Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Another Teaser from Lucy!

Lucy is still hard at work on the new releases. She was glad to hear that everyone is enjoying all of the excerpts. I thought I’d give yet another sneak peak at Lucy’s newest release, Forbidden: The Billionaire’s Virgin Princess.

She looked around her, seeing the opulent room with new eyes. The recessed spa bubbled gently in one corner and the smooth as glass water of the indoor-outdoor pool glistened in the other. Now that the outer doors had been opened, she'd been able to open the divider that made the pool accessible to the outside and she could even hear the fall of the oversized fountain in the center of the outdoor portion.
"If you want me to cool down a little, maybe we should go in the pool rather than the spa," she said.
Sebastian's smile was so sexy, it undid the last few seconds of her calming down process. "Good idea, beautiful."
"So, you're going to take off your pants?" she asked with undisguised interest.
"After you get in the water."
She pouted.
He laughed. "Do you have any idea how adorable you are when you do that?"
She shook her head. She never pouted, so how could she? Did he really think she was adorable? But his continued smile said he did indeed. Wow.
"So, you want me to get in the water?"
"And you are going to join me, right?" She had no desire to "cool down" alone.
"Of course, princess. What would be the fun otherwise?"
"Okay then." She turned and walked to the steps the led down into the water. Though she knew it was heated and had dunked her hand in it earlier to test the temperature, finding it perfect, it now felt chilly against her overheated skin.
She forced herself to descend into the pool until the sound of fabric sliding against skin arrested her. She spun to face him, barely keeping her balance on the bottom step. Sure enough, his pants were already in a puddle of expensive fabric on the floor of the room. He pushed his boxers down past his hard-on and it bobbed up toward his belly. Was it bigger than it had been that morning?
She gulped. It certainly looked like it.
He started walking toward her and she nearly choked on her own breath. Still, his body was amazing. In motion, it was a work of art. A masterpiece at that.
"You're watching me like you want to devour me."
"Maybe I do."
His body jerked and he stopped. "Don't say things like that with that beautiful as sin mouth. You are going to give me ideas you are not ready for."
And it was then that she realized how her words could be taken. Oh. "Who says I'm not ready? You think I don't want that?"
He groaned. "Please, princess...be quiet, for just a minute."
She shrugged in acquiescence, but then turned and dove into the water, swimming to the end of the indoor section of the pool. It wasn't very long, but it was long enough...to give him a glimpse of her body in motion. If it affected him like it had affected her to see him then her silence wasn't going to have the impact on his escalating libido that he wanted.
Some part of her insisted she push his limits. She was aching to consummate their relationship...uh...deal. It was a deal, not a relationship and she so had to remember that, but the internal reminder sent a pang of pain through her heart.
Strong hands grasped her around the waist and she went swishing backwards through the water until her body landed against his. "There are consequences for teasing a hawk, princess."
"Are there?" she gasped out.
"What are they?"
"Hawk's are predators, what does that make someone they catch?"
"Prey?" she asked in a whisper.


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