Monday, July 28, 2008

Guest: Riccardo Foresi

When Lucy asked me if I knew any special artists who would be interested in being her guests here, I was happy to jump in and suggest one of the most wonderful friends it is my privilege to know. Talented, handsome, and truly amazing, I’d like to introduce you to someone who will steal your heart… Riccardo Foresi. I asked Ric to talk about himself, so you could get to know him a little bit better, discover his extraordinary gift, and the music that fills his soul and touches every heart that hears it… So, once you’ve gotten to know him a bit, drop by his MySpace, and discover that love and romance really do have a voice… it’s Italian, and it’s breath-taking…

Riccardo Foresi:

I was born in central Italy, in a region call Marche, on the hills over the Adriatic Sea. 850 people is the highest number of people that have populated the thousands-of-years-old town. I am the second born from a furniture maker father and a housewife mother. Music has always been around me. A few years ago I asked my mom if she remembered when I started showing interests for music, she answered: "You were singing the day you were born."

My father comes from 5 generations of furniture makers, with the hobby of playing wind instruments in a marching band. The traditional band that would play at all the religious functions and celebrations in town. That's how I started... watching, listening... emulating them... I remember the day when my father signed me up at the local music school when I was 6. Next thing you know a few years later, after showing that I could really play the trumpet, he signed me up at the Music Conservatory and I remember that I hated him for a while because I was scared....Today I can't stop thanking him for doing that for me.

Growing up, music was all around... at school, at church, at home listening to my mom's radio, in the car.... with grandpa... everywhere... One day my father caught me playing and old organ with a lamp attached to it... I was pretending the lamp was a mike... After almost 20 years I still blush when I think about it. But that's how I started dreaming... And I never stopped... Music is all I wanted to do. My father understood that and he couldn’t say no when I decided to quit high school to get full time into music...

So many things have influenced my the choice of my musical style. The simple life over those beautiful hills, the family values, Italy and its old history, and the search of perfection. The wonderful people that I've met over the years, classical music and opera at school, and pop music at home... If I look back I can see a young boy who no matter what he was listening to or playing, he was always reaching for strong emotions, dreaming of romance and love.... Always...

I moved to the USA four years ago, after a life-long dream of seeing the country and touching with my hands the music I've been listening for the past 20 years... And only there, I could give a final touch to all I had created thus far... I started working more on my vocal skills, and meeting, one after another, with a lot of songwriters, producers, and composers. The funny thing is that a few years back when I was listening to music I could not imagine that one day I would meet in person the people who wrote those unforgettable songs.

There was a lot to learn... and a lot to do... I finally realized that my look, my image, my background, and my heritage... everything was moving in one direction...You are who you are...

Most of the people think that my major strength is the romance and passion of my voice... the drama of opera that marries with the coolness of pop music... the landscapes of Italy together with the streets of New York... I love music... of any kind... but I need to feel it when I sing it... up tempo or ballad romance and passion, it must embrace me...

Today, after years of struggling, with the help of musicians and the support of a lot of friends I'm recording my first album. Hopefully it will be released over the fall. We are doing our best to create beautiful music and perhaps reviving some of the classic Italian songs that have made Italian music famous all over the world, and deliver it to everyone who is looking for romance and passion.

Something different... Something original.... Something strong.... Something real... Although when we look around we see a lot of superficial things, I know that people need friendship, family, love and romance more than ever.... And music helps a lot... Music is great...

I'm sure you were able to figure that I am a dreamer...Today I dream of being acknowledged as one of the best... Of becoming a romantic hero... Of going platinum in our days where it is almost impossible. I dream of singing and doing music until I'm old and inspire the new generations that will follow... Like the great musicians of the past did for me.

Love, Ric

I’m sure you’ll all want to share Ric’s dream and watch him achieve it. To listen to some of the tracks that will be on the first amazing CD, or just to say hello, drop over to Ric’s page:

I’ll pick up comments throughout the day, and will post any replies Ric has for you!! Lucy, thank you so much for this time with your readers.


Denysé said...

The post looks FABULOUS, Lucy and Andre - thanks so much. I adore Riccardo, and I hope everyone else will, too!! He's wonderful.


Lisa J said...

Hi Ric,

Thank you for taking the time to share a little of your background with us.
I love it when people decide to follow their dream and don't give up - no matter how hard it seems at times. The personal drive and courage that takes is immense, and I am always in awe of it.
I have heard your songs over on MySpace and they're fantastic! I am looking forward to hearing the CD you are currently making to enable you to share your passion for music and life-long dream with us all.
My best wishes for your future successes, which will be immense, I'm sure.

Lisa xx

lainey bancroft said...

What an inspiring story, Riccardo! From that lovely Italian village to the lights of New York must have been exciting--and overwhelming beyond belief!

I wish you all the best with your upcoming CD release. The music is breathtaking.

"Most of the people think that my major strength is the romance and passion of my voice" I would absolutely agree! I loved all the songs, but especially enjoyed 'Nel buio dentro me'

So glad Lucy --and Denyse--gave us the opportunity to 'meet' you and hear your lovely voice!


Jeanne said...

Hi Denyse!
naturally I like the ballad songs. I really like La Luna. Lovely tenor. And Nel Buio Dentro Me. I'm a sucker for anyone who sings in a Romance language - Spanish, Italian, French...swoon!
And I adore the passion he imbues in his songs,especially Nel Buio.

Great chocie, Denyse!

Colleen Love said...

Absolutely beautiful. Thank you for sharing your talent with all of us!


Cryna said...

What a wonderful glimpse into the music and thank you Riccardo for enlightening us of your passion. I have been over to your myspace and the music is truly a work of passion. Romance and music do so entwine. Thank you for guesting on Lucy's blog.

kimmyl said...

Great post Riccardo. I wish you all the best with your upcoming CD release.

Fiorella said...

Querido Riccardo:

I enjoyed reading this blog thoroughly...what can I say about Riccardo Foresi, ..only good things come to mind.

He just gives himself completely on every song,,,makes you fall in love with love ALL THE TIME.

Besides his beautiful voice..I just love the person that he is..he is just beyond awesome.

Riccardo reading your Bio ..I see how God keeps blessing you not only with your music..but you are also "rich" spiritually.

Even though we never met.. My impression of you is that you are so humble and sincere...that's why I'm not surprised that you met all these wonderful songwriters and musicians...I honestly think that they also see that in you...and the talent is just out there..there's no doubt about you as an artist.

Can't wait to have that CD with me..and also mak everybody else listen to it..!!!..

Bueno Riccardo you know that we all here support you 110% and can;t wait to witness seeing you on TV and being recognized as one of the best "romanticos" already won our hearts ...but there's so much people out there that are waiting for your bella musica...keep these beautiful songs coming .

God bless you!


Denysé said...


Hello Ric,

Thank you so much for sharing a little about your life with us your fans. Its nice to know that you were born in Marche in Italy.
I am so glad that I have found you and your music. It is also wonderful to discover a "New Voice of Romance". You sing with
so much heart, passion and your wonderful voice is what brings out your songs to people's hearts and minds.

I am also very pleased to be one of your fans from Sunny Singapore. Your music have always been a background music for me
when I'm on my computer typing away to my friends here. I have no favorites when it comes to your songs because I simply love
all of them. Its just too difficult to choose one over the other, they are all so beautifully sung that I just have to hear them over and
over again. It always brings a smile to my face and it soothes my thoughts and my heart. Just can't go on with my day without listening
to your beautiful songs.

Thank you again Ric and I am so happy to be one of your fans from the other side of the world, here in Singapore.
I know that when your 1st Album is released it will be a Huge Success Ric and you will be so unbelievably popular in just a short
matter of time. Your fan base will just be unbelievable too. So know that I will tell my friends here about you and also my friends
from all around the world as well.

All the very best Ric and all my love and support always.
From a faithful fan here in Sunny Singapore,

Savanna Kougar said...

Hi Ric, thank you for sharing your music and your life with us. I wish you the wings of your dreams.

limecello said...

Hi Ric,

Thanks for visiting with us today! Love these guest posts. Congratulations on your new album - what a journey! I wish you the best and all success :)

Caffey said...

Eventhough I can't hear music, I can feel it (if I have a speaker on the floor) and I love to read lyrics and found so many beautiful ones, of romance especially. So I wish all the best to Andre!

Felicity said...

I loved reading Riccardo's very well written account of his life and his love for music. Riccardo has a beautiful voice and his songs are very romantic and powerful. Dreamer, he may be, but there aren't many who sing with such feeling.


Agata said...

Hi Riccardo,

Thank you so much for a beautiful blog and sharing some family background and the passion you have in your music, with us your fans. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it.

The first time i heard your music i was so touched and blown away with your beautiful voice and the passion that you sang your beautiful songs, so therefore i cannot wait for the release of your first cd. so then your music can be with me everywhere i go.

I have already spoken very highly of you to all my friends and will continue to support you where ever you and your music takes you.
Like Fiorella has said, even though we have never met you, you have impressed me, you are a very caring, genuine and sincere person and i look forward in meeting you one day in person, maybe a concert all the way down in Australia.

I was so happy to have been able to have been able to have spoken to you while you had your radio interview back in May, all the way from Australia to US that early morning phone call.

Riccardo, believe in your dreams as we believe in you. Your music will attract more and more popularity for you and it will continue to grow right throughout the world.

So my dear friend, i am sending you heaps of best wishes, success and happiness your way.

God bless you and thank you so much for your beautiful music.

Tanti auguri per sempre from your
faithful fan from Melbourne, Australia,

Denysé said...

Hello everyone. WOW - wonderful and touching comments left for Ric, so thank you ALL for dropping by here to visit with Ric while he was Lucy's special guest. I've passed all the comments on to him, and he sends his heartfelt thanks back to each and every one of you who took the time to speak with him here. I think we've overwhelmed him, but in a good way. So, from Riccardo, a huge thank you, and love to you all...

God Bless.
Hugs ~~ Denyse

Kadian Tracey said...

Thanks alot Denyse, now I'm in love... but seriously, really beautiful I should stop listening because I am about to cry lol..

Best wishes Rick