Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Ready Teaser #3

I hope you're all excited about another teaser from one of Lucy's latest releases Ready. I also have another prize to give out. Lucy's Ready Prize of a signed cover flat, a "Wines of the World"- wine guide, and a yummy romance Lollipop.

So, what would her parents do when they discovered she'd chosen her own future mate? Oh gosh. She was getting way ahead of herself. Just because Sebastian liked kissing and touching her didn't mean he saw a future together. That much she did know from listening to the other girls in school.
Sexual attraction did not equate to love. It was a lot easier to tell her brain that than to get her heart to accept it.
Regardless, the very fact that she wanted to date him was going to send her family into a tizzy. Considering the depth of her feelings for him, she didn't know how long she could keep this secret. She had more impetus to do so than ever before, but she also craved his company more than she could get away with in her current schedule of ditching her bodyguards.
Why did life have to be so complicated? She was a princess, but far from making her life easier, that status only made it almost impossible to follow her own dreams. It wasn't fair, but then she'd learned long ago that life rarely was.
Over the next few days, Sebastian showed just how in tune with her state of mind he was and how much he respected her feelings. He'd been treating her with a careful distance that helped her deal with her confused emotions and the lingering mortification she felt from almost getting caught in a hugely compromising position by Bob.
As much as she liked it, she wasn't comfortable with the overwhelming nature of her burgeoning sexuality. Remembering how wantonly she had responded to Sebastian's touch was only mitigated by her memory of the praise he'd given her for that response. The fact Bob had only missed seeing her half naked body because of Sebastian's quick action left a feeling of shame she could not quite rid herself of.
Her mother would be furious if she knew. Heck, even her more tolerant aunt would be horrifically disappointed in Lina's lack of control.
She'd talked about it to Jennifer; the woman had become a good friend in a very short time. The ex-soldier told Lina she was repressed. Lina had to agree, but she didn't know how to change that. She’d spent her entire life having it drilled into her that she had to maintain control of her emotions at all cost. Amidst the miasma of feelings besetting her, one thing had become clear to Lina: the only way to completely control her reaction to Sebastian was to stay away from him. And she wasn't willing to do that.
So, against her lifelong training, she was determined to ignore the niggles of guilt and shame that did not want to let her go. She might not be able to help the fact that she was every bit as repressed as Jennifer accused her of being, but she did not have to give into that aspect of her nature any more than she had to accept her father's view of her identity and value in life.
Part of her wished that Sebastian would push the physical intimacy, but he had been careful not to pressure her sexually. And she had to admire him for that. She really did. It would just be easier if he made the first move. Only she got the feeling he was waiting for her to decide what she wanted and then to tell him.
Despite the distance he'd maintained since the afternoon on the lake, she did not feel rejected. If anything, he spent more time with her and was attentive to her in every way, even as he kept his physical distance.


CrystalGB said...

Another great excerpt. :)

Amy said...

This is a great excerpt but Sebastian and Lina are from The Billionaires Virgin Princess. Ready is about Joshua (Wolf) and Lise.

Maureen said...

It's a great prize and still a good excerpt.

Jane said...

Thanks for the excerpt.

limecello said...

I love these excerpts - can't wait to buy the mercenary trilogy [in a set]. Also - for some strange reason, every time I comment on this blog, I later get an "error message" sent to my mailbox.
Does this happen to anyone else?

Cryna said...

Another great excerpt from The Billionaires Virgin - not that I am complaining.

I really enjoyed Ready from the Mercenary Trilogy. So glad that it is being rereleased.

In answer to your question about getting an error message sent to my mailbox - limecello - I have not had that problem happen.

lidia said...

I am enjoying reading the excerpts.

Thanks for posting them Andre.

Sandra08081998 said...

Nice excerpt. Really intrigues you.

robynl said...

'repress her feelings at all costs':yikes, that takes determination and control above and beyond, I'd think. Wonder how she manages this? I'll have to read the book to find out, lol.

kimmyl said...

Another great excerpt. Keep'em coming.

WK said...

ohh dang now I've got to go find another book. Great excerpt!