Hawk had not revealed the security breach to the family retainers though.
He was operating under the assumption that the threat to her family could be from within and he wasn’t taking any risks. He would give a full report with detailed suggestions for improving security for the princess when this situation was over. He had another operative from his staff at Hawk Investigations watching Lina’s building when he slept. And she was supposed to be sleeping. With the feisty princess one could never be sure.
Normally, he would have the entire case assigned to his operatives, but Hawk had made his investigative agency an international contender and multi-million dollar company by knowing when it was prudent to take a personal interest in a client's needs. He’d certainly made the right call this time.
Lina moved close to him as they walked along the tree-lined street near the capitol building and, of its own volition, his arm snaked around her petite waist.
It was only natural considering his role, but it felt too good. Not only was she a client (even if she didn’t know he was her paid protector), but Hawk didn’t do affectionate gestures and warm fuzzy feelings. His liaisons with women were just that. Commitment free, exchanges of pleasure without any false protestations of emotion. He didn’t even have female friends. He had no interest in getting serious with a woman. In any guise. Ever.


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The Billionaires Virgin Princess is a fantastic read.
Great excerpt!

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Sounds great!

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Another winner Lucy :) I just love your HPs.

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For all of those that "met" Hawk in previous books - you will love his story.

Great book!

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Sounds like a great read

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I totally enjoyed that! Made me want more. And I love the name Sebastian. Rock on Lucy!

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Ooh, the excerpt is fantastic!

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Lina might be a bit of a tease or is it just that Sebastian is thinking about her too much and he thinks she is asking for something compeltely different than going for a walk, lol. This is GOOD.

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This sounds like a great read. I liked this tease a lot.

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Very nice! This will be a fun read!

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Another great read to add to my already growing pile.

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That was fun reading the excerpt to your new book! What a great sneak peek into this new novel! Another great story Lucy!

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