Thursday, June 05, 2008

Thinking Thursday - Real Royal Brides

Women have been fighting the good fight for millenia, positioning for acceptance, equality, personal rights and the opportunity to choose their own futures. In the United States alone, the Women's Movement has seen violence, sacrifice and virulent rhetoric. Women fought for the right to vote, for the right to be seen as separate entitities from their husbands and/or fathers. We fought for the right to work outside the home and then more recently, for the right to stay home with our children if that was our choice. So, imagine my dismay when I watched this vid clip where the Queen tells Prince William and Kate Middleton there will be no engagement, much less marriage if Kate doesn't establish a "proper" career.

It's like the conflict in one of my Royal Brides stories, only this is all too real for the couple in love. I always said my books aren't all out fantasies. ;-)

The thing is, the Queen's attitude really bothers me. Kate turned down a job in February that would have made it impossible for her to visit Prince William the rare time he did have available. Apparently, that's unacceptable. Image is more important than personal commitment and loving sacrifice. At least that's how it looks to me. In fact, from my own experience with in-laws that took a while to come to terms with Hubcap and I as a couple, it looks like an obvious effort to curtail the relationship by demanding a circumstance that is bound to keep the couple apart while the prince completes his military training.

I imagine Kate Middleton will step up to the plate and get herself some kind of career to appease the royal family, but do you think she should have to?


Susan said...

Should they get married, Kate would most likely have to give up whatever job she does have. It's shameful that there is any such thing as an acceptable or unacceptable job in the first place! That is my opinion anyway.

Brandy said...

So, she's being punished for loving the man and because he's a Royal, she'll continue to be punished by an out-dated Monarch? Bleh!
(And you're right. I feel I have to fight sometimes to be taken seriously because I am, and chose to be, a SAHM.)

Jane said...

It's not right, but if she wants to be with William, she will have to abide by the Queen's wishes.

WK said...

No I don't think it's right and I think she'll be battling for the whole marriage. I keep thinking of Princess Di. You have to wonder if the Queen is trying in some way to make the Prince's marriage as far from his mom's as possible. I don't keep up with the Royal's myself.

And I agree Brandy, I'm a SAHM by choice and with thanks to my hard working hubby and I'm forever getting "how can you do that?" Don't you get bored? Don't you want to be with adults? etc etc. And the looks that say I'm not as smart as they are because I decided to Stay at home rather than work outside. Heck between helping hubby with the business, writing, reviewing, reading, tending the kids and caring for animals and the house who has time to work? LOL

hugs to you all,

Cryna said...

IMO the Queen is a meddling old biddy. Look at how she has intruded on all her kids marriages, and I think that Katie and William should take a page from his Uncle Edward and tell her to stay out of his affairs.

I sometimes wonder if she takes great joy in making those around her miserable. I think she is terribly outdated and should step down, but I think she will be one of those monarchs who will die at her post.

Amy said...

I think it is a shame that the Queen is interfering with William and Kate. You would have thought she would have learned her lesson with Prince Charles and Princess Diana. I think Kate should be able to choose for herself what type of job she wants or even if she wants to get job.

CrystalGB said...

I think it is awful that the Queen is interfering in Prince William and Kate's relationship. But, that is the way it is with the royals and if she want to be his princess I guess she will have to do what it takes to appease the royals.

capucine said...
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capucine said...

maybe she just think that Kate need to have more maturity before she marry Willian and become Princess. Princess is not a easy job. Here is some exemples of actuel european's Crown Princess.

Mary, Crown Princess of Denmark,_Crown_Princess_of_Denmark

Letizia, Crown Princess of Spain,_Princess_of_Asturias

Maxima, Crown Princess of the Netherlands

Mette-Marit, Crown Princess of Norway

Lucy Monroe said...

See, I think that's what's really wrong with this picture - the concept that Kate *has* to have a career (and a proper one) to be a role model/princess. Diplomacy is a career and that is what most royals spend the majority of their time doing. Unpaid mind you - it's a good thing most of them are so wealthy. :)

Perhaps I'm a bit militant about it, but when I chose to stay home with my children to raise and later homeschool them, I got flack from several sources saying I was wasting my MBA. Poppycock! What better way to use an education than to pass on what you have gleaned from it to your children? And running a home takes major management technique, thank you very much. LOL I love being a writer, but nothing has ever been as completely fulfilling as the years I spent pouring myself into my children full-time. :)

Capucine - thanks for the links!

Chantal said...

Heck no, she does not *have* to. what is wrong with staying home?
It's not like she and Prince William will be living paycheck to paycheck or something. LOL

If she and Prince William are happy with her not having a job, then thats fine. It's really no ones business.

However, that family is so upright and set in their royal ways, that if Kate wants to be happy and feel secure in her relationship with Prince William then she has no choice but to do what Queenie wants.

I feel bad for Kate. I believe that no matter what she does or how much she bends and changes to suit the royals, it will never be good enough. The mistake that the royals made with Di, will be made all over again with Kate.

It's a shame