Friday, June 20, 2008

New Kid on the Block is HOT

There's a new Web Based TV Station (less than a year old) - RECtv. Concepted and created by COS Productions, Readers Entertainment online television is focused on offering readers a web channel directed toward their entertainment. They have several genre specific channels and some really outstanding content, like a five minute video of Magic Johnson, author interviews, industry news, the hilarious comedy "Lonesome Loosers" and the most awesome Book Trailers® ever!

Sheila Clover English said, "We wanted to have a station that offered all genres in a variety of ways. We have video, but we also include blogs and podcasts. Soon we'll have a forum as well! . . . Our originals shows have brought in a lot of new fans! We are about to do another season of The LonesomeLosers, which is about a couple of cute-but-nerdy guys giving out love advice using romance novels, but we're creating a new series called MUZE and will have other shows coming at the end of the summer."

But RECtv isn't just a vehicle for videos produced by COS. They're incredibly inclusive. Sheila explains their generous attitude, "Reader's Entertainment tv is different from a lot ofother online book tv sites because we will take anyone's video. We have a Guest Book Video channel where anyone can have their video. You just need toput your video on and send us the link. We don't charge for placement as a way of being supportive to the community."

Cool, huh? :)

Check it out at:

Let me know what you think!


Brandy said...

It's very interesting. I'll be sure to keep an eye on it. Thanks for posting the info.

Amy said...

Thanks for sharing the info Lucy. I had never heard of it before but it is something I would be very interested in.

Jack & Annett said...

Wow, great info we never heard of that before. Great blog Keep up the good work.