Thursday, June 19, 2008

Happy Birthday, DQ!

Today is DQ's birthday and we'll be celebrating all day long, not to mention this weekend when we'll take her and ten close friends to the beach for a two nights of fun, sun and sand! LOL

Anyway, I won't be around most of today, but I'd love it if you wanted to share your favorite birthday recollection or tradition? I'll read them tomorrow and draw a winner from comments for their own "Goody Bag".
Mine is being able to pick out the birthday person's favorite food for meals. I'll be making crepes for DQ today. :) On my birthday Hubcap will buy or make tapioca pudding.


Kate Davies said...

Yay! Another tapioca lover! I can't convince anyone else in my family to eat it. Oh well, more for me!

Please pass along my B-day wishes to DQ. Many happy returns!

It's not my tradition, but I love what my parents do for my kids. On or near their birthday, each gets a birthday sleepover with grandma and grandpa, complete with a menu and activities of their choosing. I think the one-on-one time is the most important part, though!

Stacy~ said...

Happy birthdy, DQ! Sounds like you're going to have a wonderful time celebrating. Why let it stop at one day? Keep it going as long as possible *g*

Jen in WA said...

In our family, we try to have a get together at the parents house sometime close to the big day. My mother will make the person's favorite dinner and dessert. I get chocolate cake and spaghetti carbonara. Now I'm hungry!

kimmyl said...

When I was younger, my mom used to wake me up at the exact time i was born to open my presents. She'd sing, and give me birthday cake for breakfast.
Now, she calls me at the right time instead.
I once mentioned to my step-mom that I always wanted a Thanksgiving dinner on my birthday... She remembered! So we had Thanksgiving in MAY with all the trimmings! IT WAS THE BEST BIRTHDAY DINNER EVER!

kimmyl said...


Sorry forgot to put it in my last post.

Angie-la said...

Happy birthday to DQ. Hope it is the best ever!

The DH's bday is the week before Christmas and Spawnboy II's is the 22nd of November and every few years it falls on Thanksgiving day. make those days "birthday" special, we always decorate the mantle with the big multi-colored Happy Birthday banner.
All of our bdays rate ice cream cake from Bruster's (a local ice cream chain and absolutely the best evah!) and a trip to the Mexican Restaurant. (Except on Thanksgiving day, then we go that weekend.) Nothing beats being surrounded by eight cute Mexican guys twirling a huge gold sombrero in your head and singing * ¡Feliz cumpleaƱos! * at the top of their lungs. Then you get fried ice cream with a dap of whipped cream on your nose.
Ah! Good times! ;)

robynl said...

Our family was always big on birthdays. There was a special big meal and later some relatives came over-- my one uncle had his birthday the same day me and my twin(brother)had and so we'd have cake, sandwiches, drinks and present opening. Now my sister-in-law has her bd 4 days later and a niece 14 days later so we have one big party for the 4 of us.

Susan said...

DQ, I hope this birthday is just the beginning of a year filled with happy memories, wonderful moments, and shining dreams.

We get our favorite dish made for supper!

Brandy said...

Happy Birthday DQ! Best Wishes for a Fantabulous Year!

Jane said...

Happy Birthday to DQ. When we were kids, my brother and I always got an ice cream birthday cake from Carvel. It's still my favorite to this day.

Amy said...

Happy Birthday DQ! Enjoy your trip to the beach.

When my hubby and I got married we started the birthday tradition of serving breakfast in bed to each other on our birthdays.

Cryna said...


I hope that you have a wonderful day and that your planned outing with your friends on the weekend is a blast!!

Since my birthday falls between Christmas and New Year we really had no tradition for birthdays at home. I always had a party for my kids with their friends.

cas2ajs said...

Happy Birthday, DQ! My favorite tradition is that the birthday person gets their favorite meal. I always want something to include mashed potatoes.

Cheryl S.

flchen1 said...

Wow, hope DQ has a fabulous birthday, and that all of you have a wonderful weekend celebrating! We don't have any big birthday traditions except CAKE! We've tried all sorts of different kinds (and my son wanted a fruit tart instead of cake for his birthday since he isn't a big cake fan) and it's fun to do the whole candle-blowing thing, complete with commemorative photos :)

Judy F said...

Happy Bday DQ. Enjoy your day or as a former coworker would say your month..

Growing up it was our day, we got to picke what was for dinner and the type of cake we wanted. I miss those days.

anne said...

Happy Birthday DQ! Enjoy this wonderful time with family and friends.
What a special day for you.
SPending time with family was the best ever celebration. A birthday feast and then gifts.

ellie said...

Best Wishes DQ! Enjoy your birthday.
Birthdays would be a big thing. A lovely dinner which would be memorable.

diane said...

Many Happy Returns DQ. Have a fun day.
My mother would go all out for birthdays. Never overlooked anything. She thought that birthdays should be celebrated in style. Either a homecooked meal which she worked on for hours or taking us out. We loved it.

petite said...

Happy Birthday to DQ! Best ever time.
I loved birthdays and moreso if they went on for a few days with fun and friends. Going out to a special performance was something that I appreciated greatly.

lidia said...

DQ -- I hope that you are having a wonderful birthday! Did you get anything "purple?"

Lucy, I can't remember the last time that I ate tapioca -- though I do like it. Trivia -- did you know that tapioca is made from the cassava plant and can be harmful to humans?

We don't really have birthday tradiitons. Each year is different.

Michele L. said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DQ!!! I would sing but you would tell me to leave the room!

I love tapioca too! Yum! Actually I like all pudding, especially rice pudding! I love it when it is made with extra cinnamon, whip cream, rice, and whatever pudding it is traditionally made with. The creamier the better! I like it served warm also!

That is awesome DQ! Your party sounds like a fantastic one! Tell us all about won't you?

Our tradition each year is to bring out the singing candle that plays "Happy Birthday", light it, turn the lights off, and sing along with it. It is a riot! We always take a picture of the cake along with person standing next to it.

One time my hubby had just his underwear on, and he was sitting down when I took his picture so the table hid his lower half. It looks like he is wearing nothing! That is a classic picture!

Also, we like to go that person's favorite restaurant for their birthday dinner. Red Lobster is always a favorite, and Rodini's, a fantastic greek restaurant is another favorite.

Many blessings for a wonderful birthday!

Michele L.

Lily said...

Happy Birthday DQ!

Nathalie said...

Birthdays are so special... To DQ!

Joyce said...


The toughest thing for family is that my birthday falls around mother's day so they are celebrated together.

Maureen said...

I have always loved making cakes for my kids and singing Happy Birthday to them. Hope DQ had a fabulous birthday.

limecello said...

Happy belated birthday, DQ! Oo tapioca pudding! Tapioca :) - have you ever had bubble tea? [Sometimes it's called boba tea...]

My birthday is one week later than my older sister's - it's both fun and not. :) Actually, her birthday was yesterday :D