Friday, June 06, 2008

James P. Connolly

This guys is amazingly funny and just plain amazing. He's Hubcap and my favorite stand-up commedian right now and has agreed to guest blog here in July. I thought I'd share a couple of his vids from YouTube so you all can see why we think he's so special.


Brandy said...

He's funny! One of our favorites is Jeff Dunham. Soooooo hilarious! *G*

Lucy Monroe said...

Oh, yeah...Hubcap and the kids love Jeff Dunham. I haven't seen him yet - not enough time to watch TV. LOL

Amy said...

Thanks for sharing. I have never heard of him but he is really funny.

Cryna said...

Hi Lucy

I have never heard of him, but after watching the video I can see why everyone likes him.

Chantal said...

If you spin you can win!

LOL, I love it.